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Semple, James, spirit merchant, 322 Gallowgate.
Seinple, Matthew, superintendent, Blind Asylum, 102 Castle street, Townhead.
Semple, Peter, spirit merchant, 81 Reid street, Bridgeton.
Semple, William, eating-house, 93 Eglinton street.
Semple, Mrs., lodgings, 78 Sauchiehall street.
Semple, Mrs. S. G., 8 Blythswood square.
Sentinel Newspaper, office, 2 Antigua place, Nelson street.
SERVICE, David, assistant inspector of poor, 14 College street, house, 215 Duke St.
Service, James, of Gibson, Service, <f Co., house, 17 Buccleuch street.
Service, James, writer, 69 West Nile street.
Service, James, sheriff-officer, 68 Glassford street.
Service, Robert, dairyman, 39 Nicholas street.
Service, Thomas, (if Service and Workman, house, 8 Sandyford place.
Service, William, jun., of the Culcreiteh Co., at George Smith and Sons', 34 London St.
Service & Workman, sewed muslin manufacturers, 129 Ingram street.
Service, Agnes Aitken, dressmaker, 439 Duke street.
Session-Clerk's Office for the City, 57 St. George's place. Robert Strang, clerk ;
John Galloway, depute-clerk.
Session-Clerk of Barony Parish of Glasgow, 52 West Nile street.
Session-Clerk's Office for the Baronj' of Gorbals, 51 Adelphi st. James Coats, clerk.
Session-Clerk's Office for Govan Parish, Govan school-house. Wm. Fulton, A.M., elk.
SETON, Alexander B., agent, United Kingdom Life Assurance Co., and Caledonian
Fire Insurance Co., 120 St. Vincent street, house, 23 Lansdowne crescent.
Seaton, James, commission agent, and agent for the Caledonian Insurance Co., 77
St. Vincent street.
Seton, John, Eagle tavern, 43 Trongate.
Seaton, John, cabinetmaker, 71 Maxwell street.
Seaton, John, cabinetmaker, 45 King street, Tradeston, house, 67 Centre street.
Seaton, J. & R., lithographers and engravers, 4 Dunlop street.
Seaton, John, of J. <§ R. Seaton, house, 63 Abercromby street.
Seton, Thomas H., wine and spirit merchant, 51 Jamaica street and 1 Howard street,
house, 4 Carlton court.
Seaton, Mrs. John, furnishings, 14 Gloucester street, Kingston.
SHAND, George, manufacturing chemist and merchant, 14 Gordon street ; works,
Abbey road, Stirling; house, 152 Buccleuch street.
Shand, John B., Falkland place, 331 Renfrew street.
Shand, Thomas, hairdresser and barber, 5 North Clyde street, Anderston.
Shand, William, wine and spirit merchant, 19 and 21 King street.
SHANKLAND, A., grocer, 42 Norfolk street.
SHANKS, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, 49 Sauchiehall street.
Shanks and Brown, starchers, 86 Blackfriars' street.
Shanks, David, boot and shoemaker, 61 Great Hamilton street.
Shanks, Henry, of Kirlcpatrick, Stewart, <.f Co., house, 31 Norfolk street.
Shanks, James, civil engineer and surveyor, 23 Garscube place.
Shanks, James, coal merchant, 10 George street.
Shanks, James, stone carver, 346 Parliamentary road, house, 11 Dundas street.
Shanks, John, fishing-rod maker, 55 Bell street, house, 130 Castlemilk place.
Shanks, John, agent, hosiery, milliner}', small wares, &c, 29g- Bridge St., ho., 18 do.
Shanks, Robert, of Shanks and Brown, house, 32 Macfarlane street.
Shanks, William, grocer and cowfeeder, 522 Duke street.
Shanks, William, of Kay and Shanks, house, 11 Dundas street.
Shanks, Agnes, lodgings, 10 Duke street.
Shanks, Miss, Castlemilk place, 130 Hospital street.
SHANNON, Charles, pawnbroker, 6 Old Dalmarnock road.
Shannon, John, rag and iron merchant, 11 and 15 Moncrieff street, house, 13 do.
Shannon, Peter, builder, 105 Stockwell street.
SHARP, Andrew, & Co., iron bedstead manufacturers, 62 Old vennel.
Sharp, Bryce, green grocer, 50 Bedford street.
Sharp, George, mason and builder, 32 Cambridge street, ho., 15 Hill st., Garnethill.
Sharp & Gilchrist, hearth-rug and carpet manufacturers, 374 Parliamentary road,
and 1 Leadbetter street.
Sharp, Henry, wine and spirit merchant, 181 Castle street, house, 125 Parson street.
Sharpe, James, of J. and J. Sharpe, house, 19 Woodlands terrace.

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