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18 Grierson, Miller, & Co., merchants.
1 6 Government School of Design.
8 Walker, Robert, & Son, manufacts.
Campbell, James, & Co., merchants.
Dundee and Dunfermline Warehouse.
4 Elliot, Brothers, & Co., merchants.
Elliot, Archd., commission agent.
Elliot, JameSj commission agent.
2 St. David's Church.
3 Smith, D., spirit dealer.
7 Mullen, James, grocer.
15 Miller, John, eooper.
19 Yuill, James, saddletree maker.
21 Sword & Johnston, leather merchts.
29 Dennistoun, Ebenezer, wood mercht.
33 Muir, W., &Co., cotton- waste dealers.
35 Douglas, Brothers, drysalters.
36 Lade, D,, & Co., spirit merchants.
26 Hilcoat, Robert, spirit merchant.
20 Stewart, John, & Co., iron merchts.
16 Ritchie, James, & Co., wine merchts.
14 Robertson, George, & Co.
Menzies, C, fruiterer.
8 M'Kenzie, Kenneth, rectifier.
8, 10, 12, 14 Robertson & M'DougaH.
1 6 Mason, J., & Sons, china merchants.
18 Quin, John, china merchant.
20 Niven, Robert, spirit dealer.
17 Milroy, James, broker.
1 M'Leish, John, wine merchant.
3 Simpson, Robert, & Co., drapers.
9 Rutherford, Wm., & Son, spir. mer.
19 Arnott, Cannock, & Co., merchants.
21 Blair, Campbell, grocer.
23 Wingate,. Oliver, merchant.
Clark, Mrs., Temperance hotel.
25 M'Feat, John, & Co., china merchts.
27 Watson, Oliver, spirit merchant.
29 M'Kechnie, J., Sandy Rodger tavern.
31 M'Leod, M., spirit merchant.
33 Russell, John, tobacconist.
35 Marquis, Walker, eating-house.
37 Tweedie & Crawford, ironmongers.
Hall of Nations.
45 Jack, D., & Co., stationers.
47 Steel, James, grain merchant.
49 Dodds, Wm., cordage manufacturer.
51 Seton, T. H., spirit merchant.
57 Baxter, John, glass warehouse-.
59 Gray, Thomas, tinsmith.
61 Wilson* J. & R., grocers.
53 Watt, James, hosier.
65 M'Lean, James, & Co.
M'Intyre, Dugald, agent.
Sneddon, D. & J., coal-agents.
Black, William, coal- agent.
Kirkwood, R., & Son, agents.
Bethune & M'Donald, agents.
Bremner, D. & J., coal merchants.
Fleming, M. C, agent.
Milligan, John, & Co., ship agents.
Gibson, John, hosier.
Wilson & Co , confectioners.
M'Lachlan, C, watchmaker.
M'DougaH, D., & Son, bootmakers.
Whitehead, W. C, commission mer.
Cameron, T., & Co., steamboat agts.
Waddell, M., & Son, clothiers.
Nacnah & Co., agents.
Peare, R. M., shipping agent-
Gillies, John, agent.
Drvsdale, James, agent.
Thomson, James, agent.
Paul, EL, fruiterer.
Phillips, James, tobacco manufact.
Walker, T., draper.
Allan & Poynter.
Poynter, John, chemist.
M'Intyre, D. & P., agents.
Miller, George, & Co.
Airdrie Hill Coal Co.
Baird, John, & Sons.
Fleming, James, agent.
Roxburgh & Fanlds,. agents.
Barr, William, spirit merchant.
Thomson-, W., ironmonger.
Annaeker, Pierre, sausage-maker.
Miller, L., clothier.
Baird, George, baker & spirit dealer.
Edinburgh Ropery & Sailcloth Co.
Forbes, Robert, ironmonger.
Reid, Joseph, & Co., merchants.
Strang, William, ironmonger.
Thomson, W. C, clothier.
Yuill, James,, teacher.
Ferguson- & Anderson, iron, merchts.
Craig, Peter, ironmonger.
Shaw, William, hairdresser.
Agnew, Peter, tailor.
MLaren, John, & Co.
George & Co., lithographers.
Mair, Hugh, shoe warehouse.
M'Gregor, J. W., cooper.
Inglis, A., hatter.
Johnston, Brothers, & Co.
Forbes, George, coffee-house.
M'Laren, C. & A., zinc merchants.
Morrison, N., saddler.
Dougall & Mathie, drapers.
M'Cannell, Archibald, & Co.
Hutcheson, D., & Co., steam- agents.
Rome, John, upholsterer.
Glass, Alexander, clothier.
Gourlie & Linn, fringe manufacts.
Murchie & Fullarton, clothiers.
Farquhar, Hugh, clothier.
Scott, E. J., & Co., shoemakers.
Clark, D. C-, & Co., drapers.
Blackwood, James, clothier.

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