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15 Beattie, John, merchant.
16 Holt, John, surgeon.
Holt, Thomas.
3 Dick, Willjam.
Gilchrist, John.
4 Alexander, Cook.
M'Gee, Eaver.
M'Veunel!, Henry.
9 Sheriff, Brown, & Co., merchants.
11 Morrison, John, auctioneer.
13 Williamson, Stephen, & Co.
Anderson, Orr, &Co., sugarmerchts.
17 Palerson, James. & Co., manufucs.
Smith, James, print cutter.
Brown, D. C„ merchant.
Livingston, William, packer.
21 M'Niven & Brown, sugar merchants
Murdoch & Doddrill, merchants.
23 Warden, Archibald, agent.
27 Bennet, William, merchant.
31 Ross, Thomas, merchant.
M'Kerracher, A., me>senger-at-arms.
33 Thorburn, Charles, mercliant.
Murdoch, James, jun., writer.
Skene, Robert, agent
Douie, A. L., fancy-box maker.
Allan & Crawford, calenderers.
Fisher, J. S., agent.
Crockatt, W. & G., merchants.
Greensliields, James, & Co.
M'Lellan, Rubert, shawl f ringer.
Henderson, Thomas, jun , agent.
Davidson, K. & R., printers.
M'Vey, John, commission agent.
Allan, James, factor.
Robertson, James, merchant.
35 Ren wick & Alexander, merchants.
37 Donald, C. D., & Sons, writers.
Turner, Duncan, writer.
Wilson, Mrs.
Young, James W., writer.
41 Pollock, John, writer.
Barclay, Thomas, messenger-at-arms.
43 Virginia Buildings.
Sharp, John and Thomas, merchants.
Munsie, George, & Co , yarn merchts.
Crnm, James, cotton-spinner.
Cariick and Sons, accountants.
M'Kenzie, Jamss, merchant.
Robinson, Cram, & Co., merchants.
Anderson, Robert, commission agent.
M'Niven, R. S., merchant.
Connal, William, & Co , brokers
Paton, W. P., commission merchant.
Willis, William, merchant.
Taylor, G., & Co., jewellers.
Boyce, John, jun , & Co.
Hoyle, Martin, & Co., sugar merchs.
45 Sword, Robert, writer.
Brown and Dunlop, writers.
Paton, Andrew, merchant.
Lethem, Blyth, and Lethem, manuL
Henderson, A. C.
Richardson, Dennistoun, & Co.
Wilson and M'Lean, calenderers.
Scott, Andrew, & Co., merchants.
Graham, William. & Co.
Cameron, Geo. and John, stationers.
Cameron & Co., calenderers.
Smith, James, hox-maker.
Gourley. Robert, manufacturer.
M'Aulay, William, & Co , merchts.
Major, Stephen, sheriff officer.
Farms, John, sheriff-officer.
Wallace, Hugh;, lace manufacturer.
M'Nair, John, & Co., merchants.
Hevs, G-, dry Salter
Dunlon, J., & Sons, cotton-spinners.
Carati', C, & Co.
Neilson, M., yarn merchant.
Gatheral, James M.. manufacturer.
Union Bank of Scotland.
Gaul, George, spirit merchant.
Muter and Miller.
Bryson, Robert, cotton broker.
Reiil, A. L., print-cutter.
Fraser and Turner, manufacturers.
Gibson, Service, & Co., mannfacts.
Miller, Andrew, & Co., manufacts.
Kelly & Co , cotton merchants.
Brown, A., & Co., manufacturers.
Brown, Hugh, & Co., manufacturers.
Sloane, Turner, & Co.
Martin, Win , & Co., manufacturers.
Aitken & Drummond, yarn merchts.
Edwards, Francis, merchant.
Lang, James, & Co., drysaltery.
Liddell, Mrs.
Gem mill, John, warper.
Roy, Archibald, calenderer.
Jack, Robert, commission agent.
Bannerman and Morris, com. mer.
Geddes, John, & Co , carpet manuf.
Howard and M'Dot aid, co ton-spin,
Leipman and Lehmann, merchants.
Commercial Bank of Scotland.
Dawson, William, com. merchant.
M'Nee, James, and Son, com, fnerch.
Kershaw, John, drysalter.
Leckie, John, fancy-box maker.
Assessed and Property Tax Office.
Pollock W. W., writer.
Clark & Drummond, yarn merchts.
Gas Light Co.'s Office.
Glasgow Apo heeary Co.
City of G'a-^irow Bank.
Hutchison & Dixon, auctioneers.
3 Findlater, John, shoemaker.
9 Moore, Alexander, broker.
43 Ralston, Thomas, spirit dealer.

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