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104 Gilfillan, Helen, victualler.
102 Downie, Mrs., grocer.
100 Downie, Malcolm.
Leek, Mrs. Alexander.
Riddell & Watson, manufacturers.
Muirhead, John.
Glen, Miss.
96 Miller, John, milk dealer.
94 Brechan, Mrs., spirit dealer.
88 Ralston, David, tinsmith.
86 Bisset, Thomas, dairyman.
82 University Lying-in Hospital ; Mrs.
Lamb, matron.
Kelly, James, clerk.
MAlister, John, carter.
MJnnes, Mrs.
M'Larie, Mrs,
Young, Mrs.
Fairlie, Miss A., straw-hat maker.
Power, Mrs., lodgings.
M'Kay, Mrs. D., slater.
Ferguson, George, wright.
78 Jeandin, Francis, basket-maker.
74 M'Gregor, Thos., hat manufacturer.
70 Wallace, Wm., milk agent.
68 Kyle, W., haircutter.
64 Ranker], Thomas, painter.
62 Graham's Buildings.
Turner, James, of Thrushgrove.
Gatheral, James W., manufacturer.
Ranken, Thomas.
Paterson, James.
M'Kechnie, William.
Kyle, Wm , hairdresser.
Pollock, William, merchant.
Tait, John, flour merchant.
Sutherland, Mrs., lodgings.
Giaeme, James, writer.
60 Tair, John, baker.
56 Hepburn, Robert, bootmaker.
54 Moir, John, spirit merchant.
48 Kerr, Robert, tailor and clothier.
44 MKay, D., slater.
M'lnnes, John, bootmaker.
Gibb, Robert.
Millen, Thomas.
M'Glashan, Mrs., ladies' nurse.
40 Martin, William, & Son.
Caledonian Needle Work.
36 Watson, A., plumber & brassfounder.
34 Adam, Mrs., furnishings shop.
32 Fulton, Hugh, grocer.
28 Crawford, M. J., dyers.
26 Carswell's Court.
Watson, A., plumber.
Cowan, James.
M'Farlane, Parlane, manufacturer.
Scott, Miss, lodgings.
Johnston, Miss, teacher.
Herkless, William.
Calligan, William, teacher.
20 Watson, William, baker.
18 Fraser, Alexander, spirit merchant.
16 Cowan, James, ironmonger.
10 Galloway's Court.
Galloway, John, builder.
Ross, John.
Baton, Mrs.
Shanks, James, coal agent.
8 Alexander, A. G., & Co., grocers.
4 Cameron, John, spirit dealer.
11 Cameron, Archibald, spirit dealer.
13 Stewart, Charles, dyer.
17 Wellwood, John, victualler.
29 Jamieson, Thomas, carter.
39 Gray, James, victualler.
24 Risk, Moses, & Co., distillers.
16 Inland Revenue Office.
8 Clark, John, jun., & Co., manuf.
1 Murray, Walter, grocer.
3 Stevenson, Alexander, grocer.
5 Dewar, Wm., wine merchant.
9 Steele, James, spirit dealer.
15 Steele. James, Victoria hotel.
19 Muir, Brown, & Co., manufac.
23 Crafts & Stell, commission merchts.
25 Orme, M'Nab, & Adam, packers.
29 Pattison, Godfrey, & Co., merchts.
37 Monkland Rail. Co. ; J. F. Sloane,
M'Lelhm, A. H., & Co., India agents.
Stewart, Robert, iron merchant.
Smith, David, civil engineer.
41 Family Endowment Soc. of London.
Symington & Miller, com. merchts.
Burns, William, writer.
MArthur, John, calenderers.
Marshall, Hill, & Hill, writers.
45 Moncrieff, Paterson, & Forbes, writers.
4oJReid, David.
49 Robertson, James, architect.
Anderson, Proudfoot, & Co., merchs.
Anderson, James, starch manuf.
Laurie, James, & Co., merchants.
Campbell, John, shipbroker.
Glasgow, Alex., & Co., merchants.
53 Smith, Peter, cabinetmaker.
57 Morrison, A., teacher.
Session-Clerk's Office for the City.
59 Rankin, Mrs. David, poulterer.
61 Curr, W, & Co , fleshers.
65 Whitelaw, Mrs., fishmonger.
69 Hodge & Campbell, -writers.
Naismith, James, insurance agent.
Halle' & Co , commission merchts.
M'Nair, R., commision merchant.
75 Burnley, W. F., & Co.', merchants.
81 Douglas & Rankin, writers.
Campbell, Arclid., of Blythswood.
Lnughlen, Robert, accountant.
83 Strang, Yuille, & Keyden, writers.
85 Ewing, John D., accountant

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