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M'Millan, Alexander, wine and spirit merchant, 129 Saltmarket, house, 131 do.
McMillan, Charles, brickbuilder, 28 Hospital street.
M'Millan, Daniel, & Co., smiths, bolt manufacturers, and plough makers, 369
Dobbie's loan.
M'Millan, David, 130 Garngad road.
M'Millan, Donald, at Smith and Sharp's, 75 Argyle street, house, 12 North Coburg st.
M'Millan, Duncan, commission merchant, and agent for the Campbelton Distillery
Company, Campbelton, 45 Dunlop street.
M'Millan, Duncan, ship-carpenter, boat-builder, joiner, and blockmaker, 3 Windmill
croft, south side of harbour, house, 5 West street.
M'Millan, Duncan, smith and bolt manufac, 369 Dobbie's loan, ho., 36 Maitland st.
M'Millan, Edward', milk dealer and grocer, 24 East Clyde street, and 107 Bridgegate.
M'Millan, G. H., teacher, Hutcheson's school, Upper Crown St., ho., 10 Salisbury st.
M'Millan, James, tailor and clothier, 285 Argyle street.
M'Millan, John, manufacturer, 108 Hutcheson street, house, 1 Royal circus.
M'Millan, John, portioner, 343 Gallowgate.
M'Millan, John, spirit merchant, 56 Crown street.
M'Millan, John, cork manufacturer, 27 East Clyde street, house, 162 Crown street.
M'Millan, John, confectioner, 25 Adelphi street. ■
M'Millan, John, spirit dealer, 6 Forth street, Port-Dundas.
M'Millan, Lauchlin, tallow chandler & oil mer.j 88 Clyde st., And., ho., 34 William st.
-M'Millan & Marshall, wholesale stationers, 71 Bell street.
M'Millan, Neil, M.D., surgeon, 98 Main street, Anderston, and 23 Anderston quay,
house, Blythswood terrace, 61 Main's street.
M'Millan, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 13 Eglinton street, house, 155 do.
M'Millan, Thomas, of Robert Freeland § Co., house, 72 St. George's road.
M'Millan, Wm., French and English paper-hanging warehouse, 4 St. Enoch square,
west corner of Argyle street, house, 71 St. George's road.
M'Millan, Wm., & Co., slaters, slateyard, 15 Robertson street, house, 56 King street.
M'Millan, William, wine and spirit merchant, 46 Nelson st, Tradeston, ho., 50 do.
.M'Millan, Mrs. Donald, spirit dealer, 11 East Hill street.
M'Millan, Misses A. & J., milliners, house, 360 Argyle street.
M'MINN, Mrs., teacher of the pianoforte and singing, 39 Warwick street.
M'Minn, Miss, dressmaker, 78 Sauchiehall street.
M'MONEAGLE, James, grain and provision mer., 142 Trongate, ho., 12 Houston st.
M'Mo'neagle, Mrs. Wm., provision dealer, 9 West Campbell st., ho., 133 Waterloo st.
M'MORELAND, Andrew, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 115 Buchanan street, work-
shops, 36 Holmhead street, house, 21 Abbotsford place.
M'Moreland, James, commercial traveller, 79 South Portland street.
M'Moreland, James, wine and spirit merchant, 53 South Portland St., ho., 100 do.
M'Moreland, John, at A. M'Moreland's,- 36 Holmhead street, house, 55 Renfrew st.
M'MORRAN, James, carriage hirer, 42 St. George's road, house, Graham street.
M'Morran, Margaretta, dressmaker, 289 Parliamentary road.
M'MULLAN, Bernard, fruit merchant, Bazaar, house, 34 Stirling street.
M'MURDO, Charles, grocer, 15 New street, Calton.
M'MURRAY, Boyd, & Co., upholsterers, 15 St. Enoch square.
M'Murray, Quintin, 68 Abbotsford place.
M'Murray, William, carver and gilder, 33 East Howard street.
M'Murray, Mrs. George, 379 St. Vincent street.
M'MURRIN, Joseph, cooper, 73 Thistle street, house, 1 Portugal street.
M'Murrin, Jonathan, spirit dealer, 33 St. Enoch's wynd.
M'MUTRIE, James, of Hamilton, M'Mutrie, and Pater son, house, 109 Crown street.
M'Mutrie, John, provision merchant, 1 3 and 15 Stobcross St., ho., 4 Washington street.
M'NAB, A., officer of her Majesty's- Customs, house, 27 Grosvenor pi., 97 Centre st.
M ; Nab, Alexander, baker, 75 John street.
M'Nab, Alexander, pattern-drawer & print-cutter, 190 Trongate, ho., 62 S. Rose st.
M'Nab, Allan, teacher of writing & book-keeping, High School, ho., Bank St., Hillhead.
M'Nab, David B., flesher, 159 New City road.
M'Nab & Co., commission merchants and advertising agents, and agents for Cadiz
Wine Co., and Deposit and General Life Assurance Co., London, 75 Jamaica st.
M'Nab, Duncan, house-factor, 68 Glassford street.
M'Nab, Duncan, City hotel, 3 and 11 Howard street.
M'Nab, James, 286 Renfrew street.

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