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Murray, Donald, agent. City of
Glasgow Bank, 1 Glasgow road
Murray Hugh, grocer, 175 Main
St.; house, 171 do.
Murray, Hugh, plasterer, 82 King
St.; ho. 10 Main st. Bridgeton
Murray, James, brick-maker and
brick-builder, Chapel street ; ho.
52| Canning st. Caltou
Murray, Robert S. banker. City of
Glasgow Bank ; ho. Westfield
Murray, Robert S. agent. Royal
Insurance Co. 1 Glasgow rd
Murray, Mrs. J. baker, 23 Main
National Bank of Scotland ; Jas.
Wallace, agent, 53 Main st
NeilsoD, Thomas, grocer and spirit
dealer, 141 Main st
Norfolk Farmers' Cattle Insurance
Society ; D. Murray, agent, 1
Glasgow rd
Oliver, Walter, spirit merchant,
11 Glasgow road
Parker, John, accountant, auditor,
and fire and lift) insurance agt.
116 St. Vincent street ; house,
Patersou, Adam, writer, 45 West
George st. ; house, Springhall
Paterson, James, wine and spirit
merchant, 95 Main st
Paterson, Robert, teacher, 96 Main
St. Bridgeton ; ho. Berelands
Peat, William (of Secular & Peat),
house, Caihcart street
Pioken, John, grocer and provision
merchant, 153 Main st.; house,
Broadlees, Baillieslon
Peddie, Matthew, 41 Chapel st
Pinkerton, J. gardener, Goose-
berry hall
Pinkerton, Jas. sen. (of J. Pinker-
ton & Son), ho. 43 Main st
Pinkerton, James, wholesale and
retail grain and provision mer-
chant, 45 Main St.; ho. 43 do.
Pollock, H. B. boot and shoe-
maker, 4 Castle street
Pollock, Matthew, wine and spirit
merchant, 145 Main St.; house,
82 Main St. Bridgeton
Public Library & Working-men's
Club, Town hall
Reid, Francis Robertson, Stonelaw
Colliery ; house, Gallowflat
Reid, James R. Stonelaw Colliery;
house, Woodburn
Reid, James Robertson, justice of
the peace for the lower ward ;
house, Woodburn
Reid, Wm. spirit dealer, 138 Main
St.; house, 74 do.
Reid, Wm. grocer, 72 Main st
Richardson, A. 6i S. grocers and
provision dealers, 86 Main st. ;
house, 88 do,
Richardson, James, commercial
traveller, 116 Main st
Riddell, Alex, wine and spir. mer.
66 Main St.; ho. 170 do.
Robertson, John (of J. Robertson
& Co. city), house, Blairbeth
Robertson, John ; res. Blairbeth
Robertson, Joseph C. Blairbeth
Robertson, Wm. Easton (of John
Robertson & Co.), ho. Blairbeth
Robertson, Wm. Easton, Blairbeth
Robertson, Mrs. E. spirit mercht.
54 Main st. ; house, 58 do.
Rodger, Adam K. (at W. Smith
& Stoddart's, 75 West Nile St.),
house, Mount Pleasant
Rodger, D. L. (at F. A. Barrow's,
191 Hope street), house, Mount
Rogers, John, clerk, Farme Col-
liery ; ho. 23 King street
Rodgers, Thomas Murray, bank
teller, Naiional bank of Scot-
land, St. RoUox ; ho. Rutherg.
Rodger, Wra. Mount Pleasant
Ross, George S. grocer and spirit
merchant, 18 Main st
Rowan, W. H. (at John & James
White's), house, Clydeford
Rush, Jn. pawnb 127 Main st
Russell, Archibald, coalmaster,
Shawfield park, Glasgow rd
Russell, Archd. Sunnyside Brick
Works, Wishaw ; vitrified pipes,
&c. ; ho. Shawfield park
Sawers, James, fruits and confec-
tions, 1 King st
Scott, William, surgeon, Reuther
Scottish Provincial Assurance Co.
1 Glasgow rd
Scoular, John, wholesale jeweller,
&c., 61 Buchanan St. city . ho.
Park villa
Scoular, Mrs. spirit deale.', 29
Glasgow rd
Seath, Thos. B. shipbuilder; ho.
Shaughnessy, J. wine and spirit
merchant, 108 Main st
Shaw, J. C. clergyman, 112 Main st
Shearer, A. spirit dealer, I and 3
Chapel st
Shearer, George, grocer and dairy-
man, 66 Mill st
Simpson, Rev. George, of Bridge-
ton, 87 Old Dalmarnock rd. ;
house. South villa
Smart, Alex, (at Stonelaw Colli-
ery), ho. Stonelaw cottage
Smart, John (at Mann, Byars, &
Co.'s 12 Argyle st. city), ho. 23
Cathcart st
Smart, Walter, agent for the Scot-
tish Union Insurance Co. 158
Main st
Smart, M^s. 23 Cathcart st
Smiih, Alex, (of W. & A. Smith),
ho. 170 Main st
Smith, W. & A. blacksmiths, 10
and 12 Glasgow rd
Smith, Wra. (of W. & A. Smith),
ho. 39 Chapel st
Stevenson, Rev. William F. manse,
Main st
Stewart, And. (at Arthur & Co.'s,
city), ho. Gillbank, Bourtreehill
Stewart, D. grocer, grain, and
provision merchant, 123 Main
St. ; ho. 121 do
Stewart, James, jun. paper manu-
facturer, Dalmarnock Paper
Mill, Bridgeton ; ho. Burnside
Stewart, Wilson, & Co. power-loom
manufacturers, Burnside Weav-
ing Factory
Stobo, Mrs. Alex, spirit dealer, 9 6
Main st
Stonelaw Colliery office, 36 Argyle
arcade, city ; works, Stonelaw
Taylor, Alexander, hairdresser, 11
Cathcart st
Tennent, James, confectioner, 154
Main st
Thomson, A. restaurant, 40 Main
Thomson, A. flesher, 38 Main
Thomson, John, inspector of poor,
99 Main st. ; ho. 40 Mill st
Thomson, John, Westfield
Thomson, S. M. Sheriff villa
Thomson, William Garth, Sheriff
Thornton, P. shoe maker, 114
Main st
Turnbull, M. B. M.D. physician,
69^ Main st. ; ho. 78 do
Veitch, Alex, (of Veitch, Bolden,
& Co.), ho. Westfield cottage
Walker, J. grocer, 48 Main st. ;
ho. 50 do
Wallace, James, agent, National
Bank of Scotland, 53 Mainst. ;
ho. 51 do.
Wallace, James, agent for the Im-
perial Fire Insu. Co, and col. of
Statute Labour Roads Assess-
ments, 53 Main st. ; ho. 51 do
Wallace, James, portioner, 62
Main street
Wallace, .John (of Jas. Euchanan
& Son, City), ho. Stonelaw
Wallace, Wm. (of Jas. Buchanan
& Son, City), ho. Stonelaw
Warnock, D. flesher, 27 Main st.;
house, 25 do.
Waters, Mathew, inspector of
police. Main st. ; ho. 7 Chapel st
Watt, Alexander A. 6 Dixon st.
city. ; ho. Stonelaw towers
White, John & James, chemical
manufacturers, Shawfield works
White, J. (of J. & J. White), ho.
Shawfield, and Ardarroch, Gare-
While, J. (of J. & J. White), ho.
Overtown, Dumbarton
White, John Orr (at J. & J.
White's), ho. Hay field

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