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22 Lang, J.
Shaw, William.
Forrester, Miss.
Fisher, James, bootmaker.
18 Paton, James, joiner.
Taylor, William, clerk.
M'Haffie, J.
M'Indoe, R.
Garvie, James.
Anderson, George.
16 Cameron, spirit dealer.
14 M'Taggart, John, coal agent.
Grey, William.
14 Scott, R., contractor.
6 M'Nair, Andrew, teacher.
4 Walker, John, grocer.
Cochrane, A. & R., glassworks.
Paterson, A. G., woodyard.
Macgee, John, grocer.
Braehead Colliery Depot.
1 Boyd, Mrs., poulterer.
4 Hunter, Archibald, cabinetmaker.
Hamilton, Miss G., milliner.
5 Tweedie, Mrs. A., milliner.
6 Hunter, Archibald, cabinetmaker.
3 Dunbar, Alexander, oil merchant.
5 Young, John, potato merchant.
Sinclair, Archibald.
7 Martin, Mrs. Duncan, grocer.
13 Bell, Samuel.
19 Greenhorn, J., provision merchant.
21 Steel, Robert.
25 Steel, Thomas, timber merchant.
27 Murphv, James, contractor.
37 Muirhead, J. & T., dyers.
45 Turner, Mrs. William.
5 1 Paterson, James, dairyman.
55 Allwood, J., glazier.
57 Pringle, F., blacksmith.
59 Brown, Duncan, groc. & spirit deal.
73 M'Murrin, Joseph, cooper.
75 Johnston. Mrs. Peter.
77 M'Kinnell, Andrew, bootmaker.
Weir, William.
115 Moor, John, smith and bellhanger.
119 M'Callum, Dugald, agent.
125 Shaw, William, coal agent.
131 Algie, J. & J., grocers & spirit deals.
197 M'Dermaid, John.
Weir, William.
203 M'Dougall, Angus.
M'Call, James.
211 M'Lean, Allan, house agent.
213 Wragg, Charles.
131 Clark, A. & P., fleshers.
130 Jarvie, James.
126 Macfarlane, Malcolm, tinsmith.
1 26 M'Nab, D., land agent.
120 Sinclair, W., of Herald Office.
Adamson, Andrew, tailor.
118 M'Gregnr, R., spirit dealer.
104 Stranev & Son bootmakers.
100 Crawford, James, victualler.
94 Thomson, Andrew, grocer.
82 Forces, Thomas, cabinetmaker.
80 Bell, Ambrose Kaines.
Beale, John Wood.
Bowie, Arehihald, wright.
78 Huteheson, Andrew, baker.
76 Jainieson, Elizabeth, dairy.
66 Mulhi Hand, John, umbrella maker.
64 Allan, Alexander, wine merchant.
54jMThersnn, Donald, confectioner.
50 1 Graves, Wm., boot and shoemaker.
50 M'Qualter. Malcolm, grocer.
34 Corsan, James, dyer.
30 Henry, John, cabinetmaker.
28gBovle, Alexander, carver and gilder.
26 Smith, George.
24 Ross, Alexander, & Co., spirit mer.
10 Crawford. Duncan, grocer.
6 Karly, Mrs., broker.
2 Lynch, William, shoemaker.
6 Thompson, George.
8 Western Training Academy.
Long, James, A.M., rector.
Bailie, James, teacher— initiatory
Laidlaw, John, teacher — juvenile
Fraser, Charles, assistant teacher.
Rutherford, Mrs., ladies' superintend.
Anderson, Miss, young ladies' attend,
24 M'Arthur, Miss.
18 Brown, David, shuttlemaker.
5 Orr, J., spirit merchant.
13 Cogan's (J. and R.) Mill.
17 Miller, W, merchant
Brown, James.
55 Barr, Alexander, spirit dealer.
57 MKay, David, grocer.
78 Thomson, Thomas, tailor.
64 Naismith, Matthew, teacher.
46 Robertson, John, & Co., manufact.
42 Hamilton, T. and J., bobbin-turners.
8 Brodie, Alexander, spirit dealer.
2 Murphy, A., pawnbroker.
400 Adam, John, of W. Adam and Son.
350 Neilson, William, contractor.
34 6 Bunkier. John.
342 Deans, James.
332 Ramsay, James.

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