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Roberton, Heugh, & Co., tea and coffee merchants and grocers, 27 and 29 Candle-
riggs street.
Roberton, James, writer, of Towers and Roberton.
Roberton, James, wine and spirit dealer, 447 Gallowgate.
Roberton, James, of Roberton and Wilson, bouse, 212 Main street, Gorbals.
Roberton, James, of Wm. Roberton <$ Co., house, 286 Renfrew street.
Roberton, John, of Maitland and Roberton, house, 60 North Frederick street.
Roberton, R. D., of Robert Cowan § Co., 34 Union street.
Roberton, Stephen, merchant and commission agent. Letters left at 11 John street.
Roberton, W., house and land agent, 11 West Nile street, house, 133 Hill street.
Roberton, William, starcher, 107 Montrose street, house, 105 do.
Roberton, William, & Co., muslin manufacturers, 2 North court, Royal Exchange.
Roberton, William, of Roberton, Heugh, <f Co., house, 69 London street.
Roberton, William, of W. Roberton <f- Co., house, 67 West Nile street.
Roberton & Wilson, iron-founders, Gorbals foundry, 206 Main street, Gorbals.
ROBERTS, Charles, clothes broker, 36 Kirk street, Calton.
Roberts, Henry B., gentlemen's sick nurse, 93 Cadogan street.
Roberts, John, provision merchant, 12 Wilson street, house, Sussex pi., 9 Adelphist.
Roberts, Wm. D., Haitien Consul, 4 Bothwell street.
Roberts, W. D., & Co., merchants, 4 Bothwell street.
Roberts, Wm. D'Esterre, of W. D. Roberts § Co., house, 10 Sandyford place.
Roberts, Mrs. John, of Gilmowr and Roberts, house, 156 Buccleuch street.
ROBERTSON, Alexander, window glazier, 9 Muirhead street, Gorbals.
Robertson, Alex., wine and spirit merchant, 74 Gallowgate, house, 76 do. j
Robertson, Alex. P., tinsmith and gasfitter, 76 Main street, Anderston.
Robertson, Alex., tailor and clothier, 410 Argyle street.
Robertson, Alexander, gardener, Bazaar, house, Greenhead, by Govan.
Robertson, Alexander, of A. Robertson and Son, house, 22 Warwick street.
Robertson, Alexander, and Son, shawl and dress manufacturers, 120 Brunswick street.
Robertson, Alexander, of John Robertson and Sons, house, 15 Woodside place.
Robertson, Alexander, flesher, 136 Stobcross street, house, 43 Warroch street.
Robertson, A. & W., woollen drapers, 159 Trongate.
Robertson, A. M., chemist and druggist, 2 Washington street.
Robertson, Andrew, dairyman, 11 Richard St., and farmer, Abbey parish, Paisley.
Robertson, Andrew, cloth-cutter, 85 Candleriggs and 100 Brunswick street, house,
23 Taylor street.
Robertson, Andrew, of A. Robertson and Son, house, Glenbank, Campsie Junction.
Robertson, Andrew, of Tannahill, Robertson, $ Co., house, 242 West George street.
Robertson, Andrew, of A. § W. Robertson, house, 93 London street.
Robertson, Andrew, spirit dealer, 174 New Dalmarnock road.
Robertson, Andrew, of Wm. Reid § Co., house, 1 Dalhousie place, Shamrock street.
Robertson, A. D., of Drydentfy Co., 58 Hope street.
Robertson, Archibald, of Paterson, Mair, cf 1 Co., house, 21 Lynedoch street.
Robertson, Arthur, coal agent, 270 Parliamentary road.
Robertson, A. D., portrait-painter, 48 Dundas street.
Robertson, Brothers, and Machin, wholesale coffee, fruit, and spice merchants, and
commission agents, 49 and 51 Miller street.
Robertson, Daniel, goldsmith and watchmaker, 19 Argyle arcade.
Robertson, Daniel, of Robertson and M'Dougall, house, 29 St. Margaret's place.
Robertson, David, pianoforte warehouse, 100 Renfield street, manufactory, Stirling
street, Port-Dundas.
Robertson, David, bookseller to the Queen, and church stationer, 188 Trongate, ho.,
51 North Hanover street.
Robertson, David, of Robertson and M'Dougall, house, 29 St. Margaret's place.
Robertson, David, house factor and pack-sheet merchant, 118 South Albion street,
house, 239 George street.
Robertson, David, tool merchant, 60 Nelson street.
Robertson, Donald, tavern-keeper, 85 Trongate.
Robertson, Duncan, spirit merchant, Port-Eglinton Inn, 154 Eglinton street.
Robertsons & Eddie, coal-masters, Kip Byre colliery, office, 32 St. Enoch square.
Robertson, Edward, wine and spirit merchant, 126 Broomielaw and 4 York street,
house, 2 York street.
Robertson, Ewing, 9 Lorn place, Partick road.

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