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*Menzies, John, & Co. , 12 Hanover
Millar, Andw., 3 George st., Leith
Miller, D. M., 38 Clerk street
Miller, G. L., 11 W. Nicolson st.
Moflfat, M., 54 Belford road
Morison, G., 12 Polwai-th gdns.
Naylor, John, & Co., 149 Great
Junction street
Newspaper & Magazine Agency
(Keith & Co.), 68 Princes st.;
Telephone, 22.33. See Adv.
Nicol, James, 34 Lothian street
Nicol, J. G., 116 High street
Nisbet, William, 36 Elm row
Park, Margaret, 49 Abbeyhill
Paton, A. & J., 15 Comely Bank
road, 2 Deanpark street, and
53 Lothian road
Porteous, Mrs W"., Leith walk
Powrie, Robert, 154 Canongate
Rankin, Robert, 2 Elder street
Richardson, George J., 249 Leith
*Richmond, Wm. D., 14 Clerk st.
Ritchie, Miss M., 257 Causeway-
*Robertson & Scott, 13 Hanover
street. See Adv.
Robertson, Geo. T., 164 Fountain-
bridge and 38 Dundee street
Robertson, T., 26 Shandwick pi.
*Robinson, H., Ill & 115 Leith st.
Robinson, H. G. , 111 Newington
road. See Adv. Index
Roden, John, 74 Broughton st.
Russell, J. S., 3 Meadowbank ter.
Saunders, M. E. J., 32 Comely
Bank place
*Scott, George, 13 Hanover st.
Scott, William, 169 Dundee st.
Sharp, Thomas, 19 Cadzow place
Simpson, Robert, 1 Canonmills
Sloan, Miss M. F., 19 Broughton
Smith, James, 1 Comely Green pi.
Smith, Mrs, 2 Pitt street
Smyth, Isabella, 38 Clerk st.
*Somerville, R. & H., 9 and 10
Spring gardens and 61 Inver-
leith row
*Steedman & Co. , 22 Frederick st.
Stephenson, E., 4 Greyfriars pi.
Stevenson, Miss M., 190 Dalkeith
Stuart, Harry, 2 Hill place
Sutherland, Miss, 27 Thistle st.
Tait, ISL, 41 Argyle place
Tasker, William, 17 Leven street
Taylor, Catherine L., 7 Dock pi.
Thom, Elizabeth B., 12b Grange
Thomas, F., 89 Morrison street
Thomson, J., & Son, 1 Merchiston
place, and 28 Morningside rd.
Thomson, Archd., 8 Gillespie pi.
Thomson, Robert, 174 Dairy road
Trench, Mrs, 84 Abbey hill
Turner, James, 15 Elm row
Tyler, Andrew, 231 Canongate
Urquhart, Wm. M., 46 Queens-
ferry street
Wallace, Jn., 141 St Leonard's st.
Watson, Alex., 20 Milton street
Watson, John, 64 Albert street
Watt, Mrs J., 94 Main street
Watt, Wm., 312 Morningside rd.
Watters, A., 75 Great Junction
Westwood, George, 1 Parkside st.
Wilkie, J., 51 N. Richmond street
Williams, Mrs J. , 49 Dean street
Williamson, B. & A., 245 Leith
Wilson, Miss, 23 William street
Young, John, 13 Clifton ter. and
2 Dairy road
Newspaper Offices.
Art Journal OfSce, 35 George IV.
Banking and Lisurance Office,
377 High street
British Fancier, 16 Picardy place
Central News Ltd., 3 East Re-
gister street
Critical Review, 38 George street
Daily Mail, 4 St Giles street
Daily Record, 319 High street
Dundee Advertiser, 249 High st.
Economist, 10b North St David st.
Edinburgh Catholic Herald Pub-
lishing Co. Limited, 7 N. St
Andrew street
Edinbvirgh Medical Journal, 11
Teviot place
Educational News, 40 Princes st.
Evening Dispatch, 24 and 26
Cockburn street and 53 Leith
Evening News, 18 Market street,
91 Leith wk. , and 14 Clifton ter.
Expository Times, 38 George st.
Fanciers' Review and Scottish
Poultry Journal, 16 Picardy pi.
Gazette, The Edin., Exchequer
chambers, Parliament square
Glasgow Evening Citizen, 297
High street
Glasgow Herald and Evening
Times, 16 St Giles street
Glasgow Daily and Weekly
Mail, 4 St Giles street
Golfer Magazine (monthly), St
Bernard's row and 3 Frederick
Journal of Pathology, 11 Teviot
Juridical Review, St Giles street
Leith Biirghs Pilot, 157 Constitu-
tion street and 8 Laurie street
Leith Commercial List, 28 Tim-
ber bush
Leith Herald, 12 Henderson st.
Leith Observer, 40 Constitution st.
Natural Science, Teviot place
North British Advertiser and
Ladies' Journal, 6 Melbourne
North British Agriculturist, 377
High street
People's Friend, 249 High street
People's Journal, 249 High street
Scots Law Times, St Giles street
Scots Pictorial, 2 York buildings
Scotsman, 28 and 30 Cockburn
street and 53 Leith walk
Scottish Life and Scottish Society
Printing and Publishing Co.,
31 Princes street
Scotsman Advertisement Office,
26 Cockburn street
Scottish Educational News Co.
Ltd., 40 Princes street
Scottish Law Reporter, 19 Elder
Scottish Standard Bearer and
Scottish Guardian, Raeburn
house, .32 York place
Scottish Wheel and Motor News
Co. Ltd., 2 York buildings
Steamship Journal, 2 Commercial
Weekly Scotsman, 28 and 30
Cockburn street
Notaries Public.
See Laiu Directory.
Nurserymen, Seeds-
men, and Florists.
See also Ironmongers for
Anderson, William, St Ninian's
Archibald, Misses J. & M., 4
Teviot place
Beach, L., 73 Elm row
Black, James, 17 W. Mayfield
Brockley & Stewart, 2 Dundas st.
Brown, Alexander, Abercorn
nursery, Jock's lodge
Brown, J., 64 Pitt street,
Brown, Wm., 42 Queensferry st.
and 41 & 41a Princes street
Buist, Miss M., 17 Comely Bank
Burnet, David, 7 Tipperlinn road
Burnet, Alex. , 8 Bowhill terrace
Calder, F. , Colinton Road nursery
Campbell, Miss, 47 Shandwick pi.
Campbell, Miss, 44 Grange loan
Clapperton, Miss, 7 Summer pi.
Crabbe, A. M., St Margaret's
nursery, Strathearn road
Cunningham, Eraser, & Co.,
Comely bank and 45 Queens-
ferry street
Cunnison, John, & Sons, Glen-
corse nursery, Morningside pk.
Dickson, James, & Sons, 32 Han-
over street
Dicksons & Co. , 1 Waterloo place,
Redbraes, and Liberton
Downie, John, 144 Princes street
and Beechfield, Murray field
Drummond Brothers, 3 India
buildings, Victoria street
Edgar, Robert, & Co. Limited, {
George iv. Bridge
Elliott, William, Alfred place
Mayfield terrace
Erskine, Henry, 80a George st.
Fortune, Thos., 17 Queensferry st.||
Fraser, John, 40 Merchiston av
Geddes, Jn., Murrayfield nursery
Gillespie, Misses, 253 Gt. Junc-
tion street
Glass, John, Mayfield garden;
and Nether Liberton
Gordon, W., & Sons, Coltbridg^^

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