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Consult this List when the Name sought for in the General Directory
is not found.
Allan, .Tames, envelope maker and black and fancy borderer, 18 Dunlop street.
Alexander, John, tea and coffee merchant, 118 Union street.
Anderson, James G., 186 Sauchiehall street.
Archibald, John, spirit dealer, 67 Prince's street, house, 58 Eglinton street.
Arthur, William, 126 West Cumberland street.
Baird, Robert, A.M., of C $ R. Baird <f Muirhead, &c, at page 51, read Baird, Robert,
ofC.tfR. Baird $ Muirhead.
Banks, John H., surveyor of inland revenue, stamps, and taxes, 4 Franklin terrace.
Bald, James, grain and produce broker, 410 Oswald street.
Barrie, John, grain merchant, 56 Howard street.
Bell & Brothers, cut nail manufacturers, 173 Great Hamilton street.
Blair & Armstrong, aerated water manufacturers, 133 St. Vincent street.
Blaikley, Samuel, goldsmith. Letters left at 01 High street.
Bleaymire, William, jun., merchant, 160 Huchanan street.
Bogle, Feter, & Co.. cotton spinners, 129 Brunswick street, corner of Ingram street,
works, Barrowfield Spinning; Factory, 149 Reid street, Bridgeton.
British Electrict Telegraph Co., Glasgow and Newcastle district, 1 47 Queen street.
Brown, Albert, stencil plate-cutter. Letters addressed or left at 25 Princes street.
Brown, George, late of Maitland tf Co., 31 Renfield street.
Brown, Peter, & Son commission merchants, 51 St. Vincent street.
Brown, Peter, of Peter Brown # Son, house, 103 Bath street.
Brown, John, from Demerara. Letters left at Peter Brown & Son's.
Bury, Samuel Smith, commission merchant and agent for Corry & Co.'s aerated soda
water, 52 Glassford street.
Caledonian Railway Goods Offices, Madeira court, 251 Argyle street, 66 Brunswick
street; Wordie & Co., agents.
Campbell, Mrs , midwife, 6 Park's court, Drygate lane.
Cassels, Robert, of Glasgow Iron Co., house, Millburn, Garngadhill.
Christie, David R., salesman, 184 Hospital street.
Clark, Peter, curator, Royal Botanic Gardens.
Clark, Miss Helen, upholsteress, 1 8 Dunlop street.
Clavering, Thomas, Russia merchant and broker, 22 Royal Exchange square, house,
322 West Bath street.

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