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This Institution is designed for the necessitous and
deserving of the industrial classes who have been in
illness, in order to give them the benefit of the re-
storative influence of a short residence at the seaside
during the period of convalescence. Since the
opening upwards of 2500 patients have been quite
restored to health. There is accommodation for
115 persons; and, added to a most generous diet,
there is aff'orded the benefit of the best medical
advice and medicines, as also the use of superior hot
and cold water baths. The board of management
earnestly appeal for annual subscriptions and dona-
tions, these being the onlj' source of revenue. It
may be well (o mention that each donor of £10, or
annual subscriber of £1, is entitled to recommend
one person annually for admission to the Homes.
Board of directors: Miss B. Clugston (promoter).
Sir P. Coats (chairman), Colonel Holms, Bailie
Salmon, ex-Provost Blackie, Councillors Collins and
Ure, Messrs. Sharp, Maitland, Thomson, Brownlie,
Douglas, Wenley, Eraser, Robertson, Little, Miller,
Marchbank, Mackechnie, M'Pherson, M'Naughton,
Rowe, and Watson. Honorary treasurer, J. Low,
banker, 24 Virginia Street; honorary secretary, W.
31'Lean, writer, 167 St. Vincent street; medical
officer in Glasgow, R. Perry, M.D., 252 Buchanan
Street ; consulting surgeon to the Homes, J. Reid,
R.N., Ferry Brae, Dunoon; secretary and collector,
R. Hillhouse, IGl Hope Street.
Instituted 1769. ^
Members of this society must bear the name of
Brown, or he connected with persons of that name,
as husbands, or sons, or sons-in-law, or grandsons.
Each entrant shall contribute at least two guineas
on becoming a member, but a larger contribution
may be given by any one so disposed. Donations
are received from persons of any name, and every
contributor of one guinea, at least, shall be con-
sidered an honorary member. The Annual General
Meeting is held on the second Thursday of March
each year ; Managers' meetings on the first Thursday
of March, June, September, and December. The
annual produce of the capital stock is from time to
lime applied towards relieving necessitous members,
or their widows or children, and may be emploj'ed
in placing the children of indigent members at trades
or schools.
T. Brown, Esq. of Waterhaughs, Ayrshire, patron;
J. Marshall, 8 Somerset Place, president; T. W.
Brown, Esq., 21 St. Enoch Square, treasurer.
Directors : Messrs. H. Brown, W. Brown, H. Jlac-
pherson, D. Brown, J. Brown, jun., J. Brown, Hag-
hill, W. Taylor, J. Brown, T. R. Johnstone, M.
Brown ; W. MacLean, writer, 157 St. Vincent
Street, secretarj'.
Chairman, Alex. Mein ; directors, W. Paterson,
T. B. Gibson, T. Davidson, and W. J. Davidson;
secretary and treasurer, J. Pyle, writer, 69 St. Vin-
cent Street.
Office, 144 Queen Street.
J. M'William, Esq. of Uigle, prases; W. Laurie,
26 Great Clj'de Street, vice-preses ; A. Vannan, Esq.
(ofA. & R. Vannan), 75 Argyle Street, treasurer.
Ordinary directors: Messrs. J. Steel, W. Teacher,
M. Robin, J. M'Intyre, W. Gillies, J. Young, A.
M'Laren, G. Dairy mple, G. Robin, and W. Weir.
W. Smyth, accountant, 144 Queen St., secretary.
The institution is open to every person engaged
in any lawful calling, and its objects are: The for-
mation of a fund, to be lent out and accumulated
with the interest, till the whole fund so accumulated
shall amount to, at least, the sum of Four Thousand
Pounds sterling, in order that, of the annual pro-
ceeds of whatever fund may be so accumulated, so
much as seems necessary shall thereafter be applied
towards the permanent or temporary relief or assis-
tance of members of the said Institution, their
widows and families, when overtaken by poverty,
or in distress, b}' settling pensions on, or granting
gratuities to, such members, or to their widows and
families, or by any of such means, or by such other
means as the Institution may from time to time '
determine ; and for the purpose of extending im-
mediate relief to members of the Institution, their
widows and families, in cases of urgent distress ; to
investigate in such manner, as may be from time to
time prescribed by the Regulations of the Institution,
the condition of those who may be from time to time
receiving relief, or who may be represented as proper
objects for relief; to provide education for the fami-
lies of indigent members ; and, in cases of death, to
assist, to some extent, the relatives of needy and
destitute members in the payment of funeral expenses.
The principal object of this society is to promote
the advancement of natives of the Athole district and
neighbourhood by means of educational prizes and
bursaries, and any other available means calculated
to promote their advancement at home or abroad,
and to cultivate social intercourse among the mem-
bers and natives of the district.
Patron, His Grace the Duke of Athole, K.T.,
president, J. P. Smith, Esq., C.C. ; honorary secre-
tary and treasurer, J. Sdeuard, 133 West George St.
Trustees — The Hon. the Lord Provost and the
two Senior Bailies of Glasgow, the Ministers of the
parishes of Govan and Gorbals, the Chairman of the
Parochial Boards of said parishes of Govan and
Gorbals, all for the time being; and A. Walker, R.
Couper, and J. D. Kirkwood, during their respective
lives; T. Smith, clerk, 1 Clyde Terrace. Under
the Act the trustees pay the sum of £2 per annnum,
to be given in clothing as a prize to the successful
competitor at the Annual Ploughing Match in the
parish of Cathcart ; and annuities of £4 each to
decayed natives and residenters of forty years and
upwards, in the Barony of Gorbals of Glasgow,
such persons being not under the age of sixty-
five years. Said annuities may, under certain cir-
cumstances, be increased until the same shall amount
to £8.

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