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Investment and Development
Syndicate Limited, 21 St
Andrew square
Investors Mortgage Secxmty Co.
Limited, 63 Castle street
Jack's Patents Co. Ltd., 11 York
buildings and 21 St Andrew
Kent Fire and Life Offices, 54
Queen street
Kerr, JohnL., Ltd. , 15 Queen st.
Lancashire Insurance Co. (Fire
and Life), East of Scotland
branch office, 12 York build-
ings, Queen street. See Adv.
Lancashire and Yorkshire Acci-
dent Insurance Co. Ltd., 68
George street
Lancashire and Yorkshire Ee-
versionary Interest Co. Ltd.,
39 Albany street
Lancashire and Yorkshire Rever-
sionary Interest Co. Ltd., 27
Charlotte square
Land Feuing Co. Ltd. , 49 Queen st.
Landed Banking and Loan Co. of
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 9
Albyn place
Law Accident Insurance Society
Ltd., 16 Hope street
Leith Property Investment Build-
ing Society, 141 Constitution
Licenses Insurance Corporation
and Guarantee Fund Ltd., 63
George street
Life Association of Scotland, 82
Princes street
Life and Health Assurance
Association, 41 George street.
See Adv.
Liverpool and London and Globe
Fire and Life Co., 23 St
Andrew square. See Adv.
Liverpool and London Plate Glass
Insurance Co. Limited, 5 St
Andrew sqtxare
London Assurance Corporation,
3 North St David street
London Bank of Australia Ltd.,
12 Hope street
London and Canadian Loan and
Agency Co. Limited, 28 Castle
street. See Adv.
London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow I
Assurance Co. Limited, 9 North
St David street
London and Lancashire Fire As-
surance Co., 27 Charlotte sq.
London and Lancashire Fire In-
surance Co. , 2 York place
London and Lancashire Fire In-
surance Co., 39 George street
London and Lancashire Life
Assurance Co., 55 Frederick
London and North British Plate
Glass Insurance Co. Limited,
69 York place. See Adv. Index
London and North-West Ameri-
can Mortgage Co. Limited, 27
Charlotte square
London and Ontario Investment
I Co. Limited, 57 Queen street, 6
Albyn place, and 39 Castle st.
See Adv. Index
London and Provincial Cycle
Insurance Corporation Ltd.,
45 Frederick street
Manchester Fire Assurance Co.,
5 North St David street
Manchester Fire Insurance Co.,
43 Castle street
Manitoba Mortgage and Invest-
ment Co. Ltd., 27 Charlotte sq.
Marine Insurance Co. Limited (of
London), 56 Constitution street
Maritime Insurance Co. Limited,
of Liverpool, 39 Constitution st.
Menzies, John, Ltd., 12 Queen st.
Mercantile Bank of India Ltd.,
64 Queen street
Metropolitan Cemetery Co. Ltd.,
17 Duke street
Metropolitan Fire Insurance Co.
Limited, 102 George street
Middlesex Banking Co., The,
Middletown, Connecticut, 24
Charlotte square
Ministers' "Widows' Fund Office,
6 North St Da^dd street
Missouri Land Co. of Scotland
Limited, 49 Queen street
Blissouri Land and Live Stock
Co. Limited, 16 Castle street
Mortgage Co. of South Australia
Limited, 32 Albany street
Motor Carriage Depots Limited,
6 North Charlotte street
Mount Charlotte Gold Mining
Co. Limited, 24 Charlotte sq.
Muirhead Trawlers Limited ;
Arthur Drummond & Co.,
C.A , secretaiies, 15 Queen st.
Murrayfield Real Estate Co.
Limited, 63 Frederick street
Natal Bank Ltd., 86 George st.
National Assurance Co. of Ireland,
38 Hanover street
National Bank of India Limited,
46 Castle street
National Bank of New Zealand
Limited, 56 Frederick street
National Guarantee and Surety-
ship Association Limited, 67
George street. See Adv.
National Insurance Co. of Great
Britain Ltd.; "Wm. Sutherland,
secretary, 7 York buildings
National Mortgage and Agency
Co. of New Zealand Limited,
39 Castle street
National Property Investment
Co. Limited, 33 Charlotte sq.
National Provident Institution,
63 George street
National Provincial Plate Glass
Insurance Co. , 10a N. St David
National Telephone Co. Limited,
90a George street
New England Loan and Trust Co.
of Des Moines (U.S.A.), 64
Queen street
New Scottish Friendly Property
Investment Co. , 5 St Andrew sq.
New Scottish Friendly Property
Investment Co. , 13 Hanover st.
New York, The Mutual Life In-
surance Co. of, 108 George st.
New Zealand and Australian
Land Co. Limited, .54 Castle st,
New Zealand Loan and Mercan-
tile Agency Co. Limited, 35
Queen street
New Zealand and River Plate
Land Mortgage Co. Limited,
35 Queen street
North British and Mercantile In-
surance Co., 64 Princes street.
See Adv. Index
North British Cold Storage and
Ice Co. ; registered office, 15
Queen street ; Arthur Drum-
mond, secretary
North British Property Invest-
ment Company Limited, 4 York
place. See Adv. Index
Northern Accident Insurance Co.
Limited, 2 Greenside i)lace
Northern Assurance Co., 20 St
Andrew square. See Adv.
Northern Heritable Securities
Investment Co. Limited (in
Liquidation), 43 Hanover street
Northern Investment Co. of New
Zealand Ltd. , 66 Frederick st.
Northern Maritime Insurance Co.
Limited, 56 Constitution st.
Northern Plate Glass Insurance
Co. Limited, 54 Queen street
Norwich and London Accident
Insur. Association. 12a Castle
street. See Adv. Index
Norwich Union Fire Insurance
Society, 12a Castle street.
See Adv. Index
Norwich Union Life Insurance
Society, 21 St Andrew square
Ocean Accident and Guarantee
Corporation Ltd., 44 Queen
Oil Gas Enrichment Co. Ltd.,
51 Hanover street
Ontario Loan and Debenture Co.,
42 North Castle street
Oregon Mortgage Co. Limited, 21
Thistle street
Oriental Government Security
Life Assurance Co. Limited,
10 Albyn place
Otago and Southland Investment
Co. Limited, 21 Thistle street
Palatine Insurance Co. Ltd.,
2 St Andrew square
Palatine Sickness Insurance Co.
Ltd. (Fire, Accident, & Guar-
antee), 45 York place
Pearl Life Assurance Co. Ltd.,
35 Leith street
Pelican Life Insurance Co., 2
and 25 George st.
Permanent Scottish Union Pro-
perty Investment Building So-
ciety, 5 St Andrew square
Philadelphia Securities Co., 63
Castle street
Philp's Dunblane Hydropathic
Co. Limited, 122 George street.
See Adv. Index
Phoenix Fire Assur. Co., office, 25
George street. See Adv. Index
Plate Glass Insurance, J Hanover
street. See Adv. Index
Plate Glass Insurance Co. (Scot-
tish), 93 George st. See Adv.
Prairie Cattle Co. Limited, 2
York place

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