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'The Division of Profits last year, wlien the large sum of £331,591 18s. was divided among the
Policy-holders, has given general satisfaction. Assurance Policy-holders are not easily satisfied in this
respect, and the undue pressure for bonus is a point on which the public err. The Directors do their
best to give all interested in the business the fullest advantages from it ; and although some may think
that the Company might divide a larger amount of surplus, the Directors are not inclined to increase the
Company's popularity in this way by making encroachment on their resources.
' The only other point on which I wish to say a few words is as to the important advantages which
the Company offers to assurers in connection with the contract of assurance. The Standard was the
first to liberalize the contract, and I think it is quite right they should have the credit of it. I recollect,
not very long ago, when a Life Policy was so fenced about with conditions, that it was a somewhat
difficult thing for the life assured to steer clear of a forfeiture.
' Among the causes of forfeiture were —
' Residence beyond the limits of Europe ; or, in some cases, beyond Great Britain.
' Crossing the Channel, except to ports between the Texel and Brest, or some similar limits.
'Non-payment of the annual premium for more than 16 days.
' Death by Suicide, Duelling, or the Hands of Justice.
' An error in statement, connected with the original proposal for assurance, even though accidental
or unintentional.
' All these were causes of forfeiture.
' Further, many Offices allowed no surrender value if the Policy was dropped from any cause.
' How STANDS THE CASE NOW ? — Owing in a great measure to the example of Liberality set by the
' Our conditions are —
' Residence allowed in any part of the world, in the case of professional men and others, who,
having no intention of proceeding abroad when they took out their Policies, have occasion afterwards to
do so, a free Policy having been obtained.
' Residence allowed to all Policy-holders in any part of Europe, and in various other parts of the
world, with moderate extra premium for residence beyond the limit of temperate climates.
'Thirty da3's allowed for the payment of the renewal premium in all cases, and Thirteen months
altogether under Policies of five years' standing, without medical certificate, on payment of a fine ; and
if a claim arises within these thirteen months, it is the Company's practice to pay the amount under
deduction of the unpaid premiums and fines. After the thirteen months the Policy is forfeited, but the
surrender value remains available for five years, as explained in the Company's prospectus. Policies of less
than five years' standing maj' also be renewed after the expiry of thirty days on liberal conditions.
' The clauses as to death by Suicide, Duelling, and the Hands of Justice have been expunged.
' Surrender values of Policies are guaranteed at a certain amount, varying according to class,
duration, etc., thus :
' In the case of Home Policies with profits, the rate of surrender value is from 30 to 40 per cent, on
the amount of premiums paid, according to the age of the assured and duration of the Policy, in the case
of Policies on which three or more premiums have been paid; 25 per cent, for Policies of less duration.
These values are exclusive of the values of Bonus additions.
' In the case of Home Policies without profits, from 20 to 40 per cent, is allowed after three premiums
have been paid.
'In the case of Colonial Policies the surrender values are liberal, being specially arranged with
reference to class and climate.
' Finally, a Standard Policy is unchallengeable on any ground whatever connected with the
original documents on which the assurance was eflfected after it has existed for five years, without
application, subject to age having been proved. In the case of Policies of less than five years' standing,
that period must elapse before they become iudisputable.
' These are most important concessions, and I do not think they are fall}' known to Solicitors and
others in arranging marriage contracts and other onerous deeds with which Policies are connected.
What a difference it makes in the security afforded when all these privileges are guaranteed ! I do not
know any Assurance Contract more secure than a Standard Policy.
By Order of the Directors,
TABLES OF RATES, and all further Information, can be obtained by application at the Offices of
the Company in Edinburgh, London, and Dublin, or at any of the Agencies, which have been established
in almost every Town of importance throughout the Kingdom.
COLONIAL AND FOREIGN ASSURANCES.— Assurances granted on the Lives of Persons
proceeding abroad. Branch Offices and Agencies ia India and all the British Colonies.

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