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St. Paul's Free Church, 72 North Frederick street; Rev. Dr. John Forbes, minister.
St. Peter's Free Church, 53 Mains St., off Argyle St.; Rev. William Arnott, minister.
St. Stephen's Free Church, New City road; Rev. Robert Cowe, minister.
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Low Green street ; Rev. J. F. S. Gordon, clergyman.
St. John's Episcopal Church, Anderston; D. M. Dewar, Western Bank, secretary.
St. Jude's Episcopal Church, Jane St., Blythswood sq.; Rev. C. P. Miles, clergyman.
St. Mary's Episcopal Church, 30 Renfield street ; Rev. R. S. Oldham, clergyman.
St. Alphonsus' Roman Catholic Church, 25 Great Hamilton street ; Rev. Francis
Donoher and Thomas Cady, clergymen.
St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church, Great Clyde street ; Right Rev. Dr. Smyth,
and others, clergymen.
St. John's Roman Catholic Church, Portugal street ; Rev. Mr. Gray, clergyman.
St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Chapel, 34 North Woodside road; Rev. James Danaher,
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Abercromby street; Rev. P. Forbes, and others,
St. Mungo's Roman Catholic Church, Stanhope street, Stirling's road ; Rev. Archibald
Chisholm, clergyman.
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Chapel, Hill street, Anderston ; Rev. P. Hanley,
St. Andrew's Parish School, Greendyke street. P. Forrester, teacher.
St. David's Parish School, 5 Stirling's road.
St. David's Free Church Female School, 52 North Frederick street.
St. Enoch's Parish Female School of Industry, 41 Howard street.
St. Enoch's Sessional Committee Rooms, 41 Howard street.
St. Enoch's Sessional School, Ropework lane.
St. George's Sessional and Seaman's Society School, 9 Brown street.
St. George's Road English and Commercial Academy, 25 St. George's road. A. Sin-
clair, teacher.
St. George's Club, 9 Bath street.
St. Helen's Crown and Sheet Glass Company. Tower and Arroll, agents, 19 St.
Enoch square.
St. James' Parish School, 34 Great Hamilton street. Alex. Buchan, teacher.
St. John's Parish School, 42 Macfarlane street. Henry Shields, teacher.
St. Mark's Lodge of Freemasonry, 213 Buchanan street.
St. Mary's Hall, 33 Renfield street. M'Lerie & Attwood, proprietors.
St. Matthew's School, William street, Anderston.
St. Mungo Chess Club, M'Calluni's Coffee House, Glassford street. James H. Fer-
guson, secretary.
St. Paul's Parish School, 9 Greyfriar's wynd. James Hunter, teacher.
St. Rollox Foundry Co., iron-founders and engineers, St. Rollox.
St. Rollox Shipping Co., 63 Miller street. Wm. Sloan & Co., agents.
SAGE, John, late of H. M. Inland revenue, 4 Great Hamilton street.
Sage, John, cigar merchant and tobacconist, 146 and 148 Queen street.
Sage, Robert, of the Western Bank of Scotland, house, 4 Great Hamilton street.
SAL LARS, James, agent and house factor, 107 Hospital street.
SALMON, Andrew, at Macgeorge and Kerr's, house, 48 St. James road.
'Salmond, Duncan, 97 West Regent street.
Salmond, Duncan, & Co., cotton-spinners, works, Rothesay. Letters, &c, left at
Robert Whyte's, 111 St. Vincent street.
Salmond, George, procurator-fiscal for the sheriff, commissary and admiral of Lan-
arkshire, master extraordinary for Scotland of the High Courts of Chancery of
England and Ireland, and extraordinary commissioner for Scotland of the High
Court of Chancery, of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer in Eng-
land ; office, County buildings, Wilson street; house, 13 Newton place.
Salmond, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 416 Duke street.
Salmon, James, of Black and Salmon, house. 1 Grafton square.
Salmon, John, and Sons, cotton-thread and power-loom cloth manufacturers, works,
Greenhead and Woodside, office, 8 Wilson street.
Salmon, John, of John Salmon and Sons, residence, Cliff house, Victoria park.

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