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Holywell, George, Henry place
Kerr, A., 8 Hamilton place
Kinnear, Moodie, & Co., 20 lona
Kinnear, James, 6 Eestalrig ter.
Kirkwood, W. k J. , Balcarres st.
Kirk wood, Walter J., Annandale
Street lane
Knox, James, 206 Dairy road
Lamb. Robert, & Son, Logie Green
works, Beaverhall
Leslie, John, Jock's Lodge
Liddle, James A., Cheyne street
Lownie, J. , Gilmore park
M Adam, James, 11 Gayfield sq.
Macandrew, Colin, 13 Lauriston
M'Ara, James, 12 Howe street
and Jamaica Street lane
Macdonald, Jas., & Co., Morning-
side station ; office, 5 Belhaven
terrace. See Adv. Index
M'Gregor, A., Gilmore park
M'Gregor, Duncan, 2 Barclay ter.
M'Gregor, Duncan, 2 Warrender
Park crescent
M'Intosli, D., ZThorntree street,
Mackay, N., 15 Morton street
Mackeclinie, Arch., 17 Port
M'Kenzie, K. B., "West Norton
pi. and 54 Easter rd. See Adv.
Mackenzie, W. , Hope Park ter.
Mackintosh, Lewis, 142 Lothian rd.
M'Lauchlan, Brown, & Co.,
Annandale Street lane
Maclean, F., 36 Sciennes
M'Leod, Neil, 49 Dundee terrace
Maule, George, 59 East London st.
Mekie, David, Waverley park,
Abbey hill
Melrose & Thomson, Dalmeny st.
Melrose, John, & Son, 19 Bon-
nington road
Millar, James, Suburban house,
off Maxwell street
Mitchell, John, & Son, 30 Fettes
Mitchell, Alex., 47 Dundee ter.
Muir, James, 25 Dean street
Muirhead, John, 12 N. St Andrew
street and New Broughton
Nicolson, Wm. , 2 Eyre crescent
Oliver, William, 34 Craighall rd.
Paterson, J. , 94 N. -W. Eose Street
Peebles, Robert, & Son, 7
Broughton market
Penman, Wm. , 59 Torphichen st.
Petrie, John, & Co., 14 Angle Park
Profit, Alex. P., Jacob's land, 42
Calton road
Rendall, Robt., 5 Claremont ter.
Robb, James, Springfield street
Roberts, Geo., 42 Haymarket ter.
Robertson, Robt., 54 Hawthorn-
Rosie, George, 8 Cowan's close,
Sharp, Robt., 26 Montgomery st.
Shaw, Wm. , 15 W. Catherine pi.
Simpson & Taylor, 17 Upper Gray
Simpson, Alex., Terrier street
Sinclair, George, 9 Harrison road
Slater, James, 172 Easter road
Slater, S. & R., 20 Stewart ter.
Souden, John, 5 Spottiswoode rd.
Steel, James, 2 Torphichen street
Stevenson & Little, 10 Cumber-
land st. and Broughton market
Sutherland, D. , & Sons, 62 Inver-
leith row and 37 Raeburn place
Swan, Wm., 12 Pitt st., Leith
Thorburn, R., & Son, 135 and 137
Buccleuch st. and 171 Dairy rd.
Topping, Thomas, Westfield st.,
Turner, W., & Sons, 16 Torphichen
Waddell, Andrew, Freer street
Walker, .John, 12 Largo place
Wallace, Richard, Hope crescent
Ward, H. , Elizafield house,
North Fort street, Leith
Watherston, J., & Son, 29 Queens-
ferry street
Watson, Gilbert, 20 Woodburn
Watt, J. & J., 189 Dalkeith road
White k Bee, 65 St Leonard's st.
White, Alexander, Roseburn st.,
White, John, 34 St Andrew sq.
White, John, 23 Comiston drive
Whyte's Trustees, Freer street
Why tock k, Duns, 25 Hamilton pi.
