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Property Investment Company of Scottish Employers' Liability and
Scotland Limited, 30 York pi
Provident Clerks and G-eneral
Guarantee Association Ltd.,
49 Queen street
Provident Life Office, Scottish
branch, 123 George street
Prudential Assur. Co. Limited,
1 St Andrew square. See Adv.
Public Trustee Limited, 2 Thiatle
Queensland Investment & Land
Mortgage Co. Limited, 25a
St Andrew square
Queensland National Bank Ltd.,
25a St Andrew sq. See Adv.
Queensland, the Royal Bank of,
Ltd., 66 Frederick street
Railway Passengers Assurance
Office, 4 St Andrew square
Railway Passengers Assurance
Co., 30 St Andrew square
Realisation and Debenture Cor-
poration of Scotland Limited,
4a St Andrew square
Real Property Trust Limited, 123
George street
Refuge Assur. Co., 4 Picardy pi.
Reliance Marine Insurance Co.
Limited, 24 Bernard street
Reversionary Association Ltd. ,
141 George street
Rock Life Assurance Company,
21 St Andrew square
Royal Bank of Australia Limited,
18 St Andrew square
Royal Exchange Assurance, 5
York jilace
Royal Exchange Assurance, 68
George street. See Adv.
Royal Exchange Assurance Cor-
poration, 4 Melville street
Royal Exchange Fire and Life
Assurance, London ; C. Morri-
son k Sons, 84 Constitution
street, agents for Leith and
Royal Fire and Life Insurance
Co., 13 George street
Royal Liver Society, 39 South
Sceptre Life Association Limited,
118 Princes street
School of Arts Friendly Society,
7 Infirmary street
Scottish Accident Life and
Fidelity Insurance Co. Ltd.,
115 George street
Scottish Alliance Insurance Co.
Ltd., 35 Frederick street
Scottish - American Invest. Co.
Ltd. , 123 George st. See Adv.
Scottish- American Mortgage Co.
Ltd., 3 Castle st. See Adv.
Scottish Amicable Life Assurance
Society, 13 St Andrew square,
See Adv. Index
Scottish Boiler Insurance Co., 6f
George street
Scottish Colonial Gold Fields
Ltd., 13 Rutland square
Scottish County and Mercantile
Insui'ance Co. Ltd. , 52 Hanover
street. See Adv. Index
Scottish Drainage and Improve-
ment Co. , 20 Hill street
General Insurance Co. of
Aberdeen Limited, 10a N. St
David street. See Adv. Index.
Scottish Equitable Life Assurance
Society, 26 St Andrew square.
See Adv. Index
Scottish General Fire Assurance
Corporation Ltd., 20 Albany
Scottish Heritages Co. Limited,
5 North St David street
Scottish Horticultural Associa-
tion, 5 St Andrew square
Scottish Investment Trust Co.
Limited, 6 Albyn place
Scottish Lands and Buildings Co.
Limited, 6 Albyn place
Scottish Legal Life Assurance
Society, 16 N. St Andrew st.
Scottish Life Assurance Co. Ltd. ,
19 St i^jidrew sq. See Adv.
Scottish Mercantile Agency, 3
York buildings
Scottish Metropolitan Life Assur-
ance Co. Ltd., 25 St Andrew
square. See Adv.
Scottish Mortgage and Land In-
vestment Co. of New Mexico
Limited, 9 Albyn place
PERTY TRUST, 43 St Patrick
Scottish and New Zealand Invest-
ment Co. Limited, 19 York
Scottish Plate Glass Insurance Co. ,
93 George street. See Adv.
Scottish Provident Institution, 6
St Andrew square. See Adv
Scottish Society, and Scottish
Life Publishing Co. Ltd. ; regis
tered office, 15 Queen street
Scottish Queensland Mortgage
Co. Limited, 28 Queen street
Scottish Reversionary Co. Ltd.,
33 Charlotte square. See Adv.
Scottish Savings Investment Co.
Limited, 130 George Street
Scottish Temperance Life and
Accident Assurance Co. Ltd.,
5 York buildings
Scottish Temperance Life Insur-
ance Co., 5 York buildings
Scottish Threefold Option
Alliance, 58 Castle street
Scottish Trust and Loan Co. of
Ceylon Limited, 123 George st.
Scottish Union k. National Insur-
ance Co. , 35 St Andrev/ square.
See Adv. Index
Scottish AYaggon Co. Limited, 5
St Andrew square
Scottish "VYharf Co. Limited, 5
St Andrew square
Scottish Wheel and Motor News
Co. Ltd., 2 York buildings
Scottish Wheel and Motor News
Ltd.. 21 St Andrew square
Scottish Widows' Fund and Life
Assurance Society, 9 St Andrew
square. See Adv. Index
Second Scottish Investment
Trust Co. Limited, 6 Albjm pi.
Security Co. Ltd., for Burglary
Insurance, 41 Hanover street
Sickness, Accident, and Life As-
surance Association Ltd., 24
York place. See Adv. Index
Standard Life Assurance Co., 7
George street. See Adv.
Standard Plate Glass Insurance
Co. of Scotland Limited, 34
York place
StandardProperty Investment Co.
Limited, 20 S. St David street.
See Adv. Index
Star Life Assurance Society, 34
York place
State Fire Insurance Co. Ltd., 5a
York place. See Adv. Index
Stock and Debenture Corporation
Limited, 13 South Charlotte st.
Stockbridge Mutual Investment
and Building Society, 1 Dean
terrace. See Adv. Index
Sun Insurance Office, 40 Princes st.
See Adv. Index
Sun Life Assurance Co. of
Canada, 2 York buildings
Sun Life Assurance Society, 40
Princes street. See Adv.
Swan Land and Cattle Co. Ltd. ,
130 George street
Texas Land and Mortgage Co.
Limited, 66 Frederick street
and 28 Castle street
Threlkeld Mining Co., 69 Shand-
wick place
Town & County Heritable Trust
Limited, 44 Queen street
Union Assurance Society, 34 St
Andrew square
Union Bank of Australia Ltd., 9
Albyn place
Union Loan and Sayings Co.,
Toronto, Canada, 9 South
Charlotte street
Union Marine Insurance Co.
Limited, 10 Bernard street
Union Mortgage and Agency Co.
of Australia Limited, 11 South
Charlotte street
Union Mortgage Banking and
Trust Co. Limited, 35 Queen st.
United Kingdom Temperance and
General Provident Institution,
12 North St David street and
143 Princes street
United States Investment Cor-
poration Ltd. , 9 Albyn place
United States Mortgage Co. of
Scotland Ltd., 6 Albyn place
West of Scotland Fire Office Ltd.,
143 Princes street
Western Canada Loan and
Savings Co. , 22 St Andrew sq.
Western Ranches Limited, The,
24 Charlotte square
Westminster Fire Office, 1 Han-
over street
Westminster Fire and General
Life Insurance Co. , 54 Queen st.
Yorkshire Fire and Life Office, 11
South Charlotte street
Invalid Attendants.
Adamson, Moses, 14 Henderson
street, Leith
Barron, John, 18 Leven street
Begg, James H., 11 Gillespie cres.

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