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More, James, spirit merchant, 22 Findlay street, house, 9 Oxford street.
More, James, of J. More, cj- Co., house, 194 Gallowgate.
More, John, teacher, College open, High street, house, 11 Wright street.
More, William, of A. Moore, and Son, house, Saekville place, 13G Stirling's road.
More, Mrs. .lames, 194 Gallowgate.
MORELAND, Adair, window glazier and glass merchant, 247 Argyle street, and 1G7
Sauchichall street, house, 1G5 do.
Moreland, Thomas, hairdresser, 3 Parle lane.
MORGAN, James, joiner, 71 Cowcaddens street.
Morgan, M'Ewan, & Co., merchants, 32 George square.
Morgan, William, of Morgan, M'Ewan, § Co., residence, Springfield house, Cadder.
MORIER, William, brush manufacturer, 145 Argyle St., house, 32 Grafton square.
MORIES, Munro, & Co., coke and coal merchants, 15 Renfield street.
MORRALL, Joseph, shoemaker, 48 Canon street.
MORRAN, Gavin, flesher, 3 New City road.
Morran, Joseph, & Co., furriers and skin dealers, 3 Antigua place, house, do.
MORRIS & Co., commission agents for foreign produce, 32 St. Enoch's square.
Morris, Henry, bread and pastry baker, 5 Norfolk street.
Morris, Hugh, grocer and provision merchant, 159 Castle street, house, 160 do.
Morris, Hugh, pianoforte maker, 1 Love loan, house, 6 Cathedral street.
Morris, James, of Morris cj Co., house, 279 Sauchiehall street.
Morris, James, drysalter and commission merchant, 35 Miller street.
Morris, John, machine maker and grocer, 29 Tureen street.
Morris, Robert, baker, 182 Hospital street.
Morris, Samuel, of Morris (j - Co., house, 279 Sauchiehall street.
Morris, William, & Co., shawl manufacturers, 95 Hutcheson street.
MORRISON, Adam, writer, 40 St. Vincent place, house, 125 Hill st., Garnethill.
Morrison, Adam, chemist and druggist, 284 Buchanan street, house, 296 do.
Morrison, Alexander & James, writers, 40 St. Vincent place.
Morrison, Alexander, drysalter, 36 Garscube place.
Morrison, Alexander, merchant, 15 Renfield street.
Morrison, Alexander, of Robert Walker $■ Co., house, 45 Robertson street.
Morrison, Alexander, dairyman, 400 Gallowgate.
Morrison, Alex., wine & spirit merchant, 98 Dundas St., ho., 411 Parliamentary road.
Morrison, Alexander, of Ballinakill, of A. and ./. Morrison, ho., 125 Hill st, Garnethill.
Morrison, Alexander, Beltield cottage, Sawmillfield, Old basin.
Morrison, Andrew, spirit dealer, 1 Brown street, Port-Dundas.
Morrison, Andrew, grocer, victualler, and spirit dealer, 122 London road, ho., 120 do.
Morrison, Angus, Elmwood, Little Govan.
Morrison, Anthony, master tailor, House of Refuge, Duke street, ho., 94 Bellgrove.
Morrison, Archd., pattern-drawer, print-cutter, and lithographer, 18 Hutcheson street,
house, 414 Argyle street.
Morrison, Archd., commercial and mathematical teacher, 57 St. George's place, house,
103 Douglas street.
Morrison, Charles, baker, 290 Argyle street.
Morrison, Charles, wright and funeral undertaker, 17 Greyfriars' wynd.
Morrison, Daniel, house-painter and paper-hanger, 89 Union St., ho., 9 Nicholson st
Morrison, David, spirit dealer, 42 Main street, Gorbals.
Morrison, D. C, at Campbell if Co's, house, 7 Hopetoun place.
Morrison, George, provision and spirit dealer, 705 Gallowgate, house, 689 do.
Morison, George, & Co., commission merchants and worsted and woollen-yarn agents,
26 Queen street.
Morison, George, of George Morison 8; Co., ho., 4 Windsor terrace, St. George's rd.
Morrison, H. & A., clothiers and general outfitters, 207 Argyle st. and 1 Jamaica st.
Morrison, James, at William Gilmour cf- Co.'s, house, 90 Frederick street.
Morrison, James, baker, 444 Argyle street.
Morrison, James, coal agent, carter, and cowfeeder, Woodlands road.
Morrison, James, of A. and J. Morrison, house, 1 25 Hill street, Garnethill.
Morison, James L. of George Morison fy Co., house, 10 Newton street.
Morison, James, wright and house factor, 17 Bishop street, Anderston, house, 8 do.
Morrison, James, auctioneer, 11 Virginia street, house, 34 South Portland street.
Morrison, Rev. James, of North Dundas street Evangelical Union Church, house, 2
Viewfield terrace.

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