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1 Niven, Malcolm, com. merchant.
3 Kerr, A., writer and sharebroker.
7 Frame, T., tnercht. & insur. agent..
Couper, William, com. merchant.
Royal Insurance Company.
Henderson, James, architect.
Millar & Hillhouse, merchants.
Drysdales & Co., warehousemen.
Stoffel, Milne, & Co., merchants.
9 Burn, P., & Co., auctioneers.
13 Jaffray, Wm., accountant and writer.
Richmond, W., &Co., warehousemen.
Oliphant, William, engraver.
Campbell, W., pocket-book maker.
Richmond & Russell, accountants.
15 Gilmour & Dean, lithographers.
1 Ogle, Maurice, & Son, booksellers.
5 Mills, P. J., cotton broker.
7 Kennedy & Son, clothiers.
9 Black & Wingate, manufacturers.
1 1 Thomson, George, & Co., insur brok.
Patriotic Life Assur. Co. of Ireland.
13 Aird, William, saddler.
London, Boot Company.
15 Morton, William, carver and gilder,
17 Cumming & Crawford, manufacts.
Clark & Struthers, manufacturers.
Bennett, Brown, & Co., insur. brok.
Cree, J., ship and insurance broker.
Latta, David, jun., & Co., com. agts.
Clouston, Peter.
19 Moody, Andrew, agent.
Mercantile Advertiser Office.
National Advertising Property List.
21 Cree, J,ohn. jun., stationer.
Royal Insurance Co. ; J. Cree, jun.
23 Rotal Bank Court.
Stevenson, Ross, & Co/, merchants.
Oswald, Stevenson, & Co., merchts.
Black, J., & Co., printfield wareho.
Park, Lewis, manufacturer.
Graham, John, printer.
Paul, Jas., manufacturer.
Reid, John, wine merchant.
25 Russell, Bernard, clothier.
Glassford, John H., engraver.
Royal Bank.
36 M'Donald, William, merchant.
32 Robertson, Patrick, merchant.
Skinner, Notman, & Co., merchants.
Pride, William, coalmaster.
30 Bruce & Murray, Scot. Wid.'s Ins.
Accidental Death Insurance Co.
28 Muirs, Connell, & Brodie.
Kelso, Peter, & Co., manufacturers.
26 Dodds, Brothers, wine merchants.
22 North Court, Royal Exchange.
Forrester, Robert, accountant.
Macindoe, John, auctioneer.
Malcolm, William, merchant.
22 Clavering, Thos., merchant.
M'Hardv, C, merchant.
Gall, J. & R., muslin manufacturers .
20 Martin, Alexander, gunmaker.
18 Magnetic Telegraph Office.
16 Elphick's Billiard Rooms.
14 M'Kay, Alexander, clothier.
12 Young, Peddie, & Co., wirefence mak.
Couper, Jas., insurance broker.
Allan, Thos., & Co., merchants.
Cooper, Walker, & Co., cotton-spin.
Heys & Drew, drysalters.
Smith, Walter, agent.
Church, William, & Co., manufacls.
Shaw, J., & Co., calico-printers.
Melville, Alexander, com. agent.
Shooting Saloon, John Bell.
Leek, Henry, accountant.
10 North British Advertiser Office.
8 North British Insurance Office.
2 Brodie, M'Leod, & Co., tailors.
1 Russell, James, merchant.
Robertson, Rev. Jas., D.D.
2 Pott, Mrs.
Wardlaw, William, writer.
3 Hunter, William.
4 Wylie, John C, merchant.
5 Dick, Mrs,
6 Dunbar, John.
Manson, W. B.
7 Colman, Mrs. Samuel.
9 Robertson, Robert, merchant.
10 Barclay, Robert, ship-builder.
Peebles, William.
12 Cohen, P. S.
Urquhart, Mrs.
13 Bell, Mrs.
14 Smith, Patrick.
Calder, Thomas.
15 Arthur, Daniel.
16 Munsie, William, teacher.
Eraser, John, jun.
17 Macfarlane, Robert, surgeon.
18 Scott, Alexander.
Morrison, William.
19 Ronald, W. G., merchant.
20 Smith, Peter, merchant.
5 Kelly, Mrs. Henry, portioner.
35 Dunn, James, portioner.
47 Stevenson, Andrew, portioner.
57 M'Kinnon, George, portioner.
63 Orr, Andrew, portioner.
89 Miller, Geo., & Co., manuf. chemists.
52 M'Haffie, John, grocer.
40 Miller, John, spirit dealer.
5 Young, James, house-factor.
Richmond, James, tinsmith.

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