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Burnett, William, 39 Regent place
Burnett, Lady, 47 Heriot row
Burnett, Mrs, 19 Montague street
Burnett, ilisn M. , Mount Pleasant, Canaan lane
Burntield, James, 11 West Maitland street
Buruley, William F., 24 Ainslie place
Burns & Bell, tailors, clothiers, and shirtmakers,
10 Bank street
Burns, G. & J., CunardLine, Glasgow, Greenock,
Ardrossau, and Belfast, Eoyal Mail Steamers,
Londonderry, Larne, and Liverpool Steamers,
37 Constitution st. ; James E. Campbell, agent
Burns, Alex., bootmaker, 33Locliend road ; ho.
8 Primrose street
Burns, Andrew, tobacconist, 449 Lawnmarket ;
ho. 100 West bow
Burns, Bernard, broker, 208 Cowgate
Burns, George, dealer in horses, 9 West End pi. ;
ho. 11 Warrender Park road
Burns, James S., S.S.C, 61 Castle street ; house,
6 Rosehall terrace
Burns, James {Nimmo ct B. ) Hillside Cottage,
West Saville road
Burns, Joseph, Hillside cottage. West Saville rd.
Burns, J., 10 Baker's place
Burns, John, 4 Myrtle terrace
Burns, Robert {B. B. d: L.), 15 Hope park ter.
Burns, Thomas, grocei-, 48 Yardheads
Burns, Rev. Thomas, 13 Cumin place
Burns, Thomas ( White, B., d: Co.), 1 Pilrig street
Bui-ns, Thos., photographer, 39 Grove street
Burns, William, 91 Fountainbridge
Burns, William, 12 Clifton terrace
Burns, Mrs F., 12 Clifton terrace
Burns, Mrs H. , greengrocer, 9 Deanbank place
Burns, Mrs Josiah, shooting saloon, 3 7 Hadding-
ton place
Burns, Mrs William, 9 Bernard terrace
Burns, Mrs, 8 Upper Grove place
Burns, Airs, 41 Grindlay street
Burnside, Miss, 12 Lynedoch place
manufacturers of crude, burning and lubiicat-
ing oils, paraffin scale, sulphate of ammonia,
etc. ; wks. Burntisland ; regis, office, 15 Han-
over st. ; AYm. N. Grainger, gen. man. and sec.
Burr, James, commission agent, Glasgow, 93a
George street
Burrell, Miss, toy wareho. , 3 Riddle's close, Leith
BuiToughs, Robert, R.E. Department, 1 Castle
terrace ; house, 9 West Catherine place
Burt, James, nail and holdfast maker, JVIarket
gate, Barony street
Burt, James, janitor, 20 York place
Burt, Robert, 4 Montrose terrace
Burt, Walter, 13 Lothian road
Burt, Mrs, 1 Drummond place
Burt, Mrs, 34 Reid terrace
Burt, Miss, 47 Great King street
Burton, David, lapidary, 15 Bellevue crescent
Burton, Francis W., hairdresser, 71 Lothian
road ; house, 1 Collins place
Burton, John, stationer and picture framer, 6
George street, Leith
Burton, Richard, 249 Great Jtmction street
Burton, William, brewer, 60 Pleasance
Burton, Mrs., 19 Leopold place
Bury, Peter B. , 18 Warrender park road
Butchard, J. W., 99 Albany street, Leith
Butchard, Misses, private school, 9 Laverock-
bank road
Butchart & Hastie, builders, 14 Caledonian place
Butcher, Capt. M. J., Moray house, Trinity
road, East
Butcher, S. H., professor of Greek, 27 Palmer-
ston place
Butler, David, 59 Montgomery street
Butler, Mrs, 6 Pitt street
Butt, Andrew J., grocer and. wine merchant, 7
Gt. Junction street ; ho. 2 Summerside street
Butt, Mrs Dedrick, 2 Summerside street
Butters, Alex., bootmaker, 9 Broughton street
and 21 South bridge
Butti, J. A., line art collector and dealer in
articles of vertu, 7 Queen street ; house, Sea-
view house, Portobello
Bj'-ers, James, 56 Marchmont crescent
Byers, James L., 26 Gardner's crescent
Byers, John, teacher, 10 Parkside terrace
Byres, George Moir (of Tonley), 32 Danube st.
Byrne, Michael, 4 Marchmont street
Byrne, Thomas, grocer and spirit merchant, 169
Cowgate ; house, 168 Pligh street
Byron, Mrs J., fruiterer and confectioner, 51
Bernard street
Bywaters, Edward, church officer, 9 Rutland st.
Cadden, George, bootmaker, 1 Gayfield place
Cadell, Francis, surgeon, M.B., F.R.C.S.E., 5
Castle terrace
Cadell, Henry, of Grange, 13 Douglas crescent
Cadell, Mrs Alex., 11 Broughton place
Cadzow Coal Co. (Limited), head office, 10
Both well St., Glasgow ; depot and offices,
Cal. Ry., 56 Morrison street ; George Cowan,
agent ; house, 9 Argyle terrace
Caesar, William James, C.A., 4a St. Andrew
square ; house, Tranent
Cafe Royal Plotel, West Register street, A. M.
Ross, proprietor
Caie, Robt. , furniture dealer, 32 S. Richmond st.
Caird, Alex. M'Neel, 73 Inverleith row
Caii-d, Andrew, draper, clothier, and outfitter,
47 Kirkgate ; house, 6 Union street, Leith
Caird, Edwai'd, of Finnart, 15 Belgrave crescent
Caird, F. G., 8 Torphichen street
Caird, F. M., M.B., F.R.C.S.E., 8 Torphichen
Caird, John, general engraver, 15 Calton hill
Cairncross, D. G., baker and confectioner, 87
St Andrew street ; ho. 15 Riddle's close, Leith
Cairncross, H. L., chemist, 16 AVest Claremont
Cairns, Ainslie, & Co., merchants, 201 Leith
walk, Leith
Cairns & Co., grocers, 11 Maitland st., Newhaven
Cairns, M'Intosh, & Morton, W.S., 31 Queen st.
Cairns, R. & D. , ship brokers and coal exporters,
8 Commercial street
Cairns, William & George, contractors, 189
Fountainbridge ; house, 119 Gilmore place
Cairns, Alexander, roi^e and twine manufacturer,
Hope crescent ; house, 36 Grassmarket
Cairns, Andrew, 1 Paterson's court. Barony st.
Cairns, A. (C, Ainslie, tC- Co.), 15 Smith's place
Cairns, D. (C. <L- Co.), 14 Derby street
Cairns, D. {E. d- D. C. ), 24 Summerside st., Leith
Cairns, George ( Wood <£• C), 19 E. Preston st.

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