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Gow, William, teller, Royal Bank, house, 421 St. Vincent street.
Gow, Mrs. John, poulterer, 199 Sauchiehall street.
Gow, Mrs. A., ladies' under-clothing and baby-linen establishment, 213 Sauchie-
hall street.
Gow, Miss Margaret, grocer and spirit dealer, 10 Great Dovehill.
Gow, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 175 Buchanan street.
GOWANS, Adam, bookbinder, 14 Prince's square, Buchanan street, house, 7 Croy pi.
GOWDIE, David, coal agent, 74 High John street.
Gowdie, David, janitor, High School.
GOWLAND, Brothers, & Co., wholesale coffee and spice merchants, 32 Miller street.
Gowland, John, of Gowland, Brothers, cf Co., residence, West Balgray house, Great
Western road.
Gowland, Thomas, of Gowland, Brothers, cf Co., residence, University square, Belfast.
GRACIE, James, beadle, Dr. Bates' church, house, 202 Holm street.
GRAHAM, Adam, of A. cf J. Graham, house, Thornwood, Partick.
Graham, Alex., printcutter, 34 York street.
Graham, Alexander, of William Graham cf Co., house, 202 Adelaide place.
Graham, Alexander, London Temperance hotel, 29 Maxwell street.
Grahame, A. H, accountant and sharel>roker, 5 Moore place, house, 46 Buccleuch st.
Graham, A. & J., writers, 42 George square.
Graham, Archibald, & Co., manufacturers of gold thread and plate, gold and silver
laces for exportation, sewing and tambouring worsteds, &c, 113 Brunswick st.
Graham, Charles H., surgeon, 13 Great Hamilton street, house, 28 Garscube place.
Graham, Charles Maxwell, 1 7 Woodside terrace.
Graham & Crawford, bakers and flour merchants, 145 Gallowgate and 117 Rotten-
row street, house, 22 Charlotte street.
Graham, Donald, boot and shoemaker, 5 South Coburg street.
Graham, Duncan, fiesher, 17 Main street, Anderston, house, 21 Warroch street, do.
Graham, Fergus, ham dealer, 101 Dundas street.
Graham, Francis, shoemaker, 134 Main street, Anderston.
Graham, J. & C. M., merchants, 94 Miller street; cotton works, West street, Calton ;
house, 17 Woodside terrace.
Graham, James, of A. cf J. Graham, house, 14 Sandyford place.
Graham, James Maxwell, 17 Woodside terrace.
Gramme, James, writer, 62 George street.
Graham, James, wright and builder, 184 George street, house, 49 Montrose street.
Graham, James, 41 Charlotte street.
Graham, James, saddler and harness-maker, 238 Argyle st., hou., 24 Robertson st.
Graham, John, printer, 23 Royal Exchange square, house, 52 Renfield street.
Graham, John, accountant and house factor, agent for the North British Insurance
Company, 107 Buchanan street, house, 122 South Portland street.
Graham, John, of Graham and M'Dougall, house, 84 North street.
Graham, John, of Anderson, Graham, cf Co., residence, Lambhill.
Graham, John, of Lang and Graham, house, 6 Royal crescent.
Graham, John, of William Graham cf Co. Letters left at 70 Miller street.
Graham, John, provision merchant, 33 Green street, Calton.
Graham, Rev. Dr. John, Sackville place, 136 Stirling's road.
Graham, John, washer and bleacher, High green, Townhead.
Graham, John, wine and spirit merchant, 1 New street and 4 Well street, Calton, and
119 Argyle street, house, 4 Well street.
Graham, Joseph, spirit dealer, 42 Garscube place.
Graham, J. L., tailor, and beadle, 10 Oswald street, house, 16 do.
Graham, J. & J. T., confectioners, 98 and 113 Stockwell st., house, 11 Stockwell pi.
Graham & M'Dougall, sewed muslin manufacturers, 127 Brunswick street.
Graham, Malcolm, & Co., manufacturing chemists, oil merchants, and patent grease
manufacturers, Anderson street, 438 Gallowgate, house, 9 Clyde place.
Graham, Menzies, & Co., Sunbury distillery, Edinburgh, office, 75 Jamaica street;,
James Drysdale, agent.
Graham, Michael, assistant-inspector, City Parish, house, 76 High John street.
Graham, Peter, ofM'Callum cf Graham, house, 54 St. Vincent crescent.
Graham, Robert, & Co., pocket-book and leather-case makers, 108 West George st,
Graham, Robert, of William Graham cj- Co., house, 210 Adelaide place.
Graham, Robert, dyer, 11 Shuttle street and 39 John street.

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