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J. Wilson, of Auchinleck, president ; E. Brownlee,
vice-president; C. B. Aikman, treasurer; Alex.
JPLean, vice-treasurer; F. W. Allan, T. Menzies,
R. Frame, W. Chalmers, Thos. T. Brown, T. A.
Anderson, T. Duncan, T. Frame, W. Gillespie, W.
Macfarlane, John Stodart, Dr. M'Millan, directors ;
James Button Watkins, writer, 208 West George
Street, secretary ; R. Mackenzie, 7 Surrey Street,
This society was instituted in 1785, and now
possesses a capital of £1617 lOs. lOd. Its members,
who must be parties connected by birth, parentage,
or marriage with one of the Upper Ward of Lanark-
shire parishes, or have resided therein for ten years,
are entitled to 83. per week when confined to bed ;
53. per week when unable to attend their employ-
ment ; and 3s. per week when superannuated. After
being on the roll of members for seven years, these
amounts are increased to 10s. 6d., 7s., and Ss. 6d.
weekly respectively ; and the money so bestowed last
year amounted to £206 15s. 4^d. The entry-money
is 10s. 6d., and the quarterly payments range from
2s. Id. at 15, to 4s. 6d. at 60 years of age.
13 Balmanno Street.
From funds left by the late Moses Gardner, and
affords gratuitous instruction in reading, writing, and
arithmetic for three years to thirty-tive boj's and
thirty-five girls. Children related to the founder,
and those bearing the name of Gardner or Maclae
shall be entitled to a preference in regard to admission .
Bank of Scotand, 2 St. Vincent Place. — Jas.
A. Wenley, manager ; Robert Gourlay, sub-mana-
ger; William Neilson, accountant. Draw on Coutts
and Co., and Smith, Payne, & Co., London; on the
Bank of England and branches; on the Manchester
and Liverpool District Bank ; Carlisle City and Dis-
trict Bank; Provincial Bank of Ireland; Bank of
Ireland ; Samuel Smith & Co. ; Bradford Old Bank ;
Huddersfield Banking Company ; National Provin-
cial Bank of England ; London and County Bank ;
Woods & Co. ; Burton, Uttoxeter, and Ashbourn
Union Bank ; Sheffield Union Bank ; Old Bank, Jer-
sey ; Wolverhampton and Staffordshire Banking Co.;
Bank of Australasia; Chartered Mercantile Bank of
India, London, and China; Bank of Britisli North
America; Bank of Otago; Bank of New Zealand.
Also, on the branches of the Connmercial Bank of
Scotland, British Linen Company, and Union Bank
of Scotland, in towns where they have no branches
of their own. Bills negotiated on all towns in Great
Britain and Ireland where there is the branch of a
bank, and in foreign parts. Foreign credits and
circular notes issued, available in all parts of the
London, Lothburj-, E.C. — T. F. Sandeman,
Branch Offices, 1 Bridge St., H. Pollock, agent;
18 Gallowgate, J. Eobb, agent; 94 Crown St., Hut-
chesontown, John K. Sim, agent; 119 Sauchiehall
St., A. M'Lean, agent. Head office, Edinburgh.
British Linen Company Bank, Queen Street.
— A. L. Fowler and T. Balmain, agents; J. Banner-
man, cashier; W. N. Graham, acct. ; W. W. Low.
asst. ace. ; T. S. J. Johnstone, W. Duncan, and J.
Richard, tellers. Draw and issue letters of credit on
Smith, Payne, & Smiths, London ; Bank of England
and branches; S. Smith & Co , Nottingham and Derby;
Carlisle and Cumberland Bank; Branches of the
National Provincial Bank of England; Sheffield and
Eotherham Bank, Sheffield ; Rotherham, Bakewell,
and Buxton ; J. Backhouse & Co., Darlington, Dur-
ham, Sunderland, Hartlepool, Barnard Castle, Bishop
Auckland, Middlesbro', Northallerton, Stockton-on-
Tees, Thirsk, West Hartlepool, Bedale, and Stan-
hope ; Bradford Banking Co., Bradford, Yorksliire ;
Huddersfield Banking Co., at Batley, Dewsbury,
Heckmondwike, and Huddersfield ; Bank of White-
haven, Whitehaven and Workington, the Halifax
Joint Stock Bank, Halifax, Branches cf the National
Provincial Bank of England ; Bank of Ireland and
branches ; Messrs. James G. King's Sons, New York ;
Bank of Montreal and agencies; Bank of British
Columbia, Portland, San Francisco, and Victoria,
Vancouver's Island ; Messrs. Wanklyn & Co., Buenos
Ayres and Monte Video; English, Scottish, and
Australian Chartered Bank; Bank of Otago, Bank
of New Zealand, Bank of Australasia, London and
South African Bank and branches. Oriental Bank
Corporation and branches. Bills negotiated on all
towns in Great Britain and Ireland, and abroad,
where there is a bank. Circular letters of credit
issued for the use of travellers on the continent.
British Linen Company Bank, South Side
branch, 27 Bridge Street. — Wra. Neilson, agent.
British Linen Company Bank, Eastern branch,
155 Canning Street.— John Buchanan, agent.
City of Glasgow Bank, 24 Virginia Street. —
Alexander Stronach, manager; John Turnbull, cashier;
R. S. Stronach, assistant manager; Wm. Miller,
superintendent of branches; C. S. Leresche, secre-
tary ; Robert S. Aikman, law secretary ; Robert
Murdoch, assistant cashier ; William Morrison, ac-
countant ; Wm. Sinclair, Wm. M'Aslan, Duncan
Hamilton, and Alexander Tennant, tellers. Draw
on Bank of England; London Joint Stock Bank;
National Provincial Bank of England and branches ;
Manchester and Liverpool District bank and branches;
Manchester and Salford bank ; Beckett & Co., Leeds;
Leeds and County Bank and branches ; Stourbridge
and Kidderminster Bank and branches ; York Union
Bank and Branches; Carlisle City and District
Bank and branches ; Coventry Union Bank, Samuel
Smith & Co, Derby; Huddersfield Banking Com-
pany and branches ; Samuel Smith Brothers & Co ,
Hull; Nottingham and Notts Bank and branches;
Preston Banking Company and branches ; White-
haven Joint Stock Bank and Branches ; Sheffield
B;inking Corapanj' and branches; Bank of Bolton ;
Ulster Banking Companj' and branches ; Provincial
Bank of Ireland and branches ; Bank of Ireland and
branches; North of Scotland Bank and branches;
certain branches of the Eoj-al, Union, and Clydes-
dale Banks; Bank of Montreal and branches; Union
Bank of Australia; Bank of New Zealand and
branches. Negotiates bills generally on all places
throughout the Ui.ited Kingdom,

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