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Clutterbuck, "Walter, 158 Leitli walk , jCochrano, Miss M., greengrocer, 114 Kirkgate
Clyde, James, M.A., LL.D., Ardshealach, | Cochrane, Miss, 36 Albany street
Eavelston park
Clydesdale Bank (Limited), 29 George street,
2 Drumshengli gardens, 269 Higk street, and
27 Bernard street
Coates, Edwin, chemist and druggist, 21 Duke
street ; house, 18 Hart street
Coates, John T., chemist and druggist, 59 Tol-
booth wynd, Leith
Coates, William, 21 Nelson street
Coats, Alexander, 20 James street
Cobb, Wm. S. , 8 Grahame street, Leith
Cobban, James, 14 Coatfield lane
Cobban, Peter, 56 Rosemount buildings
Cobbledick, Richard, American Lloyd's surveyor ;
9 Dock place ; house, 64 Bernard street
Cochran, Archibald, 7 Caledonian road
Cochran, Archibald, 5 Leitli street terrace
Cochran, John, comb and spoon manufacturer,
10 Pirrie street
Cochran, Mrs Ann, stationer and tobacconist, 20
Saudport street .
Cochran, Mrs A. , 4 Hamburgh place
Cochrane, Paterson, & Co., corn factors, 49
Constitution street
Cochrane, Alex., 2 Hope park crescent
Cochrane, Andrew, 30 Kirkgate
Cochrane, D., 4 Elmwood terrace
Cochrane, Daniel, agent and dairj'man, 29 Had-
dington place and 25 North bridge
Cochrane, Francis, 12 Royal Exchange
Cochrane, G., engraver, 10 East Adam street
Cochi-ane, Henry, C.E., 4a St Andrew stjuare ;
house, 4 Fingal place
Cochrane, James, stock and sharebroker, 1 Han-
over street ; house, 3 Bellevue street
Cochrane, James W. , 40 Albany street
Cochrane, J. {R. Balloch d: Co.), 30 St Andrew sq.
Cochrane, John, 5 Dunrobin place
Cochrane, John, ironmonger, tinplate worker,
gasfitter, and plumber, 77 and 78 Kirkgate ;
house, 35 Lochend road
Cochrane, John, 16 Easter road
Cochrane, John {manager, Publishing Depart-
ment, U. P. Church), 24 Brougham place
Cochrane, John W., picture cleaner, liner, and
restorer, 53 Frederick street
Cochrane, M., bird dealer, 11 Market street;
house, 3 Brown street lane
Cochrane, Nicol, 23 Archibald place
Cochrane, Robt. , 8 Primrose terrace
Cochi'ane, Thomas J., S.S.G. {McGregor <£■ C),
11 Marclihall crescent
Cochrane, Rev. Thomas, 11 Marclihall crescent
Cochrane, Thos., baker and confr., 62 St Mary st.
Cochrane, Thomas, tobacco-pipe maker, 547
Castlehill ; house, 377 High street
Cochrane, T. , plumber & gasfitter, 5 Gilmore st.
Cochrane, Wm., lay missionary, 1 Henderson row
Cochrane, W., fishing-tackle maker, 4 Grove pi.
Cochrane, W. , tailor and clothier, 1 6 N. Junction st.
Cochrane, Mrs Inglis, 5 South Mansionhouse road
' Cochrane, Mrs James, 10 W. Lauriston place
Cochrane, Mrs John, baker, 8 Roxburgh pi. ; ho. 6
Cochrane, Mrs, 4 Fingal place
Cochrane, Mrs, 3 Bellevue street
Cochrane, Mrs, 14 St Catherine's place
Cochrane, Misses, dressmakers, 23 Archibald pi.
Cockburn Angling Association; Geo. Mackie,
secretary, 3 York buildings
Cockburn, J., & Camjibell, wine merchants, 32
St Andrew square
Cockburn, Smithes, k Co., wine shippers, Oporto;
agents, Robertson & Baxter, 13 Quality street
Cockburn k Co., winemers., 127 Constitution st.
Cockbm-n & Son, bakers, 9 N. Junction street
Cockburn, J. & G., tea, wine, and spirit merchts.,
135 Princes street
Cockburn, Robt. , & Co. , grocers and wine mer-
chants, 51 Frederick st. ; ho. 2 W. Circus pi.
Cockburn Hotel, 17 Cockburn street
Cockburn Turkish Baths, 17 Cockburn street
Cockburn, Alexander, 5 Belford park
Cockburn, Alexander, 35 Lutton place
Cockburn, A. D., 6 AthoU crescent
Cockburn, Andrew M., teacher, Morningside
school ; house, 7 Panmure place
Cockburn, And., cowfeeder, 42 Duke st. , Leith
Cockburn, Andrew, 1 Richmond terrace
Cockburn, D., 3 Montague street
Cockburn, David, hatter, 30 South bridge ; ho,
3 Gladstone terrace
Cockburn, George, wine and brandy importer,
21 Castle street ; house, 5 Cambridge street
Cockburn, Geo., watchmaker and jeweller, 6
Shandwick place ; house, 21 Brougham place
Cockbm'ii, George, coal mer., 6 Port Hamilton
Cockburn, George (successor to J. Donaldson),
tobacco-pipe maker, 6 Storrie's alley, Kirkgate
Cockburn, J. F., grocer and wine merchant, 20
North-west Circus place ; house, 7
Cockburn, James, 1 Melgund terrace
Cockburn, James, baker, 11 Bernard street
Cockburn, James {Oeneral Post Office), Malta
green villa, Malta green placs
Cockburn, James, 18 Pleasance
Cockburn, James, baker, 122 Leith walk
Cockburn, James, dairy, Seaiield
Cockburn, Jas., hatter and hosier, 4 Baker's pi. ;
house, Brandon terrace
Cockburn, John, 44 Warrender ]iark road
Cockburn, John (/. d; G. C. ), 5 Kilgraston road
Cockburn, Jos. F., supervisor {In. Eei\), 47
Maryfield place
Cockburn, P., dairyman, 12 Livingstone pi. , Leith
Cockburn, Robert, mineral water manufacturer,
12 Niddry street ; house, 7
Cockburn, Robert, ironmonger, 3yA Ferry road ;
liouse, Madeira place
Cockburn, W. H. {C. <b S.), 110 Ferry road
Cockburn, Mrs P., 17 Leith walk, Leith
Cockburn, Mrs, 27 Wood.ville tei'race
Cockburn, Mrs, 5 Doune terrace
COCKBURN, MRS, mecUcal rubber, 35Buccleuch
place. '^ See Adv. index
Cockburn, Misses, 28 Gillespie crescent
Cockburn, Miss J., 5 Mackenzie pi., Stockbridge
Cockburn, Sliss Margaret, 30 Castle street
Cockburn, Miss, 3 ilontague street
Cockburn, Miss, 3 Hope park terrace
Cockle, W., advertising agent, 7 Saunders street
Cockton, Mrs Betsy, 10 Brougham place
Cogan, Miss, 7 Abbotsford park
Coghill, D. A. T. , wholesale straw goods and lace
mer., 31 North bridge; house, 80 S. Clerk st.

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