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Levy, Henry, wine merchant.
Young, George, agent.
Maclachlane & Maclean, manufacs.
Dougall, James D., gunmaker.
Bankier, W. D , & Co., metal broks.
Bankier & Lietke, shipbrokers.
Dixon & Dow, accountants.
Herbertson, Henry, measurer.
Kennedy, John, accountant.
Miller, Richard T., & Co., merchts.
Edmiston & Mitchell, merchants.
Cree, Alexander, upholsterer.
Ro.-e, C. D., stationer.
M'Kay & Black, tailors.
M'Arthur, Thomas, printseller.
M'Nicol, John, spirit dealer.
Hannah, Thomas, grocer.
M'Kellar, Dugald, mess. -at- arms.
M'Connechy, N.
Couper, Charles, wine & spirit mer.
Ure, William, tailor.
Freer, William.
Thomas, D., eating-house.
Duncanson & Forbes, cabinetmakers.
Mackie, George, beadle.
Edward, George, jeweller.
Bogle, Hugh, & Co., painters.
Donaldson, James, merchant.
Davidson, A., & Co., manufacturers.
Gray, Richard, & Co., merchants.
Manford, William, measurer.
Orr, John, manufacturer.
Paterson, Gilbert, & Co., iron broker.
Wood, W., & Son, lacemakers.
Wood, Taylor, & Co., merchants.
Wallace, Thomas, & Co., merchants.
M'Call, Thomas, civil engineer.
Gilfillan, William, painter.
Cochran and Provan, upholsterers.
Campbell & Co., auctioneers.
Houston, A. and W., carvers.
Miller and Bannerman, wrights.
Baird, Hugh, & Co., brewers.
Moody and M'Lure, writers.
Bogle, Ker, & Co , merchants.
Morton, Hugh, writer.
Christie, G. Fyff'e, writer.
Perston, Moir, & Co., manufacturers.
Rae, David, wine, merchant.
Struthers and Campbell, wine merch.
Marshall, James, coal agent.
Galbraith, A., & Co., merchants.
M'Kean and Lam on t, agents.
Collie, James, civil engineer.
Scott and McLaren, commission mers.
Stuart, George, merchant.
Glen and MTndoe, calico printers.
Kellog, D. 0., United States consul.
Lecky, F. B., merchant.
M'Cormick, G. A., commission mere.
Geddes, John, commission merchant.
Shand, George, manufacturing chein.
Murray, A. B., agent.
12 M'Laehlan, Hugh, accountant.
Dudgeon, Thomas, & Co., painters.
10 Clark, Gilmour, Galbraith, & Co.
8 M'Killop & Co., cigar importers.
Woodside, Archibald, accountant.
Finlayson, James, writer.
Finlayson and Moncrieff, writers.
Forrester, Samuel, commission agnt.
Moncrieff, James, commission agent.
Tassie, Hugh, and Son.
6 Crawford, Daniel, wine merchant.
7 Butters, Mrs. B., spirit dealer.
9 M'Master, M.
11 Allan, John, stay and trace maker.
13 MTnnes, Mrs. A.
23 Wellington factory.
25 Cogan's mill.
27 Grandisons, machine makers.
29 Craig and Co., machine makers.
31 Alston and Gourlay, founders.
41 Bow, William, spirit dealer.
43|Weir, George, grocer.
45 Bow, A. and T., builders.
47 Nicol, D. and A., boot and shoemak.
55 Kirkwood, Alexander, plumber.
59 M'Kinlay, Alexander, smith.
61 Biggar, John, cooper.
65 Moore, John, smith.
67 Turner, Mrs , carter.
71 Grant, J., coal merchant.
79 Crosbie, Mrs., oil and colour shop.
81 M'Lusky, Catherine, broker.
83 Horsburgh, Mrs., midwife.
85 Crawford, Peter, grocer.
87 Dunn, James, baker.
95 Mooney, Francis, grocer.
84 Crawford, Donald, spirit merchant.
80 M'Aulay, Alexander.
78 Reid, Mrs., milliner.
72 Lang, Robert, spirit dealer.
66 Frame, Miss Ann, fruiterer.
64 Kay, Daniel, grocer.
58 M'Laehlan, A., wine and spirit merch.
44 M'Gibbon, John, grocer.
42 M'Farlan, Robert, spirit dealer.
40 Muir and Brown's works.
30 Adelphi Dye-works.
24 Skinner, T, & Co., chemists.
20. 18 Todd and Higginbotham, manuf.
10 M'Gregor, James, provision merch t.
4 Scott, Thomas, flesher.
2 Boyle, John, spirit merchant.
60 Paul, Walter, flesher.
62 Walker, John, dairyman.
26 Maxwell, Robert, spirit merchant,
7 Wilson, John, sheriff officer.
23 Cameron, P., & Co., bleachers.

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