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Campbell, John, 58 Potteirow
Campbell, John, S.S.C. (ifylne d; C, W.S.),
' Millearne, Gillsland road
Campbell, John, cork manufacturer, 6 Downie
place ; house, 3
Campbell, John, clerk, 24 Clerk street
Campbell, John, invalid attendant, 8 Caledonian
Campbell, John, 4 jSTorthumberland place ■
Campbell, John, 5 Mackenzie place
Campbell, John, 58 Bristo street
Campbell, John, slater and chimnej' sweeper,
44a Fountainbridge
Campbell, John, spirit merchant, 28 and 32
Clj-de street ; house, 3 Windmill street
Campbell, John, 22 Water street
Campbell, John, refreshment rooms, 251 Leith
Campbell, John A., teacher of English, 130
George street ; house, 11 Archibald place
Campbell, Rev. John {Bttcdezich Parish Church),
30 Hartington place
Campbell, John, M.D., E.N"., 14 Lennox street
Campbell, John, 29 Lutton place
Campbell, John, 12 East Thirlestane road
Campbell, John, grocer, 9 Vittoria place ; house,
1 Rankeillor place
Campbell, John (manager. Great Southern Loan
Office), 19 W. Nicolson street
Campbell, J. W., house painter, 13 S. Clerk st.
Campbell, Lieut-Col. Neil, 9 Inverleith row
Campbell, Ord Graham, 5 Oxford terrace
Campbell, Patk. W. (Mylne d- C), 49 Melville st.
Campbell, Peter, teacher ((?. Watson's College),
3 Raid's buildings, JMorningside road
Campbell, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 159
Rose street ; house, 25b Bread street
Campbell, Richard V., advocate, 37 Moray place
Campbell, R. W., 43 Moray place
Campbell, R., blacksmith, 19 Ingliston street
Campbell, R., grocer and wine merchant, 6
ProsT)cct t6rr3iCG
Campbell, Robert {T. B. C. <£• Co.), 6 John's pL,
Campbell, Robert, 47 Bridge street
Campbell, Robert, 10 St Leonard's lane
Campbell, Samuel, coach-hirer, 17 Mercliiston
•Campbell, Samuel S., 16 W. Claremont place
Campbell, T. Eraser S., 47 Ann street
Campbell, Thomas, bootmaker, 8 E. Norton pi.
Campbell, Thomas C. {B. L. Co.'s Bank), 10 St
Vincent street
Campbell, William, antique and modern furni-
ture dealer, 5 Crichton street
. Campbell, W. L. , 4 Gladstone terrace
Campbell, William, advocate, 4 Gloucester place
Campbell, William, family grocer, 17 and 19
Charles street ; house, 24 Gillespie crescent
Campbell, William, 6 S. St James' street
Camjibell, William, dairy, 13 Atholl place
Campbell, Wm., 12 Cobden crescent
Campbell, W. S. , 3 Comely green crescent
Campbell, Mrs A., 2 Bainfield terrace
Campbell, Mrs A., 80a Princes street
Campbell, Mrs A. D., 10 Palmerston place
Campbell, Mrs Alex., 11 Archibald place
Campbell, Mrs C, lodgings, 10 Baker's place
Campbell, Mrs E., 4 New Broughton
Campbell, Mrs G. R., 23 Moray place
Campbell, Mrs H., lodgings, 19 Rutland street
Campbell, Mrs Jane, lodgings, 39 North Brants-
field place
Campbell, Mrs Dr John, 13 Lynedoch place
Campbell, Mrs N. C, 31 Palmerston place
Campbell, Mrs W. J., 6 Barony street
Campbell, Mrs W. , greengrocer, 52 Potterrow
Campbell, Mrs AV., 12 Thirlestane road
Campbell, Mrs W., 63 Warrender park road
Campbell, Mrs Wm., 5 S. St James street
Campbell, Mrs, Burn house, Jock's lodge
Campbell, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 46 Torphichen st.
Campbell, Mrs, 30 Caledonian terrace
Campbell, Mrs, 330 Leith walk
Campbell, Mrs, 16 Glencairn crescent
Campbell, Mrs, 39 Warrender park terrace
Campbell, Mrs, 1 Broughton place
Campbell, Mrs, 14 Lome street
Campbell, Mrs, 12 Roxburgh street
Campbell, Mrs, 4 Park street
Cami)bell, Mrs, 13 Derby street
Campbell, Mrs, boarding-house, 13 Royal circus
Campbell, Mrs, of Ederline, 8 Northumberland
Campbell, Mrs, lodgings, 15 Chapel street
Campbell, Mrs, of Skerrington, 4 Darnaway st.
Campbell, Mrs, 28 Regent terrace
Campbell, Mrs, apartments, 6 Cambridge street
Campbell, Mrs, 3 Polwarth gardens
Campbell, Mrs, 39 Dublin street
Campbell, Mrs, 209 Fountainbridge
Campbell, Mrs, cook, 14 William street
Campbell, Mrs, lodgings, 4 Marchmont street
Campbell, E. & J., milliners and dressmakers, 3
Wolseley place
Campbell, Rachel, grocer, 41 EastCrosscauseway;
house, 63 Warrender park road
Campbell, Misses, 5 Eyi-e place
Campbell, Misses, 14a Dublin street
Campbell, Miss Barbara R., 5 Danube street
Campbell, Miss C, dressmaker and milliner, 54
Broughton street ; house, 52
Campbell, Miss D., 10 Dean park crescent
Campbell, Miss Elizabeth, toy and smallware
dealer, 18 St Andrew street, Leith
Campbell, Miss E., dressmaker, 3 N. St James'
Campbell, Miss Hay, 18 Moray place
Campbell, Miss Helen, 3 Cornwall street
Campbell, Miss, boarding and day school, 35
Leamington terrace
Campbell, Miss, milliner, 142 George street'; ho.
1 2 Merchiston bank terrace
Campbell, Miss, 30 Royal circus
Campbell, W"m., chimnev sweep, 9 N. Pitt street 1 Campbell, Miss, 57 Gilmore place
Campbell, Wm. {T. B. C. <i- Co.), 1 Carlton ter. I Campbell, Miss, dressmaker, 56 Grove «treet
Campbell, William, successor to Peter Jamieson, Campbell, Miss, 35 Heriot row
wine and spirit merchant, 6 Nicolson square Campbell, Miss, 60 Castle street
and 37 Marshall st. ; ho. 36 Rankeillor street Campbell, Miss, of Walton park, 4 Eton terrace
Campbell, Wm., 9 Greenside place
Campbell, Major William, 6 Barony street
Campbell, Miss, of Southhall, 68 Northumber-
land street

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