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For the special benefit of destitute Christian
•widows in Glasgow. The object of the society is
the relief of destitute Christian -widows, in such a
way as may most conduce to their temporal benefit.
For the carrying out of this object the society shall
have principally ia view the advance of such sums,
in the shape of loan, as may be found necessary to
assist in providing a permanent means of support;
although, in very necessitous circumstances, an im-
mediate sum may be paid over in the -way of a
Hon. J. Watson, Lord Provost, president ; Bailie
Salmon, ex-Bailie Taylor, Bailie J. Wilson (Govan),
vice-presidents; J. Laing, 66 South Portland Street,
treasurer ; J. Bickers, Midthorpe, Bellahouston,
secretary; G. Gallie, G. M'Farlaue, C.A. ; W.J.
Forbes, Wm. Alexander, Wm. Mackie, J. Wilson, H.
Clow, J. M. Stark, Wm. S. Sawers, W. D. Wood-
burn, J. Hutton, R. Westlands, J. M'Callum, J.
Stewart, J. Gourlay, W. Broom, A. Davidson, A.
Struthers, and R. Brown, directors.
A. Galbraith, president ; R. Monteith of Carstairs,
Sir W. Stirling-Maxwell of Ken-, J. G. Fleming,
M.D., vice-presidents; H. Brown, secretary; W.
M'Ewen, 88 Ingram Street, treasurer; Dr. R. D.
Tannahill, 106 Bath Street, surgeon; the Deacon-
convener of the Trades' House, the Visitor of the
Incorporation of Weavers, honorary members ; J. J.
Wright, W. Connal, J. Hannan, W. Euing, W.
Kerr, Frank Baird, D. M'Cowan, J. B. Murray, D.
Wilson, J. Stevenson, G Thomson, J. Brown, jun.,
J. M. Hill, A. Miller, J. S. Miller, J. A. Wenly, A.
Hannay, J. Bell, Dr. J. Patersou, J. M'Laren, T.
Frame, and G. S. Anderson, committee ; J. Fleming,
At the annual general meeting of the Grocer
Company of Glasgow, held on 8th February, 1872,
the following gentlemen were elected office-bearers
for the current year, viz. : — Messrs. R. Mason,
preses ; J. H. Kerr, treasurer ; R. Balloch, late
preses ; A. S. Baird, late treasurer. Directors —
Messrs. J. Ewing, C. E. Irwin, T. Warden, P.
Walker, W. Wilson, A. Symington, A. Pollock,
and W. A. Brown. G. Crawford, clerk.
T. Granger, preses; J. Taylor, treasurer; J. M.
Taylor, writer, clerk. The object of this society is to
afford charitable aid to such of its members and their
widows as may be reduced to destitute circumstances.
The fee or entry-mouey payable by a son or son-in-
law of a member, or by an apprentice indentured to
a member (a weaver by trade), is £2 2s, and the
entrance fee payable by all others is £3 3s., with the
addition of 2s. per annum in the case of sons, sons-
in-law, and apprentices, and of 3s. per annum in the
case of all others for every year the applicant exceeds
30 years of age at the date of his admission. Members
must not be under the age of 14 when admitted, nor
above the age of 45, and must be resident in the
district formerly known as the burgh of Anderston,
or neighbourhood thereof.
J. White, 220 Hope Street, president ; T. Parker,
16 Canon Street, treasurer ; A. Stobo, late president ;
J. F. Stark, late treasurer; J. Miller, jun., H. Reid,
D. Allan, A. M'Callum, J. Bell, J. M'Dougall, J.
M'Kenzie, sen., A. M'Gregor, M. Ferguson, A.
Paterson, J. M'llraith, J. Devine, directors; J.
M'Culloch, A. Buchanan, auditors; J. Bell, A.
Paterson, trustees; A. Gilmour, clerk; Dr. J. M'Con-
ville, 12 Dumbarton Road, society's surgeon.
Instituted 1745.
Registered under the Friendly Societies' Act.
Members of this society must be initiated into its
ancient usages before participating in its benefits.
A nominal sum is charged as entry money (accord-
ing to age), after which graduated contributions
according to age at entrj', commencing with 4|d.
per week, is paj'able by every member; and in the
event of a member being incapacitated from follow-
ing any employment, after six months' probation,
he is entitled to medical attendance and medicine
free, with a sick allowance of 10s. per week for first
six months, 6s. per week for next six months, and
4s. per week thereafter. At the death of a member
£10 is paid to the nearest relative or executors; or
should a member's wife die, £7 will be paid him as
funeral money. The High Court of this Order is
movable, but at present it is held at Nottingham.
In the Glasgow District there are ten Courts, which
meet respectively every fortnight, viz. : —
Court Royal Oak, No. 4640, Hall, Alston Street,
every alternate Monday evening.
Court Lord Clyde, No. 5171, Lome Hall, Govan,
every alternate Monday.
Court Royal Albert, No. 5392, Masons' Hall,
Struthers Street, every alternate Wednesday.
Court Caledonia, No. 5461, Parkholm Hall,
Paisley Road, every alternate Tuesday.
Court Blythswood, No. 5463, Masons' Hall, Ren-
frew, every alternate Monday.
Court Royal Ash, No. 5515, Oddfellows' Hall,
175 Buchanan Street, every alternate Thursday.
Court Royal Elm, No. 5541, Hall, Partick, every
alternate Tuesda3\
Court Royal Thistle, No. 5590, Anderston Burgh
Schools, Catherine Street, every alternate Monday.
Court Marquis of Lome, No. 5591, Masons' Hall,
Portland Buildings, Govan, every alternate Monday.
Court Heather Bell, No. 5599, Bath Hall, Kennedy
Street, every alternate Monday.
District secretary, Mr. Benjamin Baird, lOi
Caledonia Road.
The Lord Provost and Magistrates, patrons.
This charitable fund was bequeathed by W.
Mitchell, a native of Glasgow, who died in London,
1729. The patronage is now vested in the Magis-
trates of Glasgow. The annual interest, amounting
to £113 16s. 4d., is disbursed in sums not exceeding
£10 to four old decayed men, two widows, and two
unmarried females of the merchant rank, and ill
sums not exceeding £5 lis. to three old decayed
men, three widows, and one unmarried female of the
trade's rank.

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