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GASS, William, clothier, 6 Candleriggs.
Gatehouse Cotton Company, spinners and manufacturers, 24 St. Vincent place.
GATHEEAL, George, fringe, float-lace, and chair-web maker, 108 Argyle street.
Gatherall, George, girth manufacturer, 178 Gallowgate.
Gatheral, James, spirit dealer, 48 South Wellington street, house, 50 do.
Gatheral, James W., manufacturer of girth-web, braces, fringes, &c, 93 Virginia st.,
house, 62 George street.
Gatheral, Miss, 1 North Albion court.
GAUL, George, wine and spirit merchant, 107 Virginia St., house, 156 Eglinton street.
GAULT, Rev. Robert, superintendent of Free Church Anti-Popish Mission, Randolf
terrace, 152 Hill street.
GAVIN, Robert, of W. S. Brodie $ Co., 7 Hopetoun place.
Gavin, Janet, dress and cloakmaker, 469 Gallowgate.
GEBBIE, Francis, overseer on Blythswood estate, 81 St. George's place.
Gebbie, James, boot and shoemaker, 11 Trongate street, house, 16 London street.
Gebbie, John, writer, 146 Buchanan street, house, 11 Buccleuch street.
Gebbie, Thomas, bootmaker, 54 Saltmarket, house, 24 London street.
Gebbie, Mrs., ladies' nurse, at Peter Fletcher's, 28 Eglinton street.
GEDDES, Alexander, at John Fleming § Co.'s, 62 St. Vincent street.
Geddes & Co., flint-glass manufacturers, 41 Bishop street, Port-Dundas road.
Geddes, Edward G., flint glass manufac, Bishop St., Port-Dundas, ho., 50 Windsor ter.
Geddes, James, of Geddes cf Sons, house, Elmwood, Little Govan.
Geddes, James, keeper of Humane Society House, Green.
Geddes, James, boat-building yard, Govanhaugh, opposite Humane Society House.
Geddes, James, pianoforte maker, 20 Little Hamilton street.
Geddes, James, teacher, 38 Main street, Calton, house, 6 Union street.
Geddes, John, & Sons, dyers and carpet manufacturers, 76 Virginia street, works, Go-
vanbank, Little Govan.
Geddes, John, of J. Geddes and Sons, house, Elmwood, Little Govan.
Geddes, John, jun., of J. Geddes § Sons, house, Elmwood, Little Govan.
Geddes, John, commission merchant, 14 Gordon street.
Geddes, John, of Geddes $ Co., house, 14 Cornwall place, Grafton street.
Geddes, Robert, provision merchant, 39 Turner's court, Argyle street, house, 10 South
Wellington street.
Geddes, William, of J. Geddes § Sons, house, Govanbank, Little Govan.
Geddes, Mrs., 32 North Frederick street.
Geddes, Mrs. John, 7 Sommerville place.
Geddes, Mrs., 50 Windsor terrace.
Gf.ise Distillery, Thurso; agent, Malcolm Niven, 1 Royal Exchange place.
GEMMELL, Alexander, baker, 159 Main street, Gorbals.
Gemmell, Alexander, land surveyor, 157 Crown street.
Gemmell, Alexander, builder and mason, 50 William street, Anderston.
Gemmell, Andrew, of W. and A. Gemmell, house, 130 Great Hamilton street.
Gemmill, Andrew, writer, 38 Queen street, house, 5 Carlton place.
Gemmell, Archibald, commission agent, 136 Holm street.
Gemmill, George, sewed muslin manufacturer, 69 Ingram st , house, 21 Eglinton St.
Gemmel, James, writer, 28 Miller street, house, 2 Grafton place.
Gemmell, James B., manufacturer of preserved provisions, 54 Clyde place.
Gemmell, Jas., tinsmith, gas-fitter, and bellhanger, 42 Bath st., ho., 80 Finnieston st.
Gemmell, James, tea merchant, 48 Hutcheson street, house, 35 Abbotsford place.
Gemmill, John, warper, 100 Virginia street.
Gemmell, Robert, baker, 149 Saltmarket.
Gemmell, Robert, spirit merchant, 172 Saltmarket.
Gemmell, Robert, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 21 South Portland street ; workshop,
6 Nelson street, Tradeston; house, 11 Abbotsford place.
Gemmel, William, baker, 115 Candleriggs, and 288 High street, house, do.
Gemmell, William, of W. and A. Gemmell, house, 90 Great Hamilton street.
Gemmell, William, at Wingate, Son, cf- Co.'s, house, 175 Buchanan street.
Gemmell, William, tinsmith, 130 Canning street, Calton,
Gemmell, William, merchant, 19 Elmbank crescent.
Gemmill, William N., drysalter and commission agent, 23 St. Vincent place, house,
239 Sauchiehall street.
Gemmell, W. and A-, manufacturers, 73 Hutcheson street.

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