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Boston, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 15 "Walker terrace
Boswall, Mrs, Donaldson house, Boswell road
Boswell, Alex. , 4 Salisbury road
BOSWELL, A., portmanteau, trunk, bag, and
brush manufacturer, 8 Hanover street ; house,
6 Ab(n-cromby pi. Jj^See Adv. index
Boswell, H. A., manager, St Giles Printing Co.,
13 Johnston terrace
Boswell, J. A., 6 Merchiston bank avenue
Botanic Garden, Inverleith row
Botanical Society, 5 St Andrew sq. ; Andrew
Taylor, assistant secretary
Bough, Mrs, 55 York place
Boulton, John, major, 8 Inverleith terrace
Bourgois, Mrs, hotel, 25 Fieshmarket close
Bourhill, M., 35 Hanover street
Bourhill, Miss, apartments, 30 Alva street
Bow, William, & Co., coachbuilders, Lochrin
Bow, Robert H., C.E., 7 South Gray street
Bow, William, 8 Drumdryan street
Bow, Mrs J. Campbell, 18 Albany street
Bowack Brothers, aerated water manufacturers,
16 King's stables ; house, 15 Graham street
Bowden, Rev. Chas. E., M.A., incumbent of St
Columba's Episcopal Church, 11 Johnston ter.
Bowden, D. , & Co. , contractors, Lower Gilmore
place ; house, 85 Marchmont road
Bowden, John, 10 Bright terrace
Bowden, John, bricklayer and furnace builder,
153 Ferry road
Bowden, William, 1 E. Albert street
Bowden, Mrs James, 13 North-West Circus place
Bowden, Mrs George, 2 Upper Gilmore place
Bowe, James, 91 Causewayside
Bower, Admiral Jas. P. , 4 Moredun crescent
Bower, James, slipmaster, Granton slip, Granton
Bower, William, 2 Inverleith terrace
Bower, Mrs, 81 South Marchmont road
Bowie & Thomson, ladies' outfitting and baby
linen warehouse, 123 Princes street
Bowie, M., & Co., wholesale tea and coffee
merchants, 5 Blenheim place
Bowie, Alex., grocer, 52 Fountainbridge ; ho.
59 Earl Grey street
Bowie, Aw. F. {R. Anderson d: Co.), 16 Duncan
street, Newington
Bowie, Duncan Watson, 18 Marchmont crescent
Bowie, Henry {secretary. Philosophical Institu-
tion), 1 Upper Dean terrace
Bowie, Jas. , confectioner, 1 Dairy park terrace
Bowie, John, M.D., 43 Lauriston place
Bowie, J. T., C.A., 18 Northumberland street
Bowie, Malcolm, traveller, 113 Leith walk
Bowie, Matthew, 27 Coates gardens
Bowie, Robert, 19 Rankeillor street
Bowie, W., toy warehouse, 48 Broughton street
Bowie, William, 28 Rutland street
Bowie, Wm. , family grocer and wine merchant,
12 E. Richmond st. ; house, 7 Salisbury bank
Bowie, Wra., wood carver, 4 Queen's place;
house, 29 Carlyle place
Bowie, iirs J. D. , muslin printer and dealer in
sewed muslin, etc., 68 Leith street ; house, 2
Elm row
Bowie, Mrs, feather dresser, 13 Parkside street
Bowie, Miss, 11 Henderson row
Bowman Brothers, chemists, 9 Merchiston ter. :
house, 35 Lauriston gardens
Bowman, Alex., 7 Eandolph cliff
Bowman, Edmund {B. Brothers), 35 Lauriston
Bowman, J., chemist, 11 Pilrig street
Bowman, James (/. B. cfc Co.), 2 Crown street
Bowman, Wm., 4 Springfield street
Bowman, Miss, dressmaker, 11 Picardy place ;
house, 6 Bonnington road
Bowock, Mrs, 15 Graham street
Bowrey, Henry, 1 Melgund terrace
Bowton, John, 18 Bell place
Boyack, James, 4 E. St James' place
Boyack, James, engraver, printer, and litho-
gi-apher, 15 St James' square
Boyack, John C. , 8 Brandiield street
Boyce & Johnston, ironfounders, Beaverbank
Boyce, Robert, china merchant, 61 Pleasance
Boyce, Wm., china merchant, 49 St Leonard's
street ; house, 47
Boyd, Bayne, & Co. , fruiterers, 41 Princes street
Boyd, Jameson, & Kelly, W.S., N.P., 55 Con-
stitution street
Boyd, Alexander, upholsterer, 31 Upper Grey
street ; house, 11 W. Newington place
Boyd, Archibald, church officer, 11^ St Anthony
Boyd, George, 5 AV. Lauriston place
Boyd, Rev. George, A.M., 27 Spring gardens
Boyd, James L.,'S.S.C., 12 Regent terrace
Boyd, James, soap powder manuf. , W. Silvermills
lane ; house, 19 Cathcart place
Boyd, James, 4 Moray place
Boyd, James, joiner, Dumbiedykes lane
Boyd, John, linen draper, 11 N. Bruntsfield X)l. ;
house, 31 Panmure place
Boyd, John, house agent, upholsterer, under-
taker, and valuator, 2 York place ; house, 11
Abercromby place
Boyd, John {Oliver d: B.), 27 Melville street
Boyd, John, advocate, 11 Abercromby place
Boyd, John, 17 Waverley place
Boyd, John, 21 Castle street
Boyd, M., tobacconist, 38a Frederick street
Boyd, P. J. Stirling, 3 Dean park crescent
Boyd, Robert, tobacconist, 5 Clerk street ; ho. 16
Montague street
Boyd, Sir Thomas Jamieson, 41 Moray place
Boyd, Thomas, millwright, Flora ha', 63 Grove
Boyd, Thomson {Oliver <£• B.), 14 Royal terrace
Boyd, William, 19 Panmure place
Boyd, William, 2 Washington street
Boyd, William, broker, 23 St Mary street
Boyd, Mrs James, 61 Clerk street
Boyd, Mrs J., 25 Thistle street
Boyd, Mrs William, 14 Cnmin place
Boyd, ]\Irs, register for servants, 30 Forth street
Boyd, Miss Isabella, 3 Gloucester place
Boyd, Miss M., 100 Lauriston place
Boyes, Charles Robert, M.D., 8 Lansdowne cr.
Boyes, J., bootmaker, 20 Caledonian terrace;
house, 4 Henderson terrace
Boj^es, Joseph, leather factor, and wholesale boot
and shoe manuf. , 11 Chambers sti'eet ; factory,
Hall's court, Cowgate ; ho. 15 Glenorchy ter.
Boylan, Luke J., pawnbroker, 240 Canongate ;
house, 5 St John street
BOYLE, ROBERT, & SON, ventilating and
sanitarj^ engineers, 110 Bothwell st., Glasgow.
;i<See Adv. index

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