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Scott, Jolm, 38 Braid crescent
Scott, Eobert, 19 Ingliston street
Scott, "VVm. , 284 Morningside rd.
*Slianks, D., & Son, Deanbank
Sliarp, William, 31a Dundas st.
Shearer, James, 13 New Broughton
Sherriff, William, 32 Canonmills
Sinclair & Richardson, 210 Morn-
ingside road
Sinclair, Eobert, 14 North Young
Street lane
Sinclair, Thos., 22 North Eich-
mond street
Slater, S. & E., 20 Stewart ter.
Slater & Waugh, 70 Montgomery
Slater, James, 172 Easter road
Smith, Alex., 17 Salisbury place
Smith, Matthew, & Son, Lochrin
*Smith, S., 3 Buccleuch st. and
1 West Crosscauseway
Smith, Thos. , 3 Upper Grove pi.
Smith, Wm. , 11 Nicolson square
Sommerviile, And., 23 Perth st.
Stephen, Alex. , 1 Queen street
Stevenson & Little, 10 Cumber-
land st. and Broughton market
Stevenson, Andrew, Craighall rd.
Stewart, John, Bryson road
Stewart, Thomas, 140, 142, and
144 Lauriston place
Stobie, William, 1 Comiston pi.
*Sutherland, D., & Sons, 62 In-
verleith Row and 37 Raeburn
Sutherland, J. & D., Pirrie street
Sutherland, James, 157 Warren
der Park road
Sutherland, William, 20 Church
Swanson, James, 24 Cathcart pi
Tait, Thomas H., 8 Hope Street
Taylor, Jas., 20 W. Nicolson
*Taylor,Wm. J., 128 Constitution
street, Leith
*Thom, James, & Sons, 12a
Grange loan
Torrance, James, 14 Potterrow
Trotter, James, 9 Tarvit street
Turner, Wm. , & Sons, 16 Tor
phichen street
Urquhart, K. , 41 Dundas street
and 110 Rose street
Walker, George, 3 York place
Walker, John, 24 Morrison street
Wallace, Eobt., 9 Torphichen pi
Ward, H. , Elizafield house, North
Fort street, Leith
*Watherston, John, & Sons, 29
Queensferry street
*Watson, Adam, & Son, 23 Union
Watson, W., & J. R., lona street
*Watson, William, & Sons, 22
Morningside road
Watson, Gilbt., 20 Woodburn ter.
Watson, Jas., 14 Hamilton place
Watson, Robert, 16 Victoria st.
Webster, G. & J., 32 St Bernard's
Webster, Andw., Wardie cottage.
Ferry road
Webster, Thomas, 109 Warrender
Park road
White, Alex., Roseburn street,
White, Charles, jun., 11 Nicolson
White, E. , 7 Rose st. north lane
White, Robert, 181 Canongate
Wight, John, 8 St James' square
Wilkie, James, 17 Cathcart place
Williamson, Andrew W., 112
Nicolson street
Wilson, J. & R., 25 Riego street
Wilson, A., 8 Ardmillan terrace
Wilson, D., 180 Morrison street
Wilson,Dav.,100 & 102 Potterrow
Wilson, Robert, 14 Cowgate
Wishart, David, 118 Dairy road
Wishart, John, 29 Rankeillor st.
Wood, Thos. W., 18 Melville ter.
Wood, Wm. , 22 South Morning-
side drive
Wright, John, 164 Causewayside
Wright, Walter, 290 Morningside
Young, James, & Son Ltd., 15
Queen street
Young, Alex., 137 North- West
Eose Street lane
The Institute of.
See p. 904.
Ketchup Manufactrs
Alexander, E. , & Son, Drummond
Street court
Elder, Alex., & Son, Beaverhall
Lace Cleaners.
Aitchison, J. M., 16 Viewforth
Fairbairn, M. & J., 13 George IV.
Bridge and 53 Kirkgate
Grieve, Miss, 10a Clarence street
Harrison, A., 24 Earl Gray st.
M'Nab, A. & J. ; works, Inglis
Green, Slateford ; oifices, 39
Queen street k 53 South Bridge
Macpherson, Mrs, 14 Caledonian
Pintner, W. J., 122a George st.
See Adv. on hack of title iMge
Williamson, M. & A., 13 Teviot
Lace Merchants.
Blair, John D., 2 South College
Copestake, Lindsay, Crampton, &
Co., 17 South St David street
Higgins, Eagle, & Co. ,llAHanover
Jockel, A. M., & Co., 32 George
street. See Adv. Index
Mercer & Crombie, 13, 15, and 17
Nicolson street
Morgan, Wm., 46 Hanover street
Morton, Wm., k Sons, 43 and 44
South Bridge and 157 Lothian
Pintner, W. J., 122a George st.
Smith, Thomas, 52 South Bridge
Stevenson, Thomas, & Sons, 76 &
77 Princes street and I & 3
Hanover street
Stevenson, Alex., 53 k 54 South
WHITE, JOHN, k CO. (Shet-
land and silk), 10 FEEDEEICK
STREET. See Adv. on back
of title page
Lamp Manufacturers.
Adams, E., & Son, 63 &65 Shand-
wick place
Cay & Johnston, 12 St James' pi.
Foulis, David, 61 George street.
See Adv. Index
Galloway, M. P., 24 Shore and 4
to 10 Timberbush
Gray, James, & Son, 85 George st.
See Adv. Index
Hendry k Bishop, 28 West Port
Hitchcock Blechanical Safety
Lamp Co., 15 Frederick street
Incandescent Gas Light Co. Ltd.,
71a Lothian road
Keppie, Geo., 11 Torphichen pi.
Laidlaw, E., k Son, Simon sq. ;
Glasgow works. Alliance
foundry ; Glasgow warehouse,
5 Wellington street ; London
oifice, 6 Little Bush lane,
London, E.C.
Macgill & Co. , 7 Drumsheugh pi.
Eowatt, T., k Son, 126 Fountain-
Slimon, R. & D., 40 Shore
Smiths & Co. Ltd., 89 George st.
See Adv. Index
Spence k Gerrard, 21 Forth st.
Thomson, James, Corn Exchange
Waterston, Peter, 15 Frederick st.
Whyte, Thos., & Son, 25 George
Wilkie & Paul, Brandfield street
Young, J. & D., 143 Leith street
Young's Paraffin Light and
Mineral Oil Co. Limited, 34
St Andrew square
Land Valuators.
Armstrong, W. J. , 57 Manor pi.
Belfrage k Carfrae, 1 Erskine pi.
Buchanan k Bennett, 12 Hill st.
Crole, David (land and stock
valuer), St Helen's, West Coatea
Curror, J. F., F.S.I., 74 George
Hay, Alex., k Co., 88 George st.
Higgins, Eobt., 18 Garscube ter.,
Lorimer, Fairbairn, k Lightbody,
56 Queen street
M'Culloch, A. &E. ,25Gayfieldsq.
Ormiston, Wm., 140 Princes st.
Paterson, E. Hamilton, IOa
George street
Porteous, A., jun., 8 Brandon ter.
Stenhouse, James, 14 Hanover st.
Thomson, James, 53 George st.
Welsh, William, 1 Waterloo pi.
Cameron, A. S., 62 Eose street
Denovan, John, 21 Clyde street

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