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Wylie & Mitchell, accountants and property agents, and agents for North British Fire
ami Life Insurance Co., 54 St. Vincent street.
Wylie, R. of W. and R. Wylie, house, 26 College street.
Wylie, Robert, of Wylie <f LocMead, house, 12 Kew terrace.
Wylie, Robert, commission merchant, and cashier to the Royal Infirmary, 33 West
Nile streef, house. 20 Lynedoch street.
Wylie, Robert, juri., & Co , power-loom manufacturers, 73 Garngad road, St. Rollox.
Wylie, Robert, jun., nf Robert Wylie, jun., if Co., house, 21 Grafton street.
Wvllie, Robert, at Tower and ArroV s, house, 123 Cumberland street.
Wvlie, W. & R., p> hit- cutters and block- builders, 25 North Albion street.
Wylie, William, of Wilson and Wylie, house, 2^ Nicholson street.
Wylie, W., of W. and R. Wylie, house, 18 North Albion street.
Wylie, William, of Wylie and Allan, house, 2 North Albion court.
Wvlie, Mrs., fringer, hot-presser, packer, and calenderer, 109 Candleriggs and 120
and 127 Brunswick street, house, 127 do.
Wylie, Mrs., worsted and smallwares, 156 Sauchiehall street.
Wylie, Miss, 78 Sauchiehall street.
WYNNE, James, sheriff-officer and constable, 19 South Hanover street, house, 3
North street, Anderston.
Wynne, Patrick, spirit dealer, 64 Stewart street, Cowcaddens.
WYPER, James, teacher, 72 St. George's place, house, 34 Stevenson street, Calton.
Wyper, James, at Francis Orr and Sons, house, 25 North Portland street.
Wyper, John, spirit dealer, 500 Gallowgate, house, 502 do.
Wvper, John, joiner, 13 Salisbury street, house, 10 do.
WYSE, John M'K., timber merchant, 4 Cook street, Tradeston.
Wyse, William, potato and fowl merchant, 39 Clyde place, store, 26 Dale street.
Wyse, Mrs., 255 Sauchiehall street.
YATES, Brown, and Ilowat, muslin manufacturers, 2 Springfield court, 69 Queen St.
Yates, Thomas, of Yates, Brown, and Howat, residence, Gartfeny, by Chryston.
Yoker and Port-Dundas Distilleries' Office, 76 Maxwell street.
YORK, Charles, tobacco and snuff manufac, 62 Argylest, ho., 44 St. George's road.
York, William, builder, 44 St. George's road, office, Stockwell bridge.
York and London Life Insurance Co., 106 Virginia place. Kelly and Co., agents.
Yorkshire Fire and Life Insurance Co., 136 Buchanan st. Lang& Graham, agents.
Yorkshire Fire and Life Insurance Co. Peter White, 20 Buchanan street; William
Smith, 42 George square; John Carmichael, 97 Union street, agents.
Yorkshire Fire and Life Insurance Co., 31 Trongate. William Robertson, agent.
YORSTON, A., & Co., merchants and manufacturers, IS Renfield street.
YOUXG, Adam, engineer, St. Rollox foundry, Townhead.
Young, Alexander, of G. and A. Young, house, 23 India street.
Young, Alexander, victualler, 14 Norfolk street.
Young, Alexander, shawl-fringer, 94 Miller street.
Young, Alexander, sheriff-officer, and constable for the shires of Lanark and Stirling,
124 Trongate.
Young, Alexander, calenderer, packer, and hot-presser, 81 Buchanan street and 9
Gordon street, house, 138 Stirling's road.
Young, A., & Co., artilicial flour makers, 57 Oswald street.
Y'oung, A. K., M.D., physician and surgeon, 4 Albany place, Sauchiehall street.
Youns 1 , A. S., & Son, surgeon-dentists (to his Grace the Duke of Hamilton), &c, 185
Buchanan street.— See Advertisement in Appendix, page 171.
Y r our% A. S , qf A. S. Young and Son, surgeon-dentists, 185 Buchanan street.
Young, Andrew, & Son, com. merch., cotton and woollen-yarn a_r., 73 Brunswick St.
Young, Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer, 51 Struthers street, Calton.
Young, Andrew, wright, 251 Main street, Gorbals.
Young, Archibald, baker, 134 South Portland street, house, 138 do.
Young, C. D., & Co., agricultural implement makers, and iron and wirework manu-
facturers, 32 St. Enoch square.
Y T oung, David, baker, 165 West Nile street
Young, David, messenger at-arms, 97 Union street.
Young, David, warehouse and coal agent, 3 North Albion court, 41 North Albion st

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