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Henderson, Alex, surgeon, Lincoln
pi.; bouse, Rosevale
Henderson, John, Westbauk, Par-
tick hill
Henderson, Thos. 9 Annfield ter
Henderson, Wra. 13 Annfield ter
Hendrie, John, coalmaster, Scots-
toun house
Hendrie, John M. wine and spirit
merchant, 130 Dumbarton rd
Hendrie, Robt. spirit merchant, 80
Dumbarton rd.; ho. 3 Church st
Hendrie, Wm. wine and spirit mer-
chant, 52 Smith st, Whiteinch
Heriot, Jas. E, mercht. Laurelbank
Hewit, John H. Hamilton cres
Hillhouse, Arch. 3 Meadowbank pi
Hodgert, Robert, clerk, 368 Dum-
barton road; house, 366 do.
Hodston,Alex. inspec. of buildings,
4 Windsor pi
Holms, A. C. (of Holms & Bros),
house, Hope park
Hogg, M. (of Hogg & Turnbull),
Honeyman, Alexander, merchant,
Hamilton cres
Hosie, Andrew, tailor and clothier,
128 Dumbarton rd
Hoy, Arch, grocer and wine mer.
Downie pi
Hubbard, Walter, baker and con-
fectioner, rusk manufacturer, 4
Downie pi. and Hamilton pi.
Hillhead ; bo. Apsley house
Hume, Wm. Roj'al Bank of Soot-
land ; agent for Standard Life
Assurance Co. and Scottish
Provincial Assurance Co. 233
Dumbar. rd. ; ho. 8 Lawrence pi
Hunter, Moses, timber merchant,
1 Hamilton cres
Hunter, Robert, timber merchant,
7 Hamilton cres
Hunter, Wm. (at Barclay, Curie,
& Co.'s), Buinbank cot. White-
Inglis, Anthony (of A. & J. Inglis),
ho. Broomhill
Inglis, A. & J. engineers and ship-
builders, Pointhouse Shipbuild-
ing Yard
Inglis, John, jun. engineer and
shipbuilder, Pointhouse Shipyd,;
ho. 14 Ashton ter
Inglis, Robert, 208 Dumbarton
rd. and 7 Prince of Wales ter.
Queen's Park, Glasgow
Johnston, Rev. Quintin, minister
of Whiteinch ; ho. Hamil. cres
Johnston, Alex, writer; house, 10
Annfield ter
Johnston, Alex, provision mercht.
97 Dumbarton rd ; ho. 101 do.
Jolly, James, pre: cher. West Hill-
head Free Church, Maryhill ;
ho. Claythorn cot. bj' Partick
Jones, Mrs. R. milliner and dress
mk., 356 Dumbart. rd. ; ho. do.
Kay, Arch, portioner, Clydeview
Kaye, Robert, Fountain bank,
Partick hill
Kennedy, Hugh, wrlght and con-
tractor, 28 Maxwell st. Glasgow,
and Merkland st. Partick ; ho.
Redcliffe house, Partick hill
Kennedy, Mrs. Agnes, spirit mer.
Bridge st
Kenneth, Jas. S. Y Annfield ter. w.
King, Wra. accountant, 324 Dum-
barton road
King, Wra. 48 Old Dumbarton rd
Kinnaird, John, dyer, 216 Dum-
barton road
Kirk, Robt. M.D. 255 Dumbar-
ton road
Kirkwood, Buchanan, accountant,
Carapsie view, Partick hill
Kirkwood, Wm. plumber and gas-
fitter, 296 Dumbarton rd. ; ho.
292 do.
Lang, Wm. wine merchant ; ho.
