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Campbell, Miss, boarding scliool, 1 1 Bellevue cres.
Campbell, Miss, 2 Albyn place
Campbell, Miss, refreshment rooms and fancy
bazaar, 13 and 14 Waverley market
Campbell, Miss, 2 Chamberlain road
Campbell, Miss, 47 Ann street
Campbelton, John, church officer {Kirlcgate
U.P.), 3 Gordon street
Canada,' The, N.-W. Land Co. (Limited), 123
George street ; Chas. Jas. Sidey, secretary
Canada, "Western, Loan and Savings Co. (Lim. ),
10 N. St David street
Canada Landed Credit Company, 35 Queen street
Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Co. : office,
36 Castle street; Mylne & Campbell, W.S.,
and "W. E. Mylne, C.A., agents
Canal Coal Company, 9 Hill square
Canch, Miss, 61 Inverleith row
Candlish, Mrs Dr, 16 Torphichen street
Candlish, Miss, 73 Inverleith row
Candow, James, 7 Broughton place
Cannon Brewery Coy.'s London Porter Store,
7 Quality street ; John A. Bertram & Co. , agts.
Cannon, Jas. P., 4 Hillside street
Cannon, "W. M., printer, 23 Thistle st. ; house,
3 Warriston place
Canongate Christian Institute, Cranston st. ;
Rev. James Gall, superintendent
Canongate Institute, 163 Canongate; A. B.
Storrar, secretary, 116 Canongate
Cant, William, working jeweller, 2 North bridge
Caol lla Distillery, Islaj^ ; office, 8 Union street
Capper, Jasper J. , 1 Beaufort road. Grange
Cappie, James, M.D., 47 Lauriston place
Carbarns, Hugh, 37 Dundee terrace
Carbarns, T., 86 Gilmore place
Carey, Malcolm, 4 Lillyhill terrace
Carfrae & Belfrage, civil engineers and land sur-
veyors, 1 Erskine place
Carfrae & Whyte, saddlers, 12 Melville place
CARFRAE, D., bii-d - stuffer, 29 Potterrow.
JfcSee Adv. index
Carfrae, G., bird and animal stuffer, 91 Rose
Carfrae, G., C.E. (C. d: Belfrage), 7 Coates pi
Carfrae, Henry, groom, 19a Fettes row
Carfrae, Robert, house painter, 3 Osborne terrace
Carfrae, T. , 9 Osborne terrace
Carfrae, "Wm. {Phil. Inst. ), 3 Comely green cres.
Carfrae, Miss, teacher, Viewforth cot. , Viewforth
Cargill, Alexander, 10 Polwarth crescent
Cargill, J. E., 5 Viewforth
Cargill, "William, S.S.C, 20 Hill street ; house,
16 "VVoodburn terrace
Cargill, W. D., 10 Devon place
Cargill, Mrs, 5 Viewforth
Carle, Mrs, 35 "Waverley place
Carlisle & "Watts, stationers, desk and dressing-
case makers, etc., 49 and 51 Hanover street
Carlisle, James, 5 Hope park crescent
Carlisle, John (C. <fe Watts), 19 Dundas street
Carlisle, Robert, 31 Gillespie crescent
Carlisle, Mrs H., apartments, 9 Dundas street
Carlisle, Mrs, 10 Elm wood terrace
Carlon, H., furniture dealer, 253 & 255 Cowgate
Carlon, "Wm. S. (/. J. d; Co.), 41 Grassmarket
Carlton, Patrick F., 5 Guthrie street
Carlyle, John, commission agent, 23b Bread st.
Carlyon, Rev. Philip, 16 Hartington gardens
Garment, "Wedderburn, & Watson, W.S., 32
Albany street
Garment, John,LL.D., S.S.C. {€'., Wedderburn,
& Watson), 36 Great King street
Carmichael & Ewing, drapers, 13 Kirkgate
Carmichael, Alexander, butcher, 15 Canongate ;
house, 7 Salisbury terrace
Carmichael, Jas., classical master in the Edin-
burgh Academy, 9 Saxe-Cobourg place
Carmichael, James, M.D., F.R.C. P. E., physician
actjoucheur, 22 Northumberland street
Carmichael, Jas. {Bank of Scot.), 7 St Catherine's
Carmichael, James T. , 7 St Vincent st.
Carmichael, Jos. T. , collector Dock Commission,
Customhouse buildings ; ho. 8 Summerside st,
Carmichael, Peter, 51 "VVarrender park road
CARMICHAEL, ROBERT, wholesale and retail
poulterer and game dealer, Broughton market,
11 Maitland street, and Stockbridge market ;
house, 27 Scotland street. if^See Adv. index
Carmichael, R. H., clerk, 40 Madeira st., Leith
Carmichael, Thomas, S.S.C, 25 Albany street
Carmichael, Thos. H., 101 Great Junction street
Carmichael, Thos. H., teacher, 12 Dry den street
Carmichael, T., smith, 5 St Andrew st., Leith;
house, 40 Madeira street
Carmichael, T., brewer, 41 N. B. of Canongate ;
house, 33 Spring gardens. Abbey hill
Carmichael, Walter S., M.D. and sui'geon, 2
Pilrig street
Carmichael, W., 23 Broughton place
Carmichael, Wm., butcher, 3 to 5 Broughton
market ; house, 8 Mansfield place
Carmichael, Wm., victual dealer, 24 Carnegie st.
Carmichael, Mrs Agnes H., 20 Druminoud street
Carmichael, Mrs "Wm. , 59 Forrest road
Carmichael, Mrs, 28 India street
Carmichael, Mrs, poulterer, 5 Poultry market
Carmichael, Misses, general inquiry offices and
scholastic agency, 29 St Patrick square
Carmichael, Miss Janet, 3 Windmill street
Carmichael, Miss, 33 Howe street
Carmont, Mrs, 19 Panmure place
Carmouche, Eugene, Swiss warehouse, 10 and 12
Arcade ; house, 7 Claremont terrace
Carnegie, Charles, & Son, boot and shoe makers,
45 Earl Grey street
Carnegie, Chas. (C. C. d- Son), 9 Upper Gilmore pi.
Carnegie, Geo. E., bootmaker, 11 Morningside
terrace ; house, 9 Upper Gilmore place
Carnegie, James, smith and ironmonger, 7 Leven
street : works, 36 Wright's houses ; house, 31
Tarvit street
Carnegie, John, 20 James street
Carnegie, John {In. Rev.), 11 Caledonian road
Carnegie, P., British Lion public-house, 317
Leith walk and IS Commercial street ; house,
35 Lome street
Carnegie, Mrs Johnston, 3 Chamberlain road
Carnegie, Mrs, lodgings, 6 Coates place
Carnegy, Miss, Laverockbauk house, Trinity
road east
Carnochan, John, Gibraltar villa, St Leonard's hill
Carnochan, Mrs A., 20 Eankeillor street
Car on, F., 10 Madeira place
Carphin, James Rhind, C.A., chamberlain to
Edinburgh Merchant Co., 14 Hanover street ;
house, 24 Northumberland street

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