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M'Neill, A., & Co., 95 Fife place, West
George street.
Melviu, Brotliers, 62 Argyle street.
Morrison, J., 3, 5 Hope street.
Morrison & Son, 131 Argyle street.
Pigott, Henry, 176 Trongate and 167
Argyle street,
Porteous, Mrs., 19 Gallowgate.
Rae, Francis, 210 Buchanan street.
Robertson, R. & J., 64 Hutcheson street.
Rohead, John, 134, 136 Stockwell street.
Todd, Joseph & Thomas, 52 Glassford st.
Williamson, George, 182 Trongate.
Wilson & Mathieson, successors to Sam.
Wilson, 58 Candleriggs.
Wotherspoon & Miller, 55 Glassford st,
Campbell, R. R., 12 Stirling square.
Cochran, William, and flower-lasher, 66
North Hanover street.
Frazer, James, 94 Miller street.
Maeaulay, R., 35 Glassford street.
M'Intosh, Peter, 129 Stockwell street.
M'Intyre, Robert, 188 Argyle street,
27 Stockwell street, and 124 High st.
Taylor, James, & Co., 115 Graeme street.
Colville, John, Queen court, 62 Queen st.
Crooks, Thomas, & Co., 12 Buchanan st.
Geddes, J., & Son, 76 Virginia street, and
Govanbank, works, Little Govan.
Gregory, Thomson, & Co., 17 S. Fred. st.
Hill, Archibald, 26 Buchanan street.
M'Farlane, Brothers, 66 Old Dalmarnock
road, warehouse, 1 Royal Exchange ct.
Port-Egl'mton Carpet Factory, 41 St.
Vincent street, works, Port-Eglinton.
Sharp & Gilchrist, 374 Parliamentary rd.
and 1 Leadbetter street.
Templeton, J., & Co., 54 St. George's pi.
Wylie & Lochhead, 28 Argyle street.
Bell, Duncan, 8 Millroad street.
Black, David, Low Green street.
Boag, James, 6 Goosedubbs.
Boyle, William, 251 Argyle street.
Brodie, Robert, 88 John street.
Brown, John, 64 Main street, Anderston.
Buchanan, John, 67 Centre street.
Cadzow, W. and R., 96 Garngad road.
Caldwell, Henry, 85 Main street, Gorbals.
Duncan, William, Paisley Canal.
Ferguson, Colin, 14 Douglas street.
Ford, John, 6 Bishop street.
Gardner, John, 239 Argyle street.
Grosart, James, 21 Wellington street.
Hamilton, William, 17 Kerr street.
Harvie, Douglas, 221 NewDalmarnook rd.
Johnston, John, 13 Wood lane.
Kay, George, 1 3 Wood lane,
Knox, John, 395 Parliamentary road.
Livingston, R., 164 Main st., Anderston.
Logan, James, 53 Drygate street.
Logan, William, 47 Rottenrow street.
Lonnie, Robert, 375 Dobbie's loan.
M'Corkle, Archd., Clyde st,, Port-Dundas.
Mackie, Hugh, 20 Shuttle street,
M'Kinlay, Thomas, 14 Burnside street.
M'Pherson, Alexander, 8 Dyer's lane, St
Andrew's square.
Marshall, Alex., 20 Kent street.
Monteith, And., 187 New Dalmarnock rd.
Morrison, James, Woodlands road.
Naismith, Thomas, Woodlands road.
Porterfield, William, 14 Oxford street.
Riddell, John, 43 Deanside lane.
Robertson, George, 7 Eglinton lane.
Robertson, Robert, 78 M'Alpine street.
Robb, David, 52 Soho street.
Scott, Colin, Mason st., off Stirling's rd.
Sloan, John, 12 Lancefield quay.
Smith, John, 74 Rottenrow.
Todd, William, 462 Gallowgate.
Walker, James, 91 Garscube road.
Warnock, James, 182 Gallowgate.
Watson, Adam, 103 Rutherglen road.
White, Matthew, 49 Piccadilly street.
Wordie & Co., 251 Argyle street and 66
Brunswick street.
Young, John, 1 1 James Watt street.
Young, John, 14 Douglas street.
Brown, Matthew, 151 Castle street.
Caldwell, Henry, 85 Main street, Gorbals,
Currie, W., 19 Catherine st., Anderston.
Granger, R., 33 King street, Tradeston.
Law, Robert, Shettleston.
M'Dougall, A., 19 James Watt street.
M'Lean, Wm., 12 Anderson st, Gallowg.
Malcolm, Thomas, 373 Dobbie's loan.
Nimmo, William, 157 London street.
Prentice, A., 1 Germiston street.
Prentice, Wm., 392 Parliamentary rd.
Rowand, Daniel, 38, 40 Bishop street.
Stirrat, D., 122 Renfield street.
Struthers, Alexander, 43 Commerce st
Allan, M. & J., 220 Broomielaw.
Booklass, George, 27 Dunlop street.
Boyle, Alexander, 28+ Thistle street
Christie, Peter, 428 D'uke street.
Cross, William, 217 Sauchiehall street
Finlay, J., 49 Buchanan street,
Fisher, John, 5 West Nile street.
Forbes, George, 24 Jamaica street
Gibson, James L., 42 West College st
Gibson, Robert, 82 West Nile street.

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