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CoATCEiDGB, Royal Bank, J. Bishop
" National, R. Watt & J. Russell
" Union Bank, J. H. Bowie
" City of Glasgow, Maefarlane &
CoLDSTKEAsr, Bank of Scot., J. Cunningham
" British Linen Co., W. Douglas
CoLiNSBUEGH, Commercial Baok, J. Wood
CoMRiE Commercial Bank, A. Maxwell
Crail, Commercial Bk., D. Mathewson
Coupar-Angus, Bank of Scotland, J. M'Laren
National, D. Clark & C. Boyd
" Union Bank, Bett & Paton
Ceieff, Bank of Scotland, J. M'Leish
" Clydesdale Bank, T. Soutar
'• City of Glasgow, J. Macrostj'
" Cora. Bank, Brown & France
" Union Bank, J. & A. Gibson
Ckomakty Caled. Bank. Co., A.G.Graham
" Commercial Bank, R. Ross
CuLLEN, Nor. of Scot. Bank. Co., A.Sim
" Union Bank. W. L. Taylor
CrMBERNAULD, City of Glasgow, J. Whyte.
Cumnock, Rk'of Scotland, II. B M'Lellan
'' Qlydesdale Bank, T. Forgie
" Royal Bank, A. White
Cupar (Fife), British Linen Co., G. H. Pagan
'• City of Glasgow, W. Duncan
*' Clydesdale Bank, A. Taylor
" Commercial Bank, G. Hogarth
" National Bank, A. Nicholson
" Royal Bk. of Scot., A. Russell
Dalbeattie Union Bank, J. Grieve
Dalkeith. Commercial Bk., G. & J. Gray
" Clydesdale Bank, J. A. Brodie
" National Bank, P. C. Russell
" Royal Bank, R. Paterson
Dalmellington,. ..Clydesdale, G. Dixon
" koyal Bank, R. Guthrie
DALRY(Ayrshire),... City of Glasgow, Gow & Stirrat
" Clydesdale Bank, J. M'Cosh
Dalry (Kircudb.), ..Union, D. Morrine
Dakvkl, Union Bank, T. Fleming
Denny, Clydesdale Bank, J. Cousland
Dingwall, Caledonian Bank Co., D. Ross
" City of Glasgow Bank, John
[Binning & John Binning, jr.
" National, J. Mitchell
Dollar,. Clydesdale Bank, J. Gibson
DoKNOCii, Caled. Bank. Co., W. S. Fraser
Douglas, Commercial Bank, A. D. Scott
" City of Glasgow, J. Paterson
DoUGL(Vs(I.of MAN),Bank of Mona, J. K. Greig
DouNK Royal Bank of Scot., R. Main
" Union Bank, J. & J. M'Lean
Drymen, Royal Bank, H. M'Callum
Dufftown, Aberdeen & County, W.Cantlie
" North of Scotland, J. Petrie
Dumbarton, Clydesdale Bank, W. Paterson
" Commercial Bank, J. Robson
" Union Bank, Wm. Babtie
DusiFRiF^, Bank of Scotland, J.Johnston
" British Linen Co., S. Adamson
" Commercial, Primrose & Gordon
" City of Glasgow, L. Maitland
•' Clydesdale Bank, R. A. Walk
[and John Johnston
" National Bank, A. Ilannay
" Rnyal Bk., Gordon & Whitelaw
Dumfries, Union Bank, William Craig
Dunbar, British Linen Co., J. Kelly
" City of Glasgow, J. Jatfray
" Commercial Bk., W. H. Ritchie
Dunblane Bank of Scotland, J. W. Barty
" Union Bank, W. Christie
Dundee, Bank of Scotland, W. Moir
" B. Linen, Christie & Sanderson
" City of Glasgow, W. Steven
" Clydesdale, D. Sidey & A. Scotc
" Comm., Henderson & Balmain
" National Bank, J. Henderson
" Nat. Bk., Hilltown, Jas. Smith
" Royal, Murraygate, D. Anderson
" Royal Bk., King St., R.M.Brudie
" Royal Baidc, West Port,
'• Union Bank, D. S. Ferguson
Dunfermline, Bank of Scotland, J. Barclay
" British Linen Co., J. Landale
" Commercial, D. G. Rutherford
" National Bank, W. Beveridge
DuNKELD, Bank of Scotland, J. Duff
" Commercial Bank, G. Carphin
" Union Bank, J. Dickie
Dunoon, City of Glasgow, A. Mitchell
'' Union Bank, John Millar
Dunning, Union Bank, M. Lawson.
Dunse, Bank of Scotland, R.F.Hardy
" British Linen Co., J. Wylie
" City of Glasgow, J. C. Robson.
" Royal Bank, W. K. Hunter
DuENO (Pitcaple),...Aber. Town & Co., G. Webster
Dysart Bank of Scotlaiid, A. Harrow
Eaglesham, Clydesdale Bank, J. Tassie
Eaklston, Commercial Bank, H. Balfour
East Kilbkide, City of Glasgow, Patrick Biach
East Linton, National Bank, Jonathan Hall
Ecclefecuan, Royal Bank, T. Shankland
EcHT, Aberdeen & County, J. Coutts
Edinburgh, Bank of Soot. So. Dist., G. S. Yeitcli
" do. NewtoD, C. Bruce
" do. Greenside, D. J. Wilson
" do. Morn'side, Wm. Watson
" do. Stoekbridge, J. Hewat
Edinburgh, Brit. Lin., S. Clerk St., J. W. Urquhart
" do. Princes St., E. Chancellor
" do. Geo. IV. Bridge, D. Curor
" do. Canongate, C. Ferguson
" Citv of Glas., Grassmarket, G. Steele
" "do. Hunter Sq., H.S.Pillans
" do. Hanover St., W^m. Bain
" Commercial, Grassmarket, R.M.Russell
" do. Geo. St., A. R. Mackenzie
" do. So. Bridge, P. Robertson
" do. Gieenside PI., J. Gulland
" do. N. \V. Cir. PI., Rt. Comrie
" Clvdesdale, George St., J. Greenhill
' do. High St., H. T. Thomson
" National, Head Office, W. J. Duncan
" do. Nicholson Sq., M. Ross
" do. Princes St., A. M. Eraser
" do. Tollcross, A. L. Fyfe
" Royal Bank, Hunter Sq., W. Morton
" Union Bank, West-end, T. Gordon
" do. George St., R. R. Murray
" do. Downie PL, J. Morton
" do. 245 Canong., J. H. Stott
[A. S. Nimmo
Edzeli., LTnion Bank, J. Guthrie

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