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Dumbiedykes, North end ,
Dumbiedykes, from Prospect Place")
to Beaumont Place . j
Pleasance (North of Arthur Street),^
Ingliston Street, St John's HillA
part of South Back of Canongate)
Pleasance, from Arthur Street tol
Salisbury Street . . . j
Arthur St., South side, with West)
and Middle Arthur Place . j
Carnegie Street and Dalrymple Place
W. Richmond St. (West side). Rich-)
mond PI., Hill Pl.,and Nicolson St. j
Drumniond, Oollege, & Lothian Sts.
Simon Square, Gibb's Entry, Gil-")
mour Street, Paul Street, Rich-(
mond Lane, Hardwell Close, Had- C
don's Court, and part of Pleasance )
St Leonard's Street, Lane, and Hill .
St Leonard's Street, Parkside St.,)
Henry Street, etc. ... J
Salisbury Hall, 61 St Leonard Street
East and West Crosscauseway .
Neighboui-hood of Nicolson Street)
U.P. Church . . . . |
Bristo Street
Buccleuch Street . . . •
Causewayside . . . . •
Causewayside (N. from Grange Rd).
I"V. Missionaries for Special Classes,
Cabmen (Old Town) ....
Cabmen (New Town)
Public-houses and Police Cells .
Blind in City and South-East of
Scotland ....
Indigent Old Men . . . .
Irish Roman Catholics
Free Church Highlanders through-")
out the City . . . . )
Garrisons: Edinburgh Castle and")_
Glencorse . . j
,, Piershill and Leith .
V. Leith, PortobeUo, & Newhaven.
Kirkgate, Giles Street, and Yard-")
heads j
Leith Walk, Pilrig Street to Duke)
Street, Burns Street, Easter RoadJ
Leith, Timber Bush . . . .
Leith, Bennington Road, Bangor "v
Road, Burlington Street, Cor- I
unna Place, and Tennent Street, j
with King St. and Gable's Wynd j
Leith, North
Leith, Citadel
Leith, German Sailors
Leith Harbour, Brit, and For. Seamen
Leith, Scandinavians
Leith, Highlanders . . . .
Leith, British League and Hope")
Trust Missien . . . J
How supported.
D. Wallace Christy.
Richard Edgar
Rev. J. Rose, M.A.
Robert Grant .
W. G. M. Mackean
William Leckie
John Pate
J. M. Dowen .
D. S. Sutherland .
John Faulds .
Archibald Turnbull
fW. Crawford .
{G. Fleming
Rev. J. Purves, M.A.
James B. Fordyce .
James Goodfellow .
Lennox Eraser
Alexander Murray
George M 'Robert ,
A. Picken
J. Wilson
J. Armstrong .
Charles W. Ness .
Christopher Cairns
T. Crockett .
Daniel Weir .
Geo. D 0. Wilson .
Rev D. M'Millan .
G. P. Millar .
John Nicol
F. J. Taylor .
Matthew Colquhoun
James Naismith
Robert Erskine
Rev. George Blair,
B.D. .
W. Walker .
M. Langenau .
M. M'Cance .
O. Kihl Larssen
Rev. D. M'Millan
D. Brown
f3 Stead's Pl.,\
t Leith Walk f
49 N. Richmond St.
New College Settle-
ment, 48 Pleas-
ance .
29 Kemp Place
14 George Square
34 Drummond St. ■
33 Sciennes Road .
9 Melville Terrace ,
42 York Place
44 Alva Place
38 Lutton Place
3 Windmill St. ")
8 Oxford St. J
33 Minto Street ,
("University Hall.
\ "Victoria Ter.
3 Gladstone Ter. ,
2 Mound Place
106 Gilmore Place
1 Murieston Cres
15 Kemp Place
38 Ivy Terrace
Park Ho. PortobeUo
3 Glenogle Ter. .
30 Rutland Square
14 Viewforth .
9 Bright Terrace .
82 Bonaly Road
18 Sciennes Road .
17 Richmond Ter. .
flO Southfield PI.,
\ PortobeUo
3 Dundonald St. .
10 Primrose Street
19 Easter Rd. Leith
355 Leith Walk .
39 Pitt St., Leith .
37 Albany Street .
27 Nelson Street .
77 Gt. Junction St.
1 Largo Place
18 Sciennes Road .
Moray Free Church. ,.
City Mission.
rFr.Ch. Students' Mi
•< sionary Assoc. , ai
( St Andrew's Fr.C
City Mission.
University Miss. Assc
City Mission.
College St. U.P. Ch.
Augustine Church.
Free St Paul's Churcl
St Leonard's B.C.
Private Mission.
Bristo St. U.P. Ch. C.I
Nicolson St. U.P. Ch.
l New North Free CI
Mayfield Free Churct '
Grange Free Church.
City Mission.
City Mission.
City Mission.
City Mission.
City Mission.
^Society forpromotli
J Reading among tl
) Blind on Mooi
( System. C. M.
Private Mission.
Indigent Old Men's Sc
Ladies'Association, E.
("Free Gaelic (St C
\ lumba's) Church.
J Army Scrip. Readeii
\ Society.
{Army Scrip. Readei
(Scottish Navvy Mi
\ sion Society.
("Trustees, St Andrew
\ Hall, Leith.
("St Andi-ew's PI. U.:
\ Church.
St John's Free Churc;,
Junction Road U.P. 01
2 Hope Ter., Leith Private Mission.
North Leith F.O.
North Leith U.P
German Church.
Scottish Coast Missio
Foreign Merchants.
Highland Com. Free C

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