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Kev. George Campbell, Eastwood ,
touse, Eastwood mansu
Rev. Neil Brodie, Free W. Church,
Free Church manse, Shawlands
Eev. David Stewart, East Free
Church, Eosendale road ; house,
Kosendale Manse
Eev. Robert Whyte, U.P. Church
Matilda st.; ho. Hamilton pi.
Kev. Phillip Rodger, M.A. ; Pol-
lokshaws Parish ; manse, Shaw-
Rev. W. B. Gardner, Original Se-
cession, New St
Rev. Bernard Tracy, Catholic
clergyman. Mount St. Mary's
Adam, Wm. house painter, paper
hanger, &c. 37 Pollok street
Alexander, Alex, (manager, J. &
W. Campbell's), ho. Sheep Park
Alison, Archd. (of Alison Brothers)
house. Maxwell st
Alison Brothers, iron founders,
Cogan st
Alison, Jas. (of Alison Brothers),
house, Lansdovpne pi. Shawlands
Alison, Thos. (of Alison Brothers),
Buchanan buildings
Anderson, David, Roslin villas,
Anderson, John, mining engineer,
Oswald St. ; ho. Elgin villas
Arbuckle, Andrew, grocer & spirit
dealer, 46 King st
Arbuckle, John, grocer, 4 Herriot
Arthur, Neil, bill poster; ho. 13
Maxwell st
Bain, Wm. grocer & spirit dealer,
Herriot St.; house, Pollok st
Baird, James, saddler, Maxwell st
Baird, James, grocer. Maxwell st
Bayne, John, draper, 94 Nelson st.;
house, Shawhill
Bisset, W. S. (at A. & W. Ken-
nedy's, 13 Glassford 8t), house,
Boag, John, iron and metal mer-
chant, Cowglen house
Brice, John, spirit mer. Main st
Brice, Misses, milliners and straw
hat makers, 1 Buchanan pi
Brown, Geo. (of John Stewart &
Brown), ho. City Bank buildgs
Brown, Geo. (of John Stewart &
Brown), justice of the peace
clerk depute, and agent for the
Scottish Provident Institution,
City Bank buildings
Brown, J. & Co. watchmakers &
jewellers. King st
Brown, H, & E. grocers and spirit
dealers, Pollok st
Brownlie, Alex. Herriot st
Buchanan, Wm.sp. mer. 58 King
Bunting, Robt. pie shop, groceries,
porter and ales
Burton, Henry, coal agent and
house factor, collector of burgh
assessments and road money;
office, 49 Main st
Burton, Jas. coal and news agent
and house factor
Cameron, Daniel, bootmaker and
U.P. Church officer; house,
Matilda st
Cameron, Nicol (of N. & J. W.
Cameron), ho. 35 Main st
Cameron, J. W. (of N. & J. W.
Cameron), ho. High Cartcraigs
Cameron, N. & J. W. King st
Campbell, A. grocer and spirit deal.
16 King st
Campbell, C. & M. grocers and
china merchants, 79 King st
Campbell, Jn. (of Hector & Camp-
bell), ho. 6 Pollok villas
Campbell, Jn. (of Hector & Camp-
bell, writers and bank agents),
town clerk, and clerk to' the
Commissioners of Police of the
Burgh of Pollokshaws, and
joint procurator - fiscal and
sheriff clerk-depute for the
eastern district of Eetjfrew-
shire, Town Buildings, Pollok-
shaws ; house, 6 Pollok villas,
Campbell, J. & W. dyers, Auld-
park house. East Shaw villa
Carswell, E. dressmaker, 64 Main st
Carswell, John, cabinetmaker, 67
Main st
Clark, Wm. grocer and spirit deal.
5 Herriot st
CoUedge, Francis S. Hagg's castle
Colledge, Thomas (of Petrie, Col-
ledge, & Guy), Hagg's castle
Colledge, William, writer, Hagg's
Connell, James, accountant, pro-
pertj' and insurance agent. Max-
well Cross ; ho. Cathkin view,
Conolly, Sam. pawnbroker, Main
Cook, Chas., wine and spirit mer.
Greenbank buildings
Cook, Matt, omnibus proprietor,
Buchanan pi
Coustonholm Paper Mills
Coustonholm Weaving Co. factory,
Cox, William, gamekeeper, Pollok
House, Knowhead
Craig, Robert, book-keeper and
cashier, Glasgow Millboard Co.
(Limited); house, 271 Eglinton
street, Glasgow
Craig, "Wm. grocer, 30J King st.;
house, 36 Pollok st.
Cubie, Adam, draper. Maxwell st
CuUen, Jas. wine and spirit mer-
chant, Old Trades' inn
CuUen, Wm. grocer and provision
merchant, Main st
Dalglish, John, ironmonger, Main
Davidson, James (of Davidson
Brothers), Acadia villa
Davidson, Jn. (manager, Lowndes
Symington, & Co., Auldfield),
house, Auldfield.
Davidson, Bridget, grocer, 8 Her-
riot street
Deans, David, spirit merchant,
Shawhill st
Dewar, Peter (at Cunningham &
M'Haffie's), ho. Cartcraigs
Dick, Jas. baker and spirit dealer,
37 Mainst
Dick, W. B. printer and stationer,
3 Maxwell cross ; house, 5 do.
Dick, W. E. Albany cottage, Pol-
lok road
Dickson, John, spirit merchant, 56
Main st
Dietrichsen, Fred. J. C. Daily Mail
office ; house, Crookston cot.
Donachie, J. slater, 75 King st
Dow, David, flesher, 77 Main st
Dow, James, flesher, 34 King st
Downie, Jas. grocer, 5 King st
Drennan & Kinniburgh, ironfoun-
ders, Main St.; ho. 86 Main st
Dunlop, John, spirit dealer and
Glasgow coach off. 1 Herriot st
Dunlop, Jas. ; ho. Greenbank cot.
Herriot st
Enterkin, Hamilton, boot and shoe
maker, 46 King st
Farrel, John, grocer. Main st
Finlay, John, tinsmith, Main st
Finlayson, A. spirit dealer, 73
King street
Finlayson, A. grocer and provision
merchant, King st
Fleming, James, Newlandsfield
Fleming, J. & J. B. bleachers and
finishers, Newlandsfield. Letter
box at 30 Exchange sq
Free Church, King street
Galbraith,Thos. Maxwell Arms Inn.
Gardner, D. E (of A. Gardner
& Son), ho. Hillhead house
Gas Works, 1 Factory st
Gibson, David, fle.her, 30 Pollok
st. and 2 Buchanan pi
Glasgow Millboard Co. (Limited),
Eastwood Paper and Millboard
Works, 80 King st
Govan, John, jun. Renfield Works;
4 Darnley terrace, Shawlands
Govan, Arthur A. (at Wm. Govan.
& Sons, Renfield Works) ; ho.
Southpark, Hillhead, Glasgow
Govan, W. & Son, muslin manu-
facturers, Renfield Works
Govan, Wm. omnibus proprietor;
ho. Cartcraigs
Graham, James, Auldhouse
Grahame, Jas. C.A. (of A. H. &
J. Grahame), ho. Auldhouse

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