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Reid, William, of Robertson and Reid, house, Aitken place, 448 Argyle street.
Reid, William, 20 Buchanan street.
Reid, William, officer, Royal Exchange.
Reid, William, & Co., bleachers, New City road.
Reid, William, storekeeper, Canal bank, Port-Dundas, house, 129 Cambridge street.
Reid, Mrs., matron, City Poor House, 326 Parliamentary road.
Reid, Mrs., 61 West Waterloo street.
Reid, Mrs. Dr., 10 Richmond street.
Reid, Mrs. J., milliner and straw-hat maker, 78 Govan street.
Reid, Mrs., Melbourne place, Kingston.
Reid, Miss E., green grocer, 31 Bedford street.
Reid, Misses, boarding and day school, 3 Corunna street.
Reid, Misses, 2 North Coburg street.
REILLY, Allan, spirit dealer, 6 and 8 Merchant lane.
Reilly, John, commission agent, 61 Piccadilly street.
REIP, Anthony, clothier, 53 Charlotte lane, house, 41 Charlotte street.
Religious Institution Room 1 ;, 12 South Hanover st. John M'Callum, manager.
RENDALL, George, M.D., 138 George street.
Renfield Free Church, Renfield street. Rev. John Bonar, minister.
RENFREW, Alexander, of A. and R. Renfrew, house, 25 North Albion street.
Renfrew, Andrew, & Co., thread and heddle twine manufacturers and cotton-yarn
twisters, 5 Montrose street.
Renfrew, Andrew, of Andrew Renfreio tf Co., house, 141 George street.
Renfrew, A. & R,, wadding and girth manufacturers and cotton-yarn twisters, 5
Montrose street.
Renfrew, Robert, surgeon and druggist, 45 Garscube road.
Renfrew, Mrs. John, 76 High John street.
Renfrew, Mrs. May, spirit dealer, 101 Dry gate street, house, 107 do.
RENNIE, Gilbert, spirit dealer, 3 Clyde street, Port-Dundas.
Rennie, James, provision merchant, 26 Maxwell street.
Rennie, James, spirit dealer, 30 Maxwell street.
Rennie, James, victualler, 51 Maitland street.
Rennie, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 40 Main street, Bridgeton.
Rennie, John, mason and builder, Charing cross, 355 Sauchiehall street.
Rennie, John, wine and spirit merchant, 171 High street, house, 94 Gt. Eastern rd.
Rennie, John, grocer and spirit mer., 2 Canning street, house, 36 Main St., Bridgeton.
Rennie, John, portioner, Ardgowan place, 107 Cumberland street, Hutchesontown.
Rennie, Ross, eating-house and spirit dealer, 24 Anderston quay.
Rennie, Mrs., furnishings, 194 Hope street.
RENNISON, Thomas, King William tavern, 106 Gallowgate.
Renison, William, writer, and agent for the North of England Fire and Life Insurance
Co., 20 Buchanan street, house, 1 Bridge street.
RENTON, George, agent, Union Bank of Scotland, 15 Trongate, residence, 40 Ab-
botsford place.
Renton, James, & Co., plasterers, 90 Commerce street, house, 74 Eglinton street.
Renton, John, plasterer, 7 Carlton court, house, 185 Crown street.
Renton, John, carver and gilder, 102 Stockwell street, house, 72 Commerce street.
RENWICK & Alexander, tea merchants and drysaltery, 35 Virginia street.
Ren wick, Gavin, victualler, 12 Cathedral street.
Renwick, James, tea dealer, 60 Marlborough street.
Renwick, John, plasterer, 8 Finnieston street.
Renwick, Robert, 37 Eglinton street.
Renwick, Thomas, of Renwick and Alexander, residence, Grove park, North Wood-
side road.
Renwick, William, of Laurie and Remvich, house, 2 Chatham place, Stirling's road.
Renwick, Mrs., lodgings, 140 George street.
Renwick, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 82 West Nile street.
RESTON, William, portioner, 19 Brown street, Bridgeton.
REVIE, Dugald, confectioner, 37 Cowcaddens street.
RHIND, Henry, of Murison and Rhind, house, 7 Jane street.
Rhind, Thomas, commission merchant, 116 St. Vincent St., house, 34 Abbotsford pi.
Rhind, William, agent, 64 King street.
RHODES, Mrs., lodgings, 241 Buchanan street.

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