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M'Nab, James, at William Miller if CoSs, 10 Coburg street.
M'Nab, James, & Co., of M'Nab if Co., house, Inverary, Argyleshire.
M'Nab, James, printer and publisher, 11 Miller st., ho., 8 Morris pi., Monteith row.
M'Nab, James, calico-printer, 145 Ingram street, house, Lilyburnfleld, Campsie.
M'Nab, John, & Co., bleachers, Midtonfield; house of call, 67 Brunswick street.
M'Nab, John, flesher, 94 Garscube road, house, 8 Corn street.
M'Nab, John, of Orrne, M'Nab, and Adam, house, 99 Koh-i-noor buildings, Dundas st.
M'Nab, J., spirit dealer, 84 and 86 Port-Dundas road, house, 83 Milton street.
M'Nab, Richard, grocer, 218 Hope street.
MacNab, Robert, of Robert MacNab if Co., house, 14 Fitzroy place.
MacNab, Robert, & Co., merchants, 108 Fife place, West George street.
M'Nab, Robert, tailor and clothier, 43 Crown street.
Macnab, Samuel, of Campbell, Macfiab, if Co., 125 Buchanan street.
M'Nab, Mrs. D., grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Bolton street.
M'Nab, Mrs. John, 265 Sauchiehall street.
M'Nab, Mrs., lodgings, 5 Stockwell place.
M'Nab, Misses, dressmakers, 220 Hope street.
M'NAIR, Andrew, teacher, Freeland's school, 6 Taylor street, house, 26 George st.
M'Nair, Andrew, commission agent, 3 Bath street.
M'Nair, Archibald, of M'Nair and -Brand, house, 5 Garthland place, Paisley.
M'Nair, Archd., & Co., lead-tube, and electric patent-conductor manuf., 33 Oswald st.
M'Nair & Brand, shawl merchants and silk throwsters and dealers, 60 St. George's
place, north side of church.
M'Nair, D. S., commission agent, 51 Brunswick street, house, 3 Bath street.
M'Nair, G. B., of Virtue and M'Nair, house, 36 Cumberland street.
M'Nair, Henry, druggist, 127 Gallowgate, house, 8 Spoutmouth.
Macnair, James, 41 Mains street, Blvthswoodholm.
M'Nair, James, spirit dealer, 97 George street.
M'Nair, James, lithographer and engraver, 1 5 Hutcheson street.
Macnair, James, temperance hotel keeper, 5 Union street.
Macnair, James R., bookseller and stationer, 157 Ingram st., ho., 162 Sauchiehall st.
M'Nair, John, brewer, Leith ; John Kerr Orr, 80 Union street, agent.
M'Nair, John, & Co., commission merchants, 75 Virginia street.
MacNair, John Scott, lace manufacturer, 51 Brunswick st, house, 1 Columbia place.
M'Nair, John, dairyman and grocer, 56 Clyde street, Anderston.
M'Nair, Robert, commission merchant and accountant. Letter-box at 82 Queen St.,
and at Halli & Co.'s, 69 St. George's place, house, 1 Elmbank crescent.
Macnair, Robert, & Co., power-loom cloth manufacturers, Muirhead street, Gorbals,
house, 24 Stockwell street.
M'Nair, Robert, jun., of Halli if Co , house, 13 Buckingham terrace.
M'Nair, Thomas, commission agent and merchant, 28 Montrose street.
M'Nair, William, bookbinder and paper-stainer, 22 Argyle street, house, 5 Tennant
street, St. Rollox.
M'Nair, Mrs. James, grocer, 6 Drygate lane.
M'NAMEE, Matthew, general clothier, 56 Bridgegate.
M'Namie, Daniel, spirit merchant, 160 Stobcross street.
M'NAUGHT, George, saddlers' ironmonger, saddle-tree, hame, and chaimnaker, 53
Maxwell street and 12 Stormont street, house, 39 Cadogan street.
M'Naught, John, 65 Renfield street.
Macnaught, J. S., at Neilson if Co.'s, Hydepark foundry, 5 Richard street.
M'Naught, Patrick, & Co., cotton-spinners, Nassau court, 54 Main street, Anderston,
28 South St. Mungo street, andM'Kechnie street, Calton.
M'Naught, Patrick, of P. M'Naught if Co., house, 1 Holland place.
M'Naught, Robert, of R. F. J. Alexander if' Co., house, 2 Chatham pi., Stirling's rd.
M'Naught, Thomas, tobacconist 154 High street, house, 160 do.
M'Naught, William, engineer, 26 Robertson street, residence, Rushholm, Manchester.
M'Naught, Wm., brick builder, 35 East Howard street, ho., 27 Paterson st., Kingston.
M'Naught, Mrs., tobacconist, 1 84 Broomielaw.
M'Naught, Miss, 31 Nicholson street
M'NAUGHTON, A., agent for Leith and Hull and Hamburg Steam-Packet Com-
-, pany, Springfield court, 58 Buchanan street.
M'Naughton, A., 25 Florence place.
M'Naughton, A., & Co., refreshment rooms, 38 Dundas street, ho., 14 Cathcart pi.

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