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227, 229 Turner, Duncan, & Co.
229 Cameron, Win., pawnbroker.
Scott, Arthur, Turf tavern,
231 Craig, Mrs. John, victualler.
233 Barr, Thomas, provision dealer.
239 Cleland Court.
M'Caw, William, clothier.
Gardner, John, carter.
Paterson, John, upholsterer.
Brown, William, joiner.
MTntyre, A., tailor.
241 Campbell, John, confectioner.
243 M'Querrier, bootmaker.
245 Boyd, Mrs. James, baker.
247 Moreland, Adair, glazier.
249 Smith, Patrick, corn-factor.
Buchan, Thos., &Co., brassfounders.
Wright, Ronald, grain merchant.
251 Boyle, Win., contractor for carting.
Pickford & Co., railway agents.
Wordie & Co., railway agents.
Hamilton, John Logan, railway agt.
257 Jack, Andrew, eating-house.
259 Madeira Court.
Campbell & Co.
Ramsey, John.
Stean & M-Nish, corn factory.
Hay, Win., & Co., distillers.
Primrose, Peter, grain & flour mer.
Liverpool Traders' Office.
263 Alexander, Robert, corn factor.
Madeira Buildings.
267 Logan, William, portioner.
269 Ferguson, J., boot and shoemaker.
271 MTnnes, John, bootmaker.
273 Fairie, Thomas, wholesale grocer,
275 Dow, H. & A., spirit merchants.
Buchanan, Brothers, druggists.
277 M'Kichan, Alexander, tobacconist.
279 Tulloch, John, provision merchant.
281 Leckie, Andrew, flesher.
285 Bennie's Court.
Burrell, James, jeweller.
M'Millan, James, tailor and clothier.
Ferguson, M, clothier.
287 M'Kenzie, John, spirit dealer.
289 Brownlie, Thomas, spirit dealer.
291 Harvey, John, victualler.
293 M' Arthur, D., bootmaker.
295 Lochhead, Thomas, flesher.
299 Smith, Robert, wholesale grocer.
303 Angus, James, upholsterer.
Gillies, John.
Livingston, Solomon, clothier.
305 Wallace, James.
309 Miller, J. & H., grocers.
311 Campbell, Donald, spirit merchant.
315 Argyle Place.
French, James.
Morrison, Miss.
Carmichael, D., clothier.
317 Brown, William, M.D.
319 M'Laren, John, victualler.
323 Brown, William, tailor.
325 Naismith, James, fruiterer.
327 M'Kay, D , watchmakers.
Hunter, Mrs. William.
Edgar, James, clothier.
329 JafTray, William, watchmaker.
331 Hamilton, Walter, bootmaker.
333 Murrie, Andrew, flesher.
337 Jack, Mrs., tobacconist.
339 Norris, W., flesher.
339 1 York Place.
Trotter, Mrs., lodgings.
Dobson, Thomas, supervisor.
Reid, J. C.
339|Harvie, William.
Hay, David.
Colquhoun, Peter.
Anderson, Misses, dressmakers.
Grainger, Mis. Robert.
341 Galloway, William, baker.
343 M'Lean, Peter, victualler.
345 Clow, M., boot and shoemaker.
347 Teacher, William, spirit merchant.
349 M'Fadyen, P., furniture warehouse.
351 Ferguson, Mrs., stay warehouse.
353 Stirtian, Mrs., milliner.
355 M'Crone, George, victualler.
357 Ewing Place.
Maitland, John.
359 M'Donald, William, physician.
361 Scott & Lochhead, fleshers.
363 Black, John, draper.
365 Craig, David, hatter.
367 Love, A , bootmaker.
369 Murdoch, J. & P., tea merchants.
James Watt Street.
377 Robertson, John, spirit merchant.
379 Blackstock, William, flesher.
371 Henry, A., confectioner.
387 Monteith, J., spirit merchant.
395 Gibbons, John, spirit dealer.
397 M'Keilie, A., grocer.
399 Murray, George, flesher.
401 Tulloch, Mrs." William, victualler.
407 Orr, Robert, grocer.
407|Cunningham, James.
Cook, James, spirit merchant.
409 Ewart, Duncan, green-grocer.
411 M'Lachlan, John, flesher.
413 Pamie, M. A., bootmaker.
415 Carrick, Robert, provision merchant.
417 Parker, D. & J., general grocers.
419 Graham, John, spirit merchant.
419gYoung, J. & W., plumbers.
Edie, Andrew.
Franklin, Mrs., milliner.
Smith, David.
Dunlop, Mrs., lodgings.
421 Dalgleish, John, flesher.
423 Bisset, Alexander, druggist
425 Miller, James.
Smith, Miss, milliner.
Fairley, Mrs.

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