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Adam, James, 502 Gallowgate.
Adam, P., 52 Douglas street.
Adie, Andrew, 1 Prince's square.
Aitken and Moffat, 6G St. Vincent.
Alexander, John S., 106 Hospital street.
Allan, James, 33 Virginia street.
Anderson, John, 9 Prince's square.
Anderson, T., and A. M'Nichol, 58 St.
Vincent street.
Anderson, William, 13 John street.
Balderston, Alexander, 1 8 Renfield street.
Black and Robson, 13 Prince's square.
Blackley, John, 90 Sauchiehall street.
Borland, Alexander, 69 Union street.
Bowden, M. J., Union Bank.
Brash, Alexander, 57 West Nile street.
Brock, Jas., 1 Prince's sq., 4 8 Buchanan st.
Bromley, John H., 2:29 Sauchiehall St.
Brown, John, 91 Buchanan street.
Buchanan, T. G , and L. M. Kerr, 157
Buchanan street.
Cairns, Charles, 57 West Nile street.
Campbell, John, 53 North Hanover st.
Carrick, Andrew, 14 Holmhead street.
Carrick, Win.. & Son, Virginia buildings.
Carswell, Wm., J., 122 Hope street.
Christie, James, 22 Renfield street.
Church, William, jun , 67 St. Vincent st.
Clark, Alexander, 87 Union street.
Craig, Robert, 146 Buchnnan street.
Copland, William, 116 St. Vincent st.
Cowan, William, Oakvale, Hillhead.
Cunningham, Charles, 54 St. Vincent st.
Cuthbertsou, D. and A., 110 Fife place.
Dixon and Dow, 25 Gordon stieet.
Dougall, Robert, 87 Union street.
Dreghorn, David, 21 St. Enoch square.
Drummond, Alexander, 13 John street.
Ewing, John D., 85 West George street.
Fairley, Edward, Royal Bank.
Fennel, William, 62 Miller street.
Fleming, John, 21 St. Vincent place.
Forrester, Robert, 22 Royal Exchange.
Foulds, J. C, 64 Buchanan street.
Fowler, Andrew L., 138 Ingram street.
Galloway, Alex., 233, 235 Buchanan st.
Garven, John E., 57 Union street.
Gihb, Thomas, 37 Eglinton street.
Gilmer, Robert, 180 St George's road.
Gordon, Thomas, 22 St. Enoch's square.
Gourlay, James, 8 Princes square.
Gourlay, William, 3 Abbotsford place.
Gow, Robert, jun., 71 Queen street.
Graham, A. H., 5 Moore place.
Graham, John, 122 South Poitlandst.
Gunn, John, 138 Ingram street.
Heddel, George, 49 Holmhead street.
Hendrie, William, 1 1 6 St Vincent street.
Hossack, A. G , 40 Miller street.
Hossack & Clark, 40 Miller street.
Jaffr.iy, William, 13 Exchange place.
Jamieson, William, 15 Buchanan street.
Kennedy, John, 25 Gordon smet.
Kerr, Anderson, & Brodii j , 33 Renfield st,
Knox & Guild, 59 St Vincent street.
Laughlan, Robert, 81 St. George's place.
Leek, Henry, 12 Royal Exchange square.
Leslie, John, 2 Monteiih row.
M'Alpine, D., 5 Great Hamilton street.
M'Call, J., 5 Scott street.
M'Chlery, William, 4 Ropework lane.
M'Clelland & M'Kenzie, 128 Ingram st.
M'Cowan, Robert, 17 Gordon street.
M'Cubbin, David, 146 Buchanan street.
MacEwan & Auld, 28 St. Vincent street.
M'Farlane, George, 116 St. Vincent st
M'George, John, 135 Buchanan stieet.
M'Gregor, James, 9 1 Eglinton street.
MHarg, John, 135 Buch-inan street.
Macintosh & Cowan, 65 St. Vincent st.
M'Intosh, Alex., 239 Buchanan street.

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