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Dickson, James, Crow hotel, 25 and 33 George square.
Dickson, James, boot and shoe manufacturer, 426 Argyle street, ho., 53 Cadogan St.
Dickson, James, spirit dealer and bottler, 19 and 21 Graham square.
Dickson, James, provision merchant, 4 Sauchiehall street.
Dickson, James, of Dickson, Colston, $ Co., house, 5 Rutland place.
Dickson, John, church officer, U. P. Church, Shamrock street, house, do.
Dickson, John, baker, 496 Gallowgate,
Dickson, John R., M.D., 37 Buccleuch street.
Dickson, J. M., of Heron, Dickson, cf Co., house, 23 Monteith row.
Dicksous & Laings, hosiery, tweed, and shawl manufacturers, 21 Glassford street,
Wilton mills, Hawick.
Dickson, Robert, commission agent, 151 West Nile street.
Dickson, T. M., & Co., merchants, 8 Stirling square.
Dickson, T. M., of T. At. Dickson § Co., house, Victoria place, Maryhill.
Dickson, William, wine merchant, 118 Union street, ho., Brandon cottage, Hamilton.
Dickson, William, cabinetmaker, 3 Glebe street, house, 11 George street.
Dickson, William, 8 St. James' street.
Dickson, William, eating-house, 66 Bridgegate.
Dickson, Mrs. John, 86 Bath street.
Dickson, Mrs., 8 St. James' street.
DIESELDORFF, William, of Brown $ Co.. 13 Hope street
DIETRICHSEN, Frederick C, clerk, North British Mail, house, 146 Hospital st.
DILL, John B., of Black and Dill, writers, house, 38 Hill street, Gamethill.
DINGWALL, John, architect, 135 Buchanan street.
DISHER, William, spirit dealer, 75 Saltmarket street.
District Pay-Master's Office, 79 North Frederick street, open from 10 till 4 o'clock.
DIVER, John, merchant, 99 Main street, Gorbals.
DIXON & Dow, accountants and sharebrokers, and agents for the National Mercan-
tile Fire and Life Assurance Societies, 25 Gordon street.
Dixon, H. C, of Hutcheson § Dixon, residence, Dunbritton cottage, St. Andrew's road,
Dixon, Peter Watson, accountant-secretary Glasgow and West of Scotland Guardian
Society for the Protection of Trade, and treasurer to the Native Benevolent and
Fife, Kinross, and Clackmannanshire Charitable Societies, 57 Miller street, house,
Tophall, Hamilton.
Dixon, Peter, dairyman, 8 East Market street.
Dixon, Peter, wool and rag merchant, 48 Warroch street, house, 15 Richard street.
Dixon, William Smith, Calder Ironworks, 1 Dixon street.
Dixon, William, of Govanhill, 1 Dixon street.
Dixon, William, shoemaker, 89 Centre street.
Dixon, Miss, 28 India street.
DIZNEY, John, shoemaker, 1 Water street, Port-Dundas.
DOBBIE, Alexander, chemist and druggist, 189 Duke street.
Dobbie, Alexander, chronometer and watchmaker, chart seller, and nautical instru-
ment maker, 20 Clyde place, house, Briery place, Paterson street, Kingston.
Dobbie, Alexander, & Co., tea dealers, 38 Union street.
Dobbie, Alexander, of Alexander Dobbie <f Co., house, 22 Abbotsford place.
Dobie, John, cutlery, gun, and artisans' tool warehouse, 205 Argyle street, house, 123
Cumberland street.
Dobbie, Joseph, spirit merchant, 3 King street, Calton.
Dobbie, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 67 Main street, Bridgeton.
Dobbie, Thomas, watch and clockmaker, 51 Adelphi street, house, 32 do.
Dobie, William Henry, merchant, 98 West George street, house, 7 Royal crescent.
Dobie, Mrs., ladies' nurse, Miller's land, 71 Renfrew street.
Dobbie, Miss, dressmaker, 55 Renfrew street.
DOBSON, Thomas, supervisor of inland revenue, 339^ Argyle street.
Dobson, Mrs., green grocer, 192 West Nile- street.
DOCKERAY, James, inland revenue officer, 92 Crown street.
DOD, Frederick, of John Buchanan cf Co., house, 13 South Apsley place.
Dodd, Peter, & Co., provision merchants, 14 St. Enoch's wynd and 31 Hutcheson st.
Dodd, William, of Peter Dodd § Co., house, 13 Uie place.
Dodd, William, cordage and sail-cloth manufacturer, 49 Jamaica St., ho., 2 Clifton st.
Dodd, Mrs. M., ship tavern, 9 West street, Tradeston.

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