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M'Lintook, Wm., 38 Kirk street, Gorbals.
Miller, Alex., Charlotte st., Port-Dundas.
Miller, G., & Co., 89 Rumford st., office,
83 Jamaica street.
Montgomery, J., & Co., Port-Dundas.
Penny, Charles, 13 Bellgrove st., works,
East Nelson street, Gallowgate.
Port-Dundas Chemical Works, 128 Bishop
street, Port-Dundas.
Poynter, John, works, Rumford street,
Bridgeton ; and Shaws Water, Green-
ock. Office, 83 Jamaica street.
Shand, George, 14 Gordon street.
Skinner, Thomas, 24, 26 Govan street.
Smith, George, 293 Dobbie's loan, Port-
Dundas. Letter-box, at P. & R. Flem-
ing's, 29 Argyle street.
Smith, Richard, 86, 88 West street.
Smith, Wm., iodine, cf-c., Scott street,
Tassie, George A., E. Milton st., P.-Dun.
Tassie, G. E. and A. M. Letters left at
J. Lumsden & Son's, 20 Queen street.
Tassie & M'Culloch, E. Milton st., P.-Dun.
Tennant, C, & Co., 49 Cochran street,
and St. Rollox.
Townsend, Joseph, 414 Dobbie's loan.
Turnbull & Co., 276 George street.
White, J. and J., Shawfield, office, 31
Union street.
Wilson & Co., 117 Trongate.
Wilson, John, & Sons, Hurlet Works,
office, 160 West George street.
Black, Henry, 71 Stockwell street.
Black, Thomson, 151 Gallowgate and 31
Renfrew lane.
Black, T., 59 Saltmarket.
Campbell, James, and slater, 14 Alston st.
Campbell, John, 120 Cowcaddens street.
Dongan, John, 85 Main street, Gorbals.
Gibson, John, 112 Cowcaddens street.
Kerr, Francis, 21 St. Enoch's wynd.
Innes, John, 91 M'Alpine street.
M'Intyre, Andrew, 68 Rutherglen loan.
M'Lean, D., 27 Stockwell street.
M'Pherson, Neil, 118 High street.
Scott, George, 9 Howard street.
Strathey, James, 48 North Frederick st.
Anderston Pottery, 153 Finnieston street.
Baxter, John, 57 Jamaica street.
Bell, J. & M. P., & Co., Glasgow Pottery,
Stafford street, Canal bank.
Bell, James, 22 Clyde terrace.
Briceland, Mrs. M., 92 Main St., Gorbals.
Cairns, William, 38 Jail square.
Campbell, Mrs. J., 150 Mainst, Anderston.
Cochran, Robert, & Co., Verreville, Pot-
tery, 149 Finnieston street.
Couper, Roderick A., Kyle street.
Coverly, Wm., juu., 28 St. Enoch's wynd.
Coverly, Wm., sen., 28 St. Enoch's wynd.
and 83, 85 Stockwell street.
Crawford, Mrs., 18 Kent street.
Craig, James, 66 King street.
Crooks, John, 83 King street.
Deakin, Ralph, 124 Cowcaddens street.
Downie, John, 56 Eglinton street.
Downie, Robert, 59 Main st., Anderston.
Eaton, Mrs. David, 9 Kent street.
Galbraith, Samuel, 12 Dalmarnock road.
Henderson, Alexander, 269 High street.
Jamieson, Robert, 404 Gallowgate.
Johnstone, James, 92 Cowcaddens street.
Kay, Walter, 30 Findlay street.
Lister, M., 127 New Dalmarnock road.
Lowrie, Mrs., 3 Stevenson street.
M'Innes, Mrs., 23 Main street, Bridgeton.
M'Feat, W., & Co., 25 Jamaica street.
M'Lerie, Mrs., 115 George street.
Malloch, C. & J., 30 Turner's court.
Mason, John, & Sons, 16 Jail square.
Matheson, W. G., 235 Sanchiehall street.
Moreland, Adair, 347 Argyle street.
Murray & Fullarton, Caledonian Pottery,
43 Garngadhill.
Nairn, Andrew, 43 King st., Tradeston.
Nisbet, George, 93 King street.
Pollock, Robert, 22 Candleriggs.
Port-Dundas Pottery Co., 66 Bishop St.,
Pringle, John, 144 Argyle street.
Quin, John, 16 Jail square.
Rae, Gavin, 35 Montrose street.
Rigg, Isaac, & Son, 55 Buchanan street.
Robertson & M'Dougall, 8, 10, 12, 14
Jail square.
Sharp, William, 86 Bath street.
Shaw, Angus, 6 Sauchiehall street.
Swinburn, R. W., & Co., 16 St.Enochsq.
Tearney, John, 87 King street.
Turner, Mrs., 23 Blackfriars street.
Thomson, John, Annfield Pottery.
Walker, M., 186 Argyle street.
Wellington Pottery, 604 Gallowgate.
Orders left at Williamson's, Tontine
Williams, Miss, 4 Wellington arcade.
Whyte, John, 63 Oswald street.
Winchester & M'Gibbon, 69; 71, and 75
Argyle street.
Wylie, Alexander, 203 Main st., Gorbals.
Addison, John, superintendent of the Cale-
donian Railway, Buchanan st. station.
Adie, Alexander J., Edin. and Glasgow
Railway, North Queen street.
Alexander & Moore, mining, 24 St. Vin-
cent place.
Allan, John, mining, 1 Dixon street.

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