Wilkie, Alex., 32 Jamaica street
Wright & Davie, Bryson road
Wright, Wm., 60 Merchiston av.
Young, James, & Sons, 15 Queen
street and Bryson road
Mattress (Spring Wire)
See also Bedding and Mattress
Hoyland & Smith, 35 Rose street,
north lane
Russell, A. M., 29 Grassmarket
Scott, Thomas, & Co., 51 to 57
Medical Gymnastics
(Swedish) and Massage.
Ericson, Dick, 9 Alva street
Medical Practitioners.
See Medical Directory.
Medical Rubbers.
Absolon, Miss, 17 Ainslie place
Carphin, Miss S. A, 24 North-
umberland street
Curror, MaryB. , .30 Woodburn ter.
Davidson, Joseph, 12 Brougham
place. See Adv. Index
Flodin, Ernest, 2 Charlotte place
Goold, Miss, 13 Gillespie crescent
Hay, James, 84 Comely Bank av.
Henderson, Alex., 6 Jameson pi.
Henderson, Miss M., 84 Hay-
market terrace
Hodgson, John AV., Hope street,
Leith walk, Leith
Hope, Mi's, 5 Kilmaurs road
Lee, Miss, 114 Gilmore place
M'Currach, Wm., 41 Caledonian
M'Gregor, Miss, 14 Merchiston
Mackay, James, 11 Downfield pi.
MacKay, Neil, 35 Buccleuch pi.
Mollison, Miss J. R., 5 Warrender
Park terrace
Peddie, Mrs, 17 Torphichen st.
Ridgley, Mrs P. E., 13 Warrender
Park crescent
Simpson, Thomas, 22 Stewart ter.
Smith, Robert, 13 Bruntsfieid pi.
Walker, Mrs E., 9 Wardlaw st.
White, Mrs, 12 Bruntsfieid gdns.
Wilson, Miss, 8 Randolph place
Wilson, Miss Isa., 11 Millar cres.
Young, Miss Janet, 27 Rutland st. '
. See Agents.
See Law Directory.
Metal Merchants.
Anderson, Robert, & Co., 25 and
27 Jane street
Ballantyne, William, 34 West
BowliDg-green street
Barry, John, 69 Bennington road
Baxendale & Co., 44 Hanover st.
Bruce Lindsay Brothers, 7 West
Maitland st., 24 Comiston rd.,
56 Newington rd., 47 Alva pi.,
and George st. depot, Leith ;
head office, 38 Constitution st.
See Adv. hulex
CampbeU, T. B., & Co., 8 Picardy
place and 61 Constitiition st.
Carron Co. , 122 George street
Chalmers, E., & Co. Limited,
Cochrane, Jn., Graham st. , Leith
Coltness Iron Co. Ltd., 22 Ber-
nard street
Dixon, William, Limited, George
street and 3 Bernard street,
Leith, and Morrison street
Dunn, J., & J. A., 15 Blair st.
Edmondston, T., k Son, 108 & 110
West Bow & 35 Commercial st.
GalHe, Laird, & Co., 58 High
street and 157 Leith walk
Gray, Jas. , 37 St Leonard's street
Hamilton, Robert, 18 Waterloo pi.
Henderson, Geo., 58 Leith street
Hunter, Henry W., 116 Leith st.
Paton, Thomas, Back Drum,
Easter road
Redpath, Brown, & Co., 2 St
Andrew sq., 63 Albert st., and
St Andrew's works, Albion rd.
Rodger, A., & Co., 10 St Anthony
Scott, Thos.,iCo., 51 to 57 Grass-
Suniison, W. , 3 Comely Bank
Slimon, R. & D., 40 Shore
Steven, J. , Holyrood square
Stewart, Wm., & Co., Bonnington jj
Stewart, Wm. , 13 Royal Park ter.
Waugh,W., and 8 Dumbiedykes

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