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Mackie, Mrs. John, 94 Bellgrove street.
Mackie, Mrs. Robert, 58 North Hanover street.
Mackie, Mrs., grocer and victualler, 54 Tureen street.
M'Kie, Mrs., GO Abbotsford place.
Mackie, Mrs., 12 Albany place, Sauchiehall street.
MACKILLOP & Co., importers of Havannah cigars, and comm. merch., 8 Gordon st,
M'Killop, James, accountant, comm. and insu. agt., 118 Union St., ho., 44 Norfolk st.
M'Killop, Captain Archibald, 6 Rutland place.
M'Killop, Neil, boot and shoemaker, 62 Eglinton street.
M'KIMM, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 22 Parson street.
M'Kim, James, druggist, 109 Rottenrow street, house, 107 do.
M'Kim, John, M.D., physician, 109 Rottenrow, house, 107 do.
M'Kim, Mrs. D., spirit dealer, 1 9 Mitchell street.
M'KIMMIE, William, flesher, SO Clyde place, house, 12 Houstoun street.
M'KINLAY, Alexander, spirit dealer, 109 London street, house, 106 Gallowgate.
M'Kinlay, Alexander, blacksmith, 59 Govan street, house, 92 Rntherglen loan.
M'Kinlay, Alexander, agent for Shotts Iron Company, 18 St. Enoch square, house,
Murrow's park, Govan road.
M'Kinlay, Auley, hosier, 134 George street.
M'Kindlay & Ballantyne, manufacturers, 44 Hutcheson street.
Mackinlay, David, Oswaldbank. Letters left at W. M'Kinlay's, 113 Brunswick st.
M'Kinlay, George, draper, 433 Argyle street, 215 and 217 Gallowgate, and 7 Stob-
cross street, house, 25 Bellgrove street.
M'Kinlay, James, bleacher, Glenmill, office, 5 St. Vincent street.
M'Kinlay, James, horse dealer, stables, 3 South St. Mungo street, house, 1 do.
M'Kinlay James, agent for J. Tallis & Co., publishers, 55 North Hanover street.
M'Kindlay, John, of R. Robertson fy Co., house, 238 George street.
M'Kinlay, John, victualler, 127 High street and 14 Tureen street.
M'Kinlay, John, at Roderick M'Kenzie's, 68 St. Vincent street.
M'Kinlay, John, g:ocer, 13 Garscube road.
M'Kinlay, John, cattle dealer, Hut ton place, Sighthill. ,
M'Kindlay, Neil, at C- Tennant cj- Co.'s, St. Rollox, house, 138 Stirling's road.
M'Kindlay, Patrick, LL.D., classical master, High School, house, 238 George street.
M'Kinlay, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 111 Main street, Anderston.
M'Kinlay, Robert, 91 North Hanover street.
M'Kinlay, Robert, cork manufacturer, 105 Main street, Anderston, house, 111 do.
M'Kinlay, Thos. M., at Adam., Brothers, 4' Co.'s, 97 Maxwell St., ho., 40 Cavendish st.
M'Kinlay, Thomas, carter, 13 Burnside street.
M'Kinlay, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 280 Buchanan street.
M'Kinlay, Wm., merchant, 113 Brunswick st., ho., 30 Windsor ten - ., St. George's rd.
M'Kinlay, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 14 Bishop street, Anderston.
M'Kinlay, William, at Bennett 6; Co.'s, 162 Buchanan street.
M'Kinlay, William, tinsmith, mounting, hold-fast, and nail, fender, and shovel maker,
17 Laigh-kirk close, Trongate.
M'Kinlay, Mrs., midwife, 9 College street.
M'Kinlay, Miss Jane, grocer, 48 Great Hamilton street.'
M'KINNAY, William, butter and egg merchant, 96 Cowcaddens street.
M'KINNELL, Andrew, bootmaker, 77 Thistle street, Hutchesontown.
M'Kinnall, John, boot and shoemaker, 190 Main street, Gorbals.
M'Kinnell, John, secretary, Glasgow Athenaeum, house, 8 Florence pL, Woodlands rd.
M'KINNON, Charles, clothier, 71 Union street, house, 72 Waterloo street.
M'Kinuon, Charles, wine and spirit dealer, 273 Buchanan st., house, 7 Holland pi.
M'Kinnon, Charles, wine & spirit mercht., 4 3 Main st., Anderston, ho., 7 Holland pi.
M'Kinnon, Charles, wine & spirit merchant, 122 Stobcross street, Anderston, house,
7 Holland place.
M'Kinnon, Charles, wine & spirit merchant, 32 Anderston quay, ho., 7 Holland pi.
M'Kinnon, George, portioner, 57 Rumford street, Bridgeton.
M'Kinnon, H., spirit dealer, 3 Cranston street.
M'Kinnon, Hugh, spirit dealer, 2 Old Balmarnock road.
M'Kinnon, Hugh, bootmaker, 17 Warwick street.
M'Kinnon, John, builder, 14 Young street.
M'Kinnon, John, merchant, of Milling, M'Kinnon, cf - Co., ho., 51 North Hanover st.
M'Kinnon, John, baker and confectioner, 139 New City road.

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