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Blyih, Mrs, 29 Lauder road
Blyth, Mary, greengrocer, 13 Hercules street
Blyth, Miss, 11 Chalmers crescent
Blytli, Miss, private classes for young ladies, 9
Hope street ; house, 3 S. Mansionhouse road
Blytli, Miss, educationist, 3 S. Mansionhouse rd.
Blythe, James, 67 Cumberland street
Boa, James, dairyman, 72 Potterrow; house, 6
Dorset place
Boa, James, clerk, 71 Montgomery street
Boa, Peter, chemist, 119 George street ; house,
5 Ardmillan terrace
Boag, J., & Co., esparto and chemical mer-
chants, 46 Constitution street
Boag, D., 28 Water street
Boag, Bobert, dairy, 23 Fowler terrace
Boak's Tamvorks Co. (Limited), 53 West port;
J. Richardson, manager
BOAK, ALFRED B., public reader and elo-
cutionist, 10 Abbotsford park
Boak, Mrs Allan, St Ronans, 10 Abbotsford park
Boak, Mrs William, 2 Lixmount terrace
Board of Supervision for Relief of Poor,
AND Public Health, 125 George street
Boase, Clement, 18 Annandale street
Boase, Mrs Charles W., 16 Forth street
Boden, Wm., com. trav., 20 Cumberland street
Boe, David, stevedore, 37 Sandport street
Boe, John, wine and spirit mercht., 17 Falshaw
st. ; ho. Bennington bower house, Bonnington
Boe, Samuel, 17 Rosslyn crescent
Boe, Mrs S., dairy, 11 St Mary st. ; house, 12
Boe, Mrs, 23 Button place
Bogie, James, & Son, smiths, S.-E. Thistle street
lane and St Stephen street
Bogie, Alex. {Commercial Banh), 27 Minto st.
Bogie, James, 18 Thistle street
Bogie, Walter (J. B. <fe Son), 25 Thistle street
Bogie, Mrs J. F., 59 Lauriston place
Bogie, Miss, lace-cleaner, 22 Rose street
Bogle, John, grocer and Avine merchant, 2
Trinity crescent
Bogle, Mrs, lA Inveiieith terrace
Bogue, James W. , 5 Pitt street
Bohrns, W. C, wine and spirit merchant, and
carriers' quarters, 42 Bernard street
Bolam, Jas., teacher of navigation, 14 Dock pi. ;
house, 6 Hermitage hill
Bolan, Thomas, clothier, 120 High street ; ho,
13 Tantallon place
Boldt, F. W., 4 Coburg street
Boles, P. , provision store, 22 St Mary street ;
house, 12
BoUand, E. R., mechanical engineer and boiler
inspector, 3 Royal park terrace
Bolt, James, grocer, 5 Dock place ; house, 2
Bolton & Co., ship-chandlers, painters, and paper-
hangers, 15, 16, and 17 Commercial street
Bolton, Alex., Waterston's buildings, Dahy^oad
Bolton, David {Bolton d; Co.), 89 Ferry road
Bolton, Fred., com. traveller, 28 Forrest road
Bolton, George, victual dealer, 75 Kirkgate
Bolton, James B., 3 Madeira street
Bolton, John, 2 Queensberry terrace
Bolton, John, 3 Oakville terrace
Bolton, John, 4 Hermitage ten-ace
Bonallo, Charles, brewer, 10 Rankeillor street
Bonallo, Thomas, brewer, 31 Buccleuch place
Bonar, Rev. Horatius, D.D., 10 Palmerston road
Bonar, Horatius, W.S. {3IiU <£■ B.), commis-
sioner for Courts of the provinces of Ontario
and ]\lanitoba in Canada, and New Zealand ;
office, 15 Hill street ; house, 15 Stratheam pi.
Bonar, James, 10 Douglas terrace
Bonar, Mrs T., Grove lodge, 16 Napier road
Bonar, Miss, 3 Grange terrace
Bonar, Miss, 15 Ann street
Bone, J. , tailor and clothier, 8 North bridge ;
house, 6 Findhorn place
Bone, John S., 2 Marchmont street
Bone, William, 20 Heriot place
Bonella, G., butcher, 25 Albany st., Leitli ; ho. 27
Bonnar, James, 4 W. Adam street
Bonnar, John, 15 Leopold place
Bonnar, Thomas, painter, gilder, carver, and
decorative art designer, 127 George street ;
house, 7 Ann street
Bonnar, William {Kerr d- B.),B9 Leamington ter.
Bonnar, William, 8 Lauriston park
Bonnar, Mrs, teacher of music, 21 AV. Maitland
Bonnar, Miss, 13 Glengyle terrace
Bonnar, Miss, 2 Atholl place
Bonne, T. J., photographer, 105 South bridge
Bonnyman, J. , 30 Queensferry street
Bonnyman, Miss E. , dressmaker, 30 Queensferry
Bonthron, Robert, com. agent, 23 Comely bank
Boog, Mrs, 4 Duncan street
Boon, Adam B. {H.M.G.), 10 Union st., Leith
Boon, Robert, 53 Bonnington road
Booth, Geo. F., R.N., 2 Haddington place
Booth, Major J. G., 1 Morningside park
Booth, R. B., 29 Warrender park road
Booth, William, coal merchant, 2 Port Hope-
toun ; house, 5 Keir street
Bootland, Joseph, bootmaker, 51 Gt. Junction
street ; house, 1 Fort place
Bootland, MrsE., billiard rooms, 20 Elder street
BORAX, J. F. KERR, agent, 85 Gilmore place.
:^See Adv. index
Borland, Mrs J. W., 151 WaiTender park road
Borley, William, 5 Drummond street
Borley, W. M., photographer, 4 Charles street
Borrie, Mrs M., wine and spirit merchant, 17
Downie place ; house, 23
Borrie, Miss, apartments, 16 Randolph crescent
Borrowman, James F., 4 Hill square
Borthwick, Alexander, butcher, 27 and 28 High.
market ; house, Haddon's court, Nicolson st.
Borthwick, Archd. {G.P.O.), 10 Collins place
Borthwick, Charles, grocer, 24 West port
Borthwick, H. M., 7 Kirk street, Leith
Bortliwick, J. J. M., 53 York place
Borthwick, James, cabinetmaker, 23 Upper
Grove jilace
Borthwick, James, 33 Reid ten-ace
Borthwick, James, 15 Tarvit street
Borthwick, T., 17 Bread street
Borthwick, Wm., butcher, 68 Grove st. ; house,
24 Dundee terrace
Borthwick, Wm., butcher and poulterer, 11 W.
Newington ter. ; ho. 14 Duncan st., Newington
Borthwick, Mrs, 103 Fountainbridge
Borthwick, Miss, 1 Dean park crescent
Boss, James, clerk of works, 11 J^ewis terrace
Boss, W. Graham, glass stainer and art tile
painter, 16 Union street ; house, 11 Lewis ter.

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