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Spreull, James.
Ferguson, David, merchant.
Kirkpatrick, Robert, clothier.
M'Nair, James, lithographer.
Paton, William, bootmaker.
Weir, Andrew, hairdresser.
Jeffrey, J., bathing establishment.
Fyfe, Peter, lithographer.
Gordon, George, confectioner.
Neilson, Thomas, house factor.
M'Intyre, Donald, measurer.
Richmond, Miss, lodgings.
Aitchison, Misses, dressmakers.
Dodd, Peter, & Co , provision mer.
Jaffrey, Robert, jun , spirit merch.
Ferguson & M'Laren, soapmakers.
Barclay, Paton, & Co., merchants.
Sword, James, wine merchant.
Henderby, Mrs., steak shop.
Hastie, Mrs. William, painter.
Melvin, D., loom-card maker.
Hodge, Mrs., register office.
Coulthard, John, tavern-keeper.
Gilmour, David, embroiderer,
Miller, James, warper and ho. factor.
Burmond, John, manufacturer.
Thorburn, Beith, & Co , manufacts.
Scoon, Jacob, stay manufacturer.
Beswick, William, gold-beater.
Strang, D., spirit dealer.
MTntosh, John, manufacturer.
Ross, John, & Co., commiss. agents.
M'Farlane, George, warehouseman.
Douglas & Holmes, writers.
Holmes, R. R., writer.
Taylor, Mrs. J., lodgings.
Munro, Robert, messenger-at-arms,
Gemmell, W. & A., manufacturers.
Paterson, Thomas, engraver.
Niven, Daniel, jun., mill-furnisher.
Hutcheson, James, & Co., manufact.
Hutcheson, Robert, merchant.
Greenock Spinning Company.
Kilbirnie Cotton Works Company.
Henderson, James, heddle manufact.
M'Lean &Finlayson, manufacturers.
Mair, James, muslin manufacturer.
Morris, William, & Co., manufac.
Thomson, R. & J., manufacturers.
Walls, William, merchant.
Central Register Office.
Hope, Alex., manufacturing chemist.
Thompson , Mrs, Jas., tavern-keeper.
Boyd, Adam, commission agent.
Ritchie, William, commission agent.
Paul, John, writer.
Buchanan, J. & J., muslin manufac.
M'Millan, John, manufacturer.
Rae & Co., merchants.
Mitchell & Whitelaw, manufact urs.
Naismith & Wingate, yarn agents.
MTntosh, Sprunt, & Co., manufacs.
Merchants' House Buildings.
70 Merchants' House; A. Newal, col.
68 Leslie, John, commission merchant.
66 City Chambers.
Forbes, Arthur, town-clerk.
Turner, Angus, town-clerk.
Davie, William, town-cleek.
Simson, Thomas, writer.
Cunningham, A., Sasine Office.
Burgh Sasine Office.
City Fiscal's Office; John Burnet.
City Chamberlain's Office ; John
Strang, L.L.D., chamberlain.
M'Callum, D., accountant.
Brown, James, council officer.
M'Coll, D., keeper of City Chambers.
64 Robertson, R. & J., hat manufac.
62 Boyd, Alexander, manufacturer..
Leishman & McLaren, print-cutters.
Hogg, William C, warper.
6,0 Hill, Thomas, spirit dealer.
5.6 Murdoch, William, spirit dealer.
48 Gemmell, James, tea merchant.
44 Harvey, Andrew, manufacturer.
Dunn, John, flesher.
Millar, Mungo, tailor.
Watson & Gray, merchants.
M'Kindlay & Ballantine, manufs.
42 M'Intyre, D., tea merchant.
38 Begg, John, wine and spirit mercht.
34 Stark, George, paper-stainer.
Ure, George, manufacturer.
28 Scott, John, confectioner and grocer.
24 Ross, John, Waterloo hotel.
Dunn, William, tailor.
Alexander, Robert, clothier.
Jack & Anderson, writers.
M'Dairmid, A. R., com. merchant.
22 Ramsay, Andrew, clothier.
18 Donaldson, Alexander, clothier.
Johnston, George, clothier.
Morrison, Archibald, pattern drawer.
Miller, J. P., commission agent.
Marshall, R., lithographer.
Frood, James, sheriff-officer.
16 Scotland, G. D., bookbinder.
T4 Paterson, R , vinegar merchant.
12 Robertson, Robert, & Co., oil merchs.
10 Turner & Park, clothiers.
Mitchell, Archibald, clothier.
1 Bowman, David, spirit merchant.
23 Henderson, P., & Co.'s marble works
45 M'Adam, Wm,, Hydepark Pottery.
M'Adam, John.
49 Connel, M. & Wm., bonding store.
67 Newall, R. S., & Co., wire- rope manfs.
71 Miller & Pearc-?, plumbers.
111 Robertson & Reid, plumbers.
115 Raeburn, James, engineer.
118 Hobbs, Samuel, painter.
112 M'Guffin, Alexander, contractor.
104 Neilson & Co., Hydepark Foundry.

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