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Thomson, R. M. Wm. machine
maker, Faskin cot. Maxwell rd
Thomson, Mrs. J. Cleghorn villa,
St. Andrew's rd
Tod, James, Dunscroft villa, Bruce
Todd, Henry, 2 Doon ter
Waddell, James, accountant, 6
Doon ter
Walker, James, Glassford villa,
Maxwell rd
Watson, Andw. Ferndean, Bruce rd
Watson, Mrs. Hazelton, IJruce rd
Watt, David (at Matthew Muir &
Sons), Dunlea vill. Maxwell rd
Weir, James, Nithsdale rd
Westland, Robert (of Westland,
Laidlaw, & Co.) Helensville ho.
Nithsdale rd
White, Adam, Rosearden house,
Albert rd
White, James, Albert rd
Wilson, W. & M. glaz. Brodick pi
Wilson, Wm. (of Wilson & Mathie-
son). West Lodge, Maxwell st
Wingate,-Robert(of J. «& R. Win-
gate), Woodcliff house. Maxwell
Woodrow, J. (of Woodrow, Wilson,
& Co.) 2 Linden ter
Wright, Wm. clothier, 4 Keir ter
Young, Robert, Castlehill house,
Nithsdale rd
Zeigler, Henry, Rosenook villa.
Maxwell rd
Bankier, Samuel, Saracen st
Knox, James, Saracen st
Macfarlane, Walter, & Co. iron-
founders, Hawthorn st
M'Kellar, James, Saracen st
Mitchell, Archibald, Saracen st
Muir, John, grocer, Saracen st
Murray, John, Fossil park quarry,
Closeburn st
Robertson, Jas. dairy, Saracen st
Thompson, Jn. Saracen dining rms
Saracen Gardens, Denmark st
Shanks, Jas. Saracen st
Smith, John, Saracen st
Wright, Jas. Saracen st
Samuel Baker, provost ; John
Scoular and William Adams,
bailies ; Wm. Davidson, trea-
surer; Wm. Reid,dean of guild ;
George Crawford, town clerk;
George Gray, depute town clerk ;
John Fleming, procurator-fiscal;
James Wallace, George Don,
John Pinkerton, Wm. Gardner,
Andrew Fleming, D. Warnock,
John Aitkeu, David Stewart,
Thomas Kinnon, Robert Hood,
Robert Adair, Robert Cameron,
Robert Edgar, councillors
Brownlie, John, W. Par. Church
M'Neil, John, U.P. Church
Munro, James, Free Church
Patrick, L. K. R. P. Church
Shaw, John, Ro. Catholic Church
Stevenson, W. F. Est. Church
Accidental and Marine Insurance
Corporation; D. Murray, agent,
1 Glasgow rd
Adair, James, spirit merchant, 119
Main st. ; house, 121 do.
Adair, Rt. grocer and spirit dealer,
7, 9 Cathcarl st. ; ho. 5 do.
Adams, Wm. grocer, 69 Main st.
Co-operative Friendly Victual-
ling Baking Society ; house,
Park villa. Mill street
Aitken, George, M.D. 20 Main st
Aitken, George, spirit dealer, 19
Glasgow rd. ; bo. 17 do
Aitken, John, chemist and drug.,
20 Main st. ; ho. 19 Glasgow rd
Aitken, Matthew, teacher, Burgh
School ; house, Ashfield
Albin, Wm. hairdresser, 42 Main
St. ; ho. 16 Bell st. Bridgeton
Alexander, George, & Co. iron
founders, Clydesdale Foundry,
Dalmarnock bridge ; house, 651
Dalmarnock rd
Alexander, Robert (of Campbell &
Alexander), house, Newfield
Allan, John, grocer and spir. deal.
G Burn rd. ; ho. 8 do.
Allan & Mann, manufacturers of
common and fire bricks, vitrified
pipes, and other common and
fire-clay goods, Rutherglen Pot-
tery ; works, New st. ; office, 48
St. Enoch sq. Glasgow
Allardice, Nicol, spirit dealer, 100
Main st. ; ho. 102 do
Allison, Walter, grocer and pro-
vision merch. 16 Stonelaw st
Anderson, Jas. manager, Farme
Colliery ; ho. Farme cot
Arbuckle, Andw. grocer, provision,
and spirit merchant, 2 Farm-
loan road ; ho. 4 do.
Armour, John (of Armour, King,
& Gray), house, Newton villa
Armour, King, & Gray, power-
loom manufacturers, Avonbank
factory. Burn rd
Bainbridge, George, tobacconist,
oils and colours, 13 Main st
Baird, Dan. spir. deal. 11 Main st
Baird, Dan. builder, 3 Little la,
Baird, David, grain and potato
mer. 51 Main St.; ho. 32 King st
Baker, Samuel, & Co. gold beats.
45 Gordon st. ; ho. Overton villa
Bennett, A. designer, 13 Castle st
Black, John, druggist and manu-
facturing chemist, M.P.S. 76
Main st. and 34 Rutherglen rd. ;
house, Lea cot. Cambuslang
Blane, John, teacher, F.C. School,
Glasgow rd
Boog, John, saddler and harness
maker, 318 Rutherglen rd
Boswell, Jonathan, grocer and sp.
dealer, 67 Main st. ; ho. 65 do.
Boyd, Alex. Mitchell, boot and
shoe maker, 7 Chapel st
Brisbane, J. tailor, 14 Stonelaw st
Brown, John, shoem. 82 Main st
Brown, T. builder, Mossgiel cot.
Greenhill road
Brown, W. shoemkr, 173 Main st
Brown, M. & A. milliners, straw
hat and dressmkrs. 39 King st
Brownlee, Rev. John, 21 Chapel st
Buchanan, Wm. slater, 12 Stone-
law St.; ho. 97 Greenhead st
Cameron, R. & A. contractors, 37
Cathcart st
Campbell & Alexander, office, 51
St. Yincent st, Glasgow; sewing
cotton manufacturs. of superior
quality in every variety, Clyde
Thread Mills, Newfield
Chalmers, Miss R. milliner, 17
Cathcart st
City of Glasgow Bank ; D. & R. S.
Murray, agents, 1 Glasgow rd
Clark, A. painter & paperhanger,
132 Main st. ; house, do.
Clark, John, grocer and provision
merchant, 157 Main st. ; house,
162 do.
Clyde Paper Co. paper makers,
Clyde Paper Mills, Eastfield
Connel, Wm. shipbuilder, Ruther-
glen ; ho. Greenbank
Cook, Andrew, hill clerk, Farme
Colliery ; house, do.
Collins, Mich, pawnb. 62 King st
School, 97, 99 King st
Couper, Jas. clerk, Farme Col-
liery; house, at works
Craig, Jas. saddler, 35 Stonelaw
St.; house, 35J do.
Crauth, John, spirit dealer, 41
Mill street
Crawford, John, spirit dealer, 178
Main street; house, 4 William
street, Calton
Crawford, W. & R. contractors, 176
Main street
Cross, John, 12 Chapel st
Dalglish, Robt. (of G. P. Kennedy
& R. Dalglish, architects, 43
Bath St. city), ho. Ruther cot.
Dalglish, William, & Son, power-
loom cloth manufacturers, West-
burn Factory
Davidson, M. & M. grocers and
provision merchts. 533 Gallow-
gate; house, 26 Stonelaw st
Davidson, Wm. grocer and spirit
dealer, 2, 4 Queen st. ; house,
26 Stonelaw st
Davidson, Mrs. Alex, spirit dealer,
30 Stonelaw st.; ho. 26 do.

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