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Duncan, John, wine and spirit merchant, 55 Princes street, house, 7 Crown street.
Duncan, Malcolm, 1 of Alexander Duncan <$■ Co., 106 and 1U8 Buchanan street.
Duncan, Peter, furnishings, toys, &c, 250 Gallowgate.
Duncan, Robert, tobacconist and coal-agent, 90 New City road, ho., 51 Shamrock st.
Duncan, Thomas, warehouseman, 146 Trongate, house, 76 Gallowgate.
Duncan, Thomas, at James Ferguson's, 7 Ann street.
Duncan, Thomas, pastry shop, 165 Canning street, Calton.
Duncan, Thomas, milliner and haberdasher, 34 Bridge st, and 84 and 86 Gallowgate,
house, 76 Gallowgate.
Duncan, Rev. Walter, 52 Holmhead street.
Duncan, William, broker, 655 Gallowgate.
Duncan, William, 124 St. Vincent street.
Duncan, William, carter, Paisley Canal, Eglinton st., house, 17 South Coburg street.
Duncan, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 26 Findlay street.
Duncan, Mrs., 2 Annfield place.
Duncan, Mrs. John, fruiterer, 100 Great Hamilton street.
Duncan, Mrs. James, tinsmith, 16 Main street, Bridgeton.
Duncan, Mrs., 7 Kelvin terrace.
DUNCANSON & Forbes, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 55 Gordon street, work-
shop, 10 Stanley place, Eglinton street.
Duncauson, Robert, of McDonald and Duncanson, house, 91 North Hanover street.
Duncanson, William, of Duncanson and Forbes, house, 8 Stanley place.
Dundee and Dunfermline warehouse, 8 Ingram street; James Campbell & Co.
Dundee Shipping Office, 133 St. Vincent street.
Dundyvan Wharf, Monkland Canal basin.
Dundy van Iron Works, office,. 36 St. Vincent place.
DUNIGAN, John, bookseller, 63 London street.
DUNLOP, Alex., dairyman, 3 Germiston street.
Dunlop, Andrew, tobacconist, 193 Main street, Gorbals.
Dunlop, Andrew, grain merchant, 88 Hope street, house, 128 Cumberland street.
Dunlop, Alex., grocer and spirit merchant, 43 North Frederick street.
Dunlop, Archibald, grain merchant and distillery agent, 7 Stock well place, house, 34
Abbotsford place.
Dunlop, Charles Tetmant, of Charles Tennant <f Co., St. Rollox, house, Craigpark.
Dunlop, Colin, & Co., coal and iron masters, 97 West George street.
Dunlop, Colin R, of Colin Dunlop § Co., residence, Fullarton house, by Tollcross.
Dunlop, David, commission merchant, 107 Buchanan street, house, 2 1 Gloucester street,
Waterloo place, Kingston.
Dunlop, Francis, iron merchant and ship broker, 107 Buchanan street, house, 21 Car-
narvon street, Greenvale place.
Dunlop, George, spirit merchant, 33 College street.
Dunlop, Gilbert, spirit merchant, 12 Bishop street, Anderston.
Dunlop, Gilbert, victualler, 68 Main street, Gorbals, house, 26 Warwick street.
Dunlop, Henry, of Craigton, of James Dunlop and Sons, house, Carlibar, Barrhead.
Dunlop, Henry, jun . Broomward cottage.
Dunlop, Hugh, of Moffat and Dunlop, house, 73 South Wellington street.
Dunlop, Hugh, lace, hosiery, glove, millinery, and baby linen establishment, 158
Trongate, house, 14 South Ap.-Jey place.
Dunlop, Hugh, taihr and clothier, 95 Argyle street.
Dunlop, James, collector, slaughter-house, 48 Market st., ho., 74 Main St., Bridgeton.
Dunlop James, & Sons, cotton-spinners and power-loom cloth manufacturers, 86
Miller street, and 91 Virginia street, works, Broomward mill, Canning street,
and Levern mill, Barrhead.
Dunlop, James, spirit merchant, 28 Dunlop street, house, 24 Ropework entry.
Dunlop, James, of Colin Dunlop <f Co., house, Tollcross house.
Dunlop, James, ham curer and provision merchant, 47 and 49 Brunswick place, house,
16 Douglas street.
Dunlop, John, commission merchant, 44 George square, house, 51 West Regent st.
Dunlop, John, upholsterer, 27 West Campbell street.
Dunlop, John, spirit merchant, 129 High street, house, 6 Saltmarket.
Dunlop, John, milk-shop, 39 West College street.
Dunlop, John, grocer and provision dealer, 118 Stobcross St., Anderston, ho., 116 do.
Dunlop, Joseph, collector, slaughter-house, Mooie street, house, 24 do.

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