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Brocks, Wm., shoemaker, 24 Couper sti'eet .Brotchie, Robt., & Co., wholesale tea and coifee
Brodie, Hamilton, & Co., wholesale tea dealers, merchants, 11 and 12 Mitchell street
9 Picardy place Brotchie, A. F. {R. B. <k Co.), 4 Vanburgh place
Brodie, James, & Co., mortgage agents, 34 St ! Brotchie, Robt. (i?. i?. «£• Co. ), 5 John's pi. , Leith
Andrew square ; house, 9 Leamington terrace
Brodie, John Clerk, & Sons, W.S., 5 Thistle st.
Brodie, Andrew, engineer, 67 Prince Regent st.
Brodie, Benjamin, confectioner, 6 Tynecastle ter.
Brodie, George E., 37 Raeburn place
Brodie, G. J., W.S., 27 Greenhill gardens
Brodie, J., spirit mer., 6 Johnston ter. ; house,
48 Lothian street
Brodie, J, A., ironfounder, Tweed villa, Ben-
Brodie, James, assistant clerk of Session, 12 New
Register House ; house, 9 Nelson street
Brodie, James G. C, W.S. {John Qlerk B. &
Sons), 48 Palmerston place
Brodie, John Clerk, W.S. {John Cleric B. d;8ons),
26 Moray place
Brodie, John, joiner, 90 Rose street ; house, 19
Drumdryan street
Brodie, John, spirit mercht. , 52 Lothian street ;
house, 48
Brodie, John, C.A. {Torrie, B., <£; M'Larjan),
13 Belgrave place
Brodie, John, 19 South St James' street
Brodie, R. , 8 Richmond terrace
Brodie, Robert, 91 Albany street, Leith
Brodie, Thomas, 6 Marmion terrace
Brodie, Thomas Dawson, W.S. {John Cleric
B. <£• Sons), 9 Ainslie place
Brodie, W. P., C.A., 47 Melville street
Brodie, Walter, plumber and sanitary engineer,
60 S. Clerk street ; house Tweedbank, W.
Saville road
Brodie, William, baker, 17 Lothian street
Brodie, Mrs K. S., 15 Rutland square
Brodie, Mrs Patrick, 47 Melville street
Brodie, Mrs, Douglas lodge, 1 Merchiston place
Brodie, Mrs, 10 Oxford terrace
Brodie, Mrs, 27 Greenhill gardens
Brodie, Mrs, 11 Upper Grove place
Brodie, Mrs, provision merchant, 5 Admiralty st.
Brodie, Misses, 13 Spottiswoode street
Brodie, Miss, 21 Brougham place
Brodnicki, J. J., courier and interpreter of
languages, 6 Springfield street
Brody, Rev. Michael, O.M.I., 5 Coatfield lane;
house, St. Mary's Star of the Sea, Leith
Bromley, C, boot and shoe maker, 185 Cause-
Bromley, Mrs James, 10 South College street
Brook, Alexander J. S. , 5 Lauriston park
Brook, James, 6 Home terrace
■ Brook, Robert, horse-dealer, 2 Windsor st. lane
Brook, Wm. {Marshall d: Sons), 7 Lauriston park
Brook, Mrs, 7 Gillespie place
Brooke, J., teacher of music, 130 George street
Brookman, James, 16 Ravelston park
Brooks, A. , clothier, 21 St Mary street
Brooks, Rev. George, 9 Hope park terrace
Brooks, James, dairyman, Balbirnie place and
6 Haymarket terrace
Brooks, John, dairyman, 3 St Cuthbert's place
Brooks, Mrs, 24 Polwarth crescent
Broom, Miss, 31 Cumberland street
Broome, John, officer, 9 Queen street
Broomfield, Walter, watchmaker, 63 Nicolson st.
Brotherston, A. & J., grocers' ironmongers and
tinsmiths, 27 and 46 Candlemaker row
Brotherston, G., & Son, house agents, 18 St
John street
Brotherston, A., 1 Rankeillor street
Brotherston, A., stationmaster, Leith walk
station ; house, 4 Montgomery street
Brotherston, Alex. , 6 Ashville terrace
Brotherston, Charles, dairyman, 3 Coburg street
Brotherston, John {A. & J. B.), 10 Meadow pi.
Brotherston, W., comm. agent, 25 Candlemaker
row ; house, 22 Gillespie crescent
Brotherston, Mrs, 10 Livingstone place
Brotherston, Mrs, 33 Morrison street
Brotherston, Mrs, 3 Leven street
Brotherston, Miss, dressmaker, 33 Morrison st.
Broun, A. M'Bryde, W.S., 6 Shandwick place
house, 18 Morniugside place
Broiin, Archibald, of Johnstounbum {P.C.S.),
12 Oxford terrace
Broun, Mrs M'Bryde, 18 Morningside place
Brown, Barnes, & Bell, art photographers and
portrait painters, 1 Hanover street
Brown & Glegg, iron merchants and wholesale
ironmongers, 33 Candlemaker row
Brown & Lawrence, ordained surveyors, 57 N.
Hanover street
Brown Brothers & Co. , hydraulic engineers, Rose-
bank ironworks, Broughton road
BROWN BROTHERS, art furniture manufac-
turers, 47 Caledonian crescent. Dairy road ;
London depot, 204 Great Portland street, W. ;
house, 5 Belford place
BROWN BROTHERS, clothiers, tailors, out-
fitters, and men's mercers, 56 North bridge.
i{:See Adv. index
BROWN, C. & J., builders and cabinetmakers,
Bernard teiTace and 31 South. Clerk street.
>l<See Adv. index
Brown, Hugh, & Sons, tanners, curriers, leather
and bark factors, 30 St Mary street ; house,
Arthur lodge, Blacket place
Brown, J. & B., Baring, & Co., chemical manure
merchants, India buildings ; works. West
Bowling-green street
Brown, M., & Sons, auctioneers, valuators,
and cabinetmakers, 9 Chambers street and 49
South Clerk street
Brown, Robert, & Son, Eerguslie fij-eclay works,
Crown plumbago crucible works, the Paisley
sanitary and plumbers' earthenware works, and
Shortroods drain pipe and tile works. Paisley ;
Depot, 17 St Anthony place
Brown, W. & J., house painters, 76 Great Junc-
tion street
Brown's Company Porters, 37 Shore
Brown, A., bookseller and bookbinder, 15 Bristo
jilace ; house, 13 N. Bruntsfield place
Brown, A. A., 35 Frederick street
general draper, 7 Rosehill place ;
tailor and clothier, 9 Brougham
Brown, A. C,
house, 2
Brown, A. C,
Brown, A., gardener, Seafield
Brown, Adam, 8 Hillside street

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