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Wright, John, & Co., ship com. agents and insurance brokers, 24 Robertson street.
Wright, John, of J. if J. Wright, house, 120 Mains street, Montague place.
Wright, John, at Walker if Co.'s, house, 272 St. Vincent street.
Wright, John, surgeon, 155 Stockwell street.
Wright, John Innes, of John Fleming if Co., residence, 13 Woodlands road.
Wright, John, & Co., letterpress printers, Sydney crt., 62 Argylest, ho., 14 Tarbert st.
Wright, John, print-cutter and machine-maker, 57 Miller st., ho., 13G Main St., Ander.
Wright, Joseph A., of Adam if Wright, house, 21 Abbotsford place.
Wright, Joseph H., at Muir, Broion, fy Co.'s, house, 36 Warwick street.
Wright & Macdonald, calenderers, hot-pressers, and packers, 63 Buchanan street
Wright, Malcolm, grocer and spirit dealer, 35 Drygate street.
Wright, Malcolm, coffee house keeper and soiree contractor, 87 Glassford street.
Wright & Muir, general agents, 55 Glassford street.
Wright, Peter, spirit merchant, 126 Garscube road, house, 124|- do.
Wright, Robert, writer, 13 John street, house, 1 North Ure place.
Wright, Robert, 113 Renfrew street.
Wright, Ronald, grain and provision merchant, 249 Argylest., ho., 114 Hospital st
Wright, Thos.. brassfounder, gasfitter, and gas-lustre manuf., 16 Muslin st, Bridgeton.
Wright, Thomas G., writer, Prince's square, 48 Buchanan street.
Wright, W. B., commission merchant, 33 North Hanover street.
Wright, Win., clothier, 42 Eglinton street, house, 2 South Kinning place.
Wright, W., & Co., cotton-spinners, Lochwinnoch, at J. <f J. Wright's, 127 Ingram st.
Wright, William, of John Fleming (f Co., house, 272 St. Vincent street.
Wright, W. C, 63 Candleiiggs.
Wright, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 39 Bell street.
Wright, Mrs., spirit dealer, 170 Port-Dundas road, house, 4 Forth street.
Wright, Mrs., 2 Risk street, Calton.
Wright, Mrs. Daniel, eating-house keeper, 94 Broomielaw.
Wright, Mrs. John, contractor and spirit dealer, 347 Gallowgate.
Wright, Mary, victualler, 36 Orr street, Calton.
Wright, Miss A., furnishing shop, 92 Trongate.
Wright, Miss, dressmaker, 9 Maclarlane street.
Wright, Miss, dressmaker, 32 Kicholas street.
Wright, Miss, matron, House of Industry for Indigent Females, ho., 71 N. Frederick st
WUNSCH, Edward, merchant, late of Baumann and Wunsah. P. W. Clark & Co.,
31 Dundas street, house, 280 Bath street.
WYETH, Steere, & Co., New York, merchants, 3 Royal Exchange court.
WYLDE, Roger, & Son, sewed muslin manufacturers, 69 Ingram street.
Wylde, Roger, of Roger Wylde <f Son, house, 134 George street.
Wylde, Thomas, Commercial Bank, house, 419 St. Vincent street.
Wylde, Thomas, of Roger Wylde and Son, house, 183 George street.
Wyld, Misses, p'umosers, artificial flower-makers, and preparation dealers, 4 East
Russell street.
WYLIE, Alexander, of Wylie and Mitchell, house, 4 Largo place, New City road.
Wylie, Alexander, china and earthenware store, 203 Main street, Gorbals.
Wylie and Allan, singers, 36 Bell street.
Wyllie, Andrew, druggist, 328 Argyle street.
Wylie, Andrew, Union Bank, house, 128 Shamrock street.
Wyllie, U. R., surgeon, 93 North Hanover street.
Wylie, James, teacher, Kelvin st, North Woodside rd., house, Hamilton pi., Partick.
Wylie, James, bootmaker, 78 St. George's place.
Wylie, James, flesher, 126 Stobcross street, house, 29 Hill street, Anderston.
Wylie, James., & Co., coppersmiths, 9 Ann street, oil' Jamaica street.
Wylie, James, wool-spiuner, John Street Silk Mills, Bridgeton, ho., 82 John St., do.
Wylie, J. and A., heddlemakers, 28 Muslin street.
Wylie, John C., commission merchant, 68 St. Vincent street, house, 4 Royal terrace.
Wylie & Eiriloch, green-grocers, 106 Sauchiehall street.
Wylie, Matthew, M.D , surgeon, 2 Windsor pi., Sauchiehall St., shop, 238 High st.
Wylie, Matthew, flesher, 13 Richard street.
Wylie & Lochhead, upholstery furnishers, paperhanging, carpet, floor-cloth, damask,
moreen, bed and table linen, wax-cloth, hair and hair-clotb, down and feather
merchants, funeral undertakers, and post-horse and carriage hirers, 28 Argyla
street, and Eagle hotel stables, 57 Maxwell street.

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