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Brown, AVm., shoemaker, 11 Chapel st. ; ho. 9
Brown, Wm., hosier, glover, and shh't mer., 43
Leith street and 35 N. bridge ; house 2 Green-
hill terrace
Brown, William, 2 Romilly place
Brown, William, fraiterer, 5 Hanover street, 42
Queensferry street, and 9 Drumshengh place ;
honse, 1 ]\lardale crescent
Brown, Wm. baker, 9 S. St James' street
Brown, William, surgeon, F.R.C.S., 25 Dublin
Brown, William, grocer and spirit merchant, 92
Grove st., 158 Fountainbridge {Post Office);
house, 128 Gilmore place
Brown, William, 13 Blackwood crescent
Brown, William, 12 Warrender park terrace
Brown, Wm. {Ronaldson & B., G.A.), 10 St
Andrew square
Brown, William, 5 Abbey street
Brown, William, dairynaan, Sunnj'bank
Brown, William, 13 Calton hill
Brown, WiUiam, 4 Collins place
BroAvn, Capt. William, K.N"., Ainslie house,
Ainslie place
Brown, Mrs Alex., 9 Hermitage terrace, Leith
Brown, Mrs A., apartments, 14 Bright crescent
Brown, Mrs A. , 2 Sciennes hill place
Brown, Mrs A., 21 Brougham street
Brown, Mrs Catherine,, 6 West Preston street
Brown, Mrs C, fishmonger, Lochrin ; house,
Brown, Mrs D., 40 Marchmont crescent
Brown, Mrs G., Drum terrace
Brown, Mrs George, 23a Minto street
Brown, Mrs H. , 8 Morningside place
Brown, Mrs Henry, Kilmeny, Ettrick road
Brown, Mrs Hugh, Arthur lodge, Dalkeith rd.
Brown, Mrs James, 8 Claremont park
Brown, Mrs J. M. D._, 20 Pitt street -
Brown, Mrs John, milliner and small wares, 24
Duke street, Leith
Brown, Mrs J. C, Crawford lodge, 6 Abbots-
ford park
Brown, Mrs John, dry Salter, 194 Canongate ;
house, 2 Roxburgh street
Brown, Mrs M., dressmaker, 9a Gladstone place
Brown, Mrs Margaret French, 48 Minto street
Brown, Mrs Robert, Bell's mills house, Dean
Brown, Mrs Samuel, 52 Grange loan
Brown, Mrs Thomas, 113 Prince Albert buildings
Brown, Mrs Thomas, 32 Royal terrace
Brown, Mrs T. , 3 South JIarchmont road
Brown, Mrs William, 25 South Clerk street
Brown, Mrs William, 47 George iv. bridge
Brown, Mrs W. Craufurd, 2 Blantyre terrace
Brown, Mrs W., apartments, 2 Marchmont road
Brown, Mrs W. S., 8 Heriot place
Brown, Mrs, 6 East Montgomery street
Brown, Mrs, 31 Staiford street
Brown, Mrs, 24 Teviotdale place
Brown, Mrs, 3 Montague street
Brown, Mrs, fishmonger, 20 Tolbooth wynd
Brown, Mrs, nurse, 7 Buc clench place
Brown, Mrs, 93 Broughton street
Brown, Mrs, 40 Findhorn place
Brown, Mrs, 15 Gillespie crescent
Brown, Mrs, 3 Eildon street
Brown, Mrs, 51 Lauder road
Brown, Mrs, 27 Oxford street
BroAvn, Mrs, 35 Castle terrace
Brown, Mrs, grocer, IJ James street
Brown, Mrs, milliner, 3S West ISTicolson street
Brown, ]\Irs, 28 Alva street
Brown, Mrs, 47a George street
Brown, Mrs, Slillburn house, Cantian lane
Brown, Mrs, 4 Warrender park cresc6nt
Brown, Mrs, 12 Gladstone place
Brown, Mrs, 8 Cumberland street
Brown, Mrs, 6 AthoU place I
Brown, Misses, 11 Abbotsford crescent
Brown, Misses, 23 Danube street
Brown, Misses, 5 Saunders street f
Brown, Miss Ann, 15 Alva street I
Brown, Miss A., 11 Keir street /
Brown, JMiss E. , dressmaker, 3 Wimdmill street
Brown, ]\Iiss I., 14 Spring gardens/ Abbey hill
Brown, Miss J., fruiterer, 12 Waferley terrace
Brown, ]\Iiss Lucy, 11 Rosehall terrace
Brown, Miss-M., dressmaker, 93/Broughton st.
Brown, Miss Violet, artificial florist, 20
Brougham street
Brown, Miss Violet C, 3 Doune terrace
BroAvn, Miss, Royal Alexandra Hotel, 124
Princes street
Brown, Miss, 2 Gayfield place
Brown, Miss, dressmaker, 12 Warrender park ter.
Brown, JMiss, tobacconist, 95 Leith walk
Brown, Miss, dressmaker, 23 Gayfield square
Brown, ]\Iiss, dairy, 3 Rosehill place
Brown, Miss, dairy, 78 Fountainbridge
Brown, Miss (of Lanfine), 8 Albyn place
Brown, Miss, 20 Tantallon place
Brown, Miss, 4 Lome terrace
Brown, Miss, 148 Ferry road
Brown, Miss, Bible -woman, 11 Rosemount
Brown, Miss, boarding-school, 4 Melgund ter.
Brown, Miss, dressmaker, 35 Myrtle terrace
Brown, Miss, 34 Dundas street
Brown, Miss, mantle maker, 1 Cheyne street
Brown, Miss, Tremont, Canaan lane
Browne & Glover, merchants, commission agents,
and fish curers, 30 and 32 Quality street, and
51 Giles street
Browne, Geo. W., architect ( Wardrop, Anderson,
(£; B.), 3 Marchmont street .,
Browne, J. Neil {Bd. of Superv.), 42 Argyle pi.
Browne, Robt., provision merchant, 8 Elm row
Browne, W. F.{B. & Glover), 26 E. Hermitage pi.
Browne, William James, L.R.C.S. and P., 33
Warrender park road
Browne, Mrs W., spirit merchant, 34 Castle st.
Brownhill, George, 15 Claremont terrace
Browning, Matthew, 2 St David's terrace
Brownlee, Alex., watchmaker, 8 East Register
street ; ho. 2 West Stanhope place
Brownlee, Jas. , mason, 5 Violet terrace
Bi'ownlee, Robert, keeper of regalia, The Castle
Brownlee, Thos., cabinetmaker, 10 U. Grove pi.
Bi-ownlee, William, 1 Lord Russell place
Brownlee, Wm., builder, 31 Grindlaj' street
Brownlees, David, 24 Dean park street
Brownlie, James, grocer, 26 Barony street
Brownlie, William, dairy. Echo bank
Brownlie, Wm., hatter, hosier, and shirtmaker,
5 Orchardfield place ; house, 2 Lothian road
Bruce, Boyd, & Co., mers., 27 Constitution st.
Bruce & Kerr, W.S., 16 Hill street

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