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Wilson & Burnie, 23 Constitu-
tion street
Wilson, George, & Sons, 14 Bon
nington road
Wood, John, 9 Grange road
Wright, James, 51 Bristo street
Wyllie, J. & A., 2 Commercial
Wyllie, Wm. F., 1 Ravelston ter.
Younger & Monteith, 41 Comely
Bank road.
Corset Makers.
See Stay and Corset Makers.
^ee DairyTccepers.
C ricket Warehousemen.
Anderson, R., & Son, 67 Princes
street. See Adv.
-'Gray & Co. , 27 Frederick street
King, Mrs Percival, 20 Lothian
M'Kenzie, "VYalter, 4 Chapel st.
See Leather Merchants.
'Cutlers and Surgical
Instrument Makers.
Bladworth, William, 33 and 37
Jeffrey street
Burnett, Robert, 70 Leith street
Cameron, Peter, 28 Crighton pi.
Camx)bell, Alexander B., 3 S.-E.
Circus place
Clyne, Wm. C, 69 Nicolson st.
Elliot & Co., 22 Hanover street
Gardner, J. , & Son, 32 Forrest rd. ,
& 280 Sauchiehall st. , Glasgow
Hilliard, H., & Son, 7 Nicolsou st
Law, J. & J. S., Gilmore works k
Gilmore place
Macgill & Co., 7 Drumsheugh pi
Mackie, Alex. , 8 and 9 Melbourne
pi. and 4 "Victoria st. See Adv.
.M'Quarrie, A., 141 Lauriston pi.
Medical Supply Association, 12
Teviot place
Mitchell, D. B., 91 Dairy road
:Mitchell, J. C, 34 Bristo street
Rae & Sons, 126 Rose street
52 George street
Ross, J., 57 Bristo street
Stevenson, P., 7 and 9 Forrest rd
"Tennant, William, 41 Bread st.
Walker & Hall, 17 S. St Andrew
Young, Archd., & Son, 57 and 61
Forrest road and 7 Hope street
Cycle Fittings and
Bottomley, AY. R., & Co. , 30 Rose
The New Rossleigh Cycle Motor
Co. Ltd., 1 York Buildings
See Adv. Index.
Cycle Makers and
Alexander & Co. , 16 andlS Niddry
street, 12 Leith Street terrace,
and liO Lothian road
Back, Christian L., 21a Hanover
Barrie & Co., 29 Argyle place
Beck, John, 86 Duke st., Leith
Bottomley, AY R., k Co., 30 Rose
Bradbury & Co. Ltd., 66 Nicolson
Brown, Geo. , & Son, Broad wynd
and 103 Leith walk, Leith
Brunton, Alex. , 21 Causewayside
Camp)ion Cycle Co. Ltd., 89
Shandwick place
Chesser, James, 6 Summer place
Cook, James, & Co., Roseburn st.
Country Cross Cycle Co. Ltd.,
13 Home st. and 54 Raeburn pJ.
Currie, James T., 2 Beaufort rd.
Denholm, Robt., 143 Buccleuch st
Dickson, J. & A., 15 Comiston rd.
Dow & Foster, 8 Elm row and 3S
Haddington place
Downie, A. , 19 and 25 Haymarket
Dunlop, G. B., & Co. Limited, 38
and 40 Hanover street, and 213
New City road, Glasgow
Dunlop, George B., 3d and, 40
Hanover street
Edgar & Sutherland, 10 Tra-
falgar street
Edwards, P. M., 106 Duke street
Ferguson, Thomas, 17 and 9a
AVest Maitland st. See Adv.
Ferguson, Thos., 23 Montagu ter.
Flint, AVm., 2 and 3 Leith Street
Fulwell Manufacturing Co., 50
Grindlay street
Griffiths, John, 82 and 84 Leith
street and 22 Grindlay street
Hardy, T. G., 21 Montagu ter.
Hislop, AA'alter, Castle terrace
Kerr, David, 251 Moruingside rd.
Kilgour, Robert, 43 Clerk street
and 32 Home street
Law, J. & J. S. , Lochrin buildings
and Gilmore works
Locke, Alexander, k Son, 30 St
Andrew square
Marston, John, Limited; R. B,
Martin, manager, 33 George st.
Macgill & Co., 7 Drumsheugh pi,
Mascot Cycle Co. Ltd., Broad
wynd, Leith
Melville & Co., 60 Pitt street
Morrison, A. , & Son, East London
st. and 4 AVaverley market
Morrison, AA^m., East London st.
Piper, Thos., 56 Morningside rd.
Reid, David, 38 Merchiston aven
Reilly, P., 2 Eyre place
Rew & Ritchie, 46 Craighall rd.
52 George street
Russell, Thos., & Co., 2 India
buildings, Victoria street
Shiels, Alex., 2 AA''est Crosscause
way and 7 Buccleuch street
Stewart, John, 50 Polwarth cres.
Tait, Peter, 6 Heriot mount
The Cycle Depots Ltd., 43 New-
ington rd. ; H. C. Greive, mgr.
The Edinburgh Cycling Co. Ltd.,
Hope cres. ; Jas. Russell, mgr.
Motor Co. Ltd., 1 York build-
ings, 28 Elm row, 40 Grindlay
street, 47 So. Clerk street, and
9 Clifton terrace ; Telephone,
1156. See Adv. Index.
AA'hite, Matthew, the Lothian s
Cycle depot, 101 Lothian road
Young, AA^'alter, 271 Causewayside
Adams, James, & Sons, 32 Hay-
market terrace and Meadow-
bank, Murrayfield
Adams, Sirs, 12 Portland place,
Adan, Charles, 222 Dairy road
Addison, Mrs, Dundee terrace
Addison, Mrs, 40 Bangor road
Aitken, Charles Stewart, 99
Comiston road
Alexander, AA^m., 145 Buccleuch
Allan, Mrs M., 24 Dairy road
Amour, J. H., 26 Lochrin bldgs.
Amour, AVm., 12a Montagu ter.
Anderson, George, 8 Fox street
Anderson, Jas., 127 Bonnington
Anderson, John, 73 Canongate
Anderson, Mrs AV., 44 Morrison
Anderson. Miss, 76 AVest Port
Angles, AVilliam, 97 Brunswick st.
Anthony, Miss, 12 Caledonian
Archer, Misses, 3 Blenheim place
Archibald, John, 28 AVarrender
Park road
Baird, John, 14 Baltic street
Baird, Robert, 90 Brunswick st.
Balfour, Mrs, 1 Lauriston lane
Ballantyne, Peter Y., Braidburn '
dairy, Braid road
Bannatyne, James, 59 Leith st.
Barclay, Matthew, 10 North-
AVest Circus place
Barr, Joseph, 71 Inverleith row
Baxter, AVilliam, 47 Couper st.
Begbie, Alex., 56 Gorgie road
Begbie's, 443 Lawnmarket
Bell & Aitchison, 79 Henderson
Bell, Thos., 28 Queen st., Leith
Berry, Miss M. , 3b Button place
Bertram, J. P., 35 Royal Park ter
Bertram, AVm., 119 Gilmore pi.
Beveridge, Geo., 165 Morrison st.
Binning, Miss Janet, 4 Rossie pi.
Black, Andrew, 7 Fowler terrace
Black, George, North Merchiston '
Black, James, 99 AVest Bow
Black, AVilliam, Dundee terrace
Blackie, AA^'alter, 66 Easter road
Blair, D., 7 Montgomery street
Blair, AVilliam, 48 St Patrick sq.
Boa, James, 1 Crichton street
Boyd, Alexander, Piershill dairy,
Jock's lodge

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