Cross park
Lapthorn, Samuel, Lloyd's sur-
veyor, Ashburn, PartickLill
Latto, James, spirit merchant, 155
Dumbarton road
Law, Wm. cartwrigbt, Scotstown
Mill road
Lawler, Pat. fruiterer, 5 Windsor
pi. ; ho. 60 Castlebank st
Lawrie, J. G. engineer and ship-
builder, Whiteinch
Lawson, Thomas (atWhite Bros'.),
Crown place, 20 Douglas st
Leask, Jas. Viewfield house
Leek, Henry, accountant ; house,
Wood End, Partick hill
Lee, Robert, 3 Hamilton cres
Leiper, Joseph, wine merchant, 57
Orchard st. ; ho. 212 Dumb.rd
Lennox, Alexander ; ho. Wellpark,
Partick hill
Lennox, Dun. writer, Wellpark,
Partick hill
Leslie, John, mason and builder,
363 Dumbarton rd. ; ho. 336 do.
Leslie, John A. metal merchant,
Elgin villa, Partick hill
Liddle, Matt, draper, 132 Dum-
barton rd. ; ho. 16 Church st
Lilburn, James, Hollybank
Lockhart,Jno. tinned-plate worker,
217 Dumbarton road ; house, 2
Kelvin st
Lockie, Mrs, 19 Elgin ter
Logic, John F. (at John Goldie's,
grocer, 298 Dumbarton road),
ho. 66 Anderson st
Low, Arch, bouse & ship plumber,
Downie place ; ho. Crawford st
Macallister, Miss, 459 Dumbart. rd
M'Arthur, Colin (at Wylie &
Lochhead's), ho. Whiteinch
M'Arthur, John (at Alex. Daw-
son's), ho. 4 Lawrence place
M'Clymont, Alex. Viewfield villa
M'Coll, Rev. Jn. 11 Annfield ter
M'Craw, Arch, timber merchant,
ho. 13 Elgin ter
M'Crea, Mrs. merchant, 23 Smith
st. Whiteinch ; bo. 2 Upper cot-
tages, do.
M'Culloch, Sam. merch. 3 Hamil-
ton crescent
M'Culloch, Thomas, flesher, 469
Dumbarton rd. ; ho. 2 Crawf. st
M'Donald, John, spir. mer. White-
inch ; ho. Holybank, Crow rd
M'Ewing, Alex, merchant, house,
M'Ewing & Nelson, builders, 231
Newton place
M'Farlane, Gavin Scott, wood
merchant, Sandbank place
M'Farlane, John, baker & confect.
352 Hamilton pi.; ho. 850 do.
M'Farlane, Sam. mer. ; house,
Oswald bank
M'Fee, Daniel, provision merchant,
316 Hamilton pi
M'Gaw, Peter, jun. house painter
and decorator, 294 Windsor pi
M'Geocb, Wm. sen. 4 Hamil. cres
M'Gilchrist, Wra. flesher, 361
Dumbarton road; ho. 356 do
MacGilvary, Hugh, 2 Lawrence pi
M'Gregor, Alexander, draper, 15
Castlebank st. ; ho. 2 Kelvin st
M'Gregor, Chas. watchmaker, 355
Dumbarton road
M'Intosh, John, 2- Meadowbank
M'Intyre, Arch. 1 Meadowbank pi
M'Kay, Daniel, spirit merchant,
127 & 129 Dumbarton rd. and
I Bridge st
Mackay, John, railway contractor,
II Annfield terrace
M'Kay, Lachlan, Wellpark, Par-
tick hill
M'Kay, Wm. (at Tod & M'Gre-
gor's), ho. Gowanbank
M'Kellar, Daniel, Rockbank
M'Kinlay, George, accountant,
14 Annfield ter. west
M'Kinnon, Wm. 1 Hamilton cr.
M'Kissock, Peter, mason and buil-
der, Partick and Glasgow ; ho.
Annfield cottage, Partick hill
M'Knight, A. M. 4 Buchanan sfc
M 'Lachlan, Wm. commission agt.
3 Laurence pi
M'Laurin & Brook, Misses, mil-
linery and fancy goods, 248
Dumbarton rd. ; ho. 80 South
Portland st. Glasgow
M'Lean, Thos. Royal Bank of Scot.
233 Dumbarton rd. ; ho. Argyle
cottage, Rothesaj'
M'Lelland, Peter, merchant; ho.
Westfield terrace
M'Lelland, Peter, spirit merchanfc,
290 Dumbarton rd
M'Lennan, Chas. G. merchant;
ho. 2 Meadowbank crescent
M'Master, Neil, 12 Laurence pi